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  • [B. Santana] Active reading, Annotating, and SQ4R. I’m Bruno Santana, and this is your

  • Note Taking Edition of IUPUI’s StudyGuide! [B. Santana] First let’s talk about active

  • reading. Have you ever read a chapter in your textbook and realized once you were down,

  • you couldn’t remember or understand anything you just read? Using Active Reading will help

  • you remember. When you use active reading, you will be able to recall information and

  • apply it to your studies. [S. McCullough] It will also save you time

  • and energy! One strategy to use to practice active reading is to be patient. Read slowly

  • and take your time with the test. It’s important to read slowly, so you can recall the information.

  • [B. Santana] Also, don’t move on to the next section or chapter if you do not comprehend

  • everything. Make sure you hit and understand all the main points before you move to the

  • next section. Learning terminology is extremely important. When you learn the terminology,

  • it will help you do well in test and quizzes and also understand the section.

  • [S. McCullough] Another thing to remember when trying to understand textbooks, try to

  • understand where the writer is coming from and what his or her intention is. Doing this,

  • will help you understand where your text came from and what the intention was to write.

  • This tactic is especially helpful when reading historical texts.

  • Finally, find a way to make the material exciting! If youre interested in the material you

  • will learn faster and easier. Find a way to make it relevant to you! Now, let’s go to

  • Lindsay to find out about annotating! [L. Stiller] Thanks, Shannon! Annotating a

  • textbook is especially useful when studying for a test or quiz. Annotating involves highlighting,

  • adding notes, and adding trigger words. It’s especially useful to help you retain and recall

  • information, and to help you stay focused. For kinesthetic learners, annotating will

  • help you to enjoy learning, and to learn the information better because it’s adapted

  • to your learning style. A great way to review for a class is to look over your annotations.

  • Doing this will help you to prepare for class and also to put the information into your

  • long-term memory to recall later or to use in application.

  • [B. Santana] SQ4R reading method is a proven successful, comprehensive way of being able

  • to understand and retain information from your textbook. SQ4R stands for Survey, Question,

  • Recite, Record, and Review. The first step, survey, will help you understand

  • the basic concepts of the chapter. [S. McCullough] After surveying, write the

  • questions for each heading and subheading in order to prepare yourself for a note-taking

  • method and to further understand and clarify what’s in the text.

  • Read one paragraph at a time. Don’t read too fast, or you won’t remember what youve

  • just read! [B. Santana] It is important to take notes

  • on what you read, not only will it help you understand, but the outline will help you

  • study for your test. Recording is a very special tool that you can utilize.

  • Another way to retain your information is by reciting what you read. Reading the textbook

  • out loud will help you to remember it in the long run.

  • [S. McCullough] Finally, review the information, either after youve just read it, or before

  • you go to class in order to trigger your memory to get you prepared to apply the information

  • youve just learned. [B. Santana] The Bepko Learning Center is

  • here to help you with all of your note taking needs. Please visit us on the second floor

  • of Taylor Hall or visit our website for more resources! The Bepko Learning Center is open

  • Monday through Thursday, 8 to 7 and Friday, 8 to 4.

[B. Santana] Active reading, Annotating, and SQ4R. I’m Bruno Santana, and this is your


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