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  • Youve been arrested or otherwise charged with a crime and you have an arraignment scheduled

  • in Massachusetts. What’s an arraignment? Hi. I’m Steve Brooks. I’m a Massachusetts

  • trial attorney with an office in Boston and in Dedham. And I can answer your questions

  • on what an arraignment is. An arraignment is the first appearance in court. It’s where

  • the charges are read to a defendant and theyre formerly notified of the crimes the government

  • charges them with. Now, in district court, a not guilty plea is automatically entered

  • against the defendant. Wherein, superior court a defendant is expected to stand up and say

  • the wordsnot guiltyin order to enter that plea. Also at the arraignment, the issue

  • of bail is discussed while the overwhelming number of people simply get released on their

  • own recognizance, which is their promise to appear at all the later court datessome

  • people have to have a bail hearing. At a bail hearing, the prosecutor argues that a person

  • should have to post bail in order to get released. The defendant argues that no bail is necessary

  • and that they will come back on all the court dates that are scheduled. Sometimes, when

  • someone has a large number of repeat offenses or if theyre held because they have a pending

  • case, the issues of revocation of bail comes up. Now I expect that youre watching this

  • video because you have either someone close to you has a case pending or there’s an

  • arraignment scheduled or you have a case pending with an arraignment scheduled, and you have

  • questions about the process. I’d be happy to answer the questions you have. Call me

  • at 781-251-0555. Thanks for listening.

Youve been arrested or otherwise charged with a crime and you have an arraignment scheduled


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アライメントとは何ですか? (What is an Arraignment? )

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