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  • This world we live in worship power.

  • The power to

  • overthrow, overwhelm your foe,

  • your opponent,

  • politically, economically, interpersonally.

  • If you do that, I’ll do this.

  • If you do this, I’ll make sure you regret it.

  • We idolize tough figures

  • cos being tough seems


  • But have you ever considered what is

  • POWER?

  • True power resides in the word,

  • and I know this is gonna raise some eyebrows.

  • It resides in the word,


  • Oh, wait! How can that be!

  • Gentleness in other words is

  • SOFT.

  • How can that be powerful?

  • Well well well,

  • hear me out!

  • A man named Gandhi got thrown off a train.

  • He was beaten by the police and locked away.

  • He fought back without raising a fist.

  • Look what he’s done to change a nation

  • where 1.3 billion people live.

  • Another man named Jesus was

  • slandered, whipped, lashed and crucified.

  • He fought back by saying,

  • Love your enemy

  • right before he died.

  • Look what he’s done to change the world

  • centuries of history

  • for what he’s endured.

  • SOFT?

  • No!


  • but powerful.

  • Water is soft!

  • But it’s the only thing that can cut through a diamond

  • other than a diamond itself.

  • Take a look at the pebble stones at the bottom of a river.

  • How smooth and round they are.

  • And that’s because the water has sculptured it

  • for the past thousands and thousands of years.

  • Flexibility is highly related to athletic performance.

  • It not only prevents injury

  • but also gives the muscle strength and explosiveness.

  • See how amazing this all is!

  • How amazingly at the material world resembles

  • the inner one.

  • A rude and violent heart,

  • fists and weapons

  • may be capable of hurting someone for an instant.

  • But a gentle heart can make an impact

  • last forever.

  • Peace!

  • Polish your heart that it becomes as soft as skin, as smooth as water.

This world we live in worship power.


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優しさの力 (The Power Of Gentleness)

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