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  • When we talk about crimes that trigger

  • immigration consequences, there's really two classes.

  • One is crimes that will cause you to be deported or removed

  • from the United States, and the other

  • is what we call inadmissible crimes.

  • An inadmissible crime will not necessarily get you deported,

  • but if you leave the United States it will prevent you

  • from being readmitted; it will prevent you

  • from adjusting your status; and it will prevent you

  • from naturalizing to the United States, or becoming a citizen.

  • Really, there are four categories

  • of inadmissible crimes.

  • The first are crimes involving moral turpitude.

  • The second is drug crimes, any sort of drug conviction

  • will make you inadmissible.

  • The third is multiple convictions

  • where the aggregate sentence is five years or more.

  • And the fourth is evidence that you engaged

  • in prostitution, drug trafficking,

  • or that you're a drug addict.

  • Keep in mind that with regard to prostitution, drug trafficking,

  • and drug addiction, you could be made inadmissible

  • even if there's no conviction, just based on evidence.

  • The upshot is if you are accused of a crime that

  • would make you inadmissible, you want

  • to get an attorney who understands not only

  • the criminal law, but understands immigration law as

  • well.

  • Often it's possible to resolve your case

  • where, we not only keep you out of jail

  • and get you a good result in court,

  • but that we avoid putting you in a situation where you will face

  • immigration consequences later.

  • Even if you've been convicted already

  • of an inadmissible crime, it's often possible

  • to get you some sort of post conviction relief

  • where we can negate the conviction

  • and make you admissible to the United States

  • and allow you, ultimately, to naturalize and become

  • a citizen.

When we talk about crimes that trigger


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入管法。アメリカへの入国を許さない4つの罪 (Immigration Law: 4 Crimes Making You Inadmissible to the US)

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