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  • A court injunction is the judicial order

  • that requires the person to do or stop

  • doing something. Plaintiffs can apply for

  • a court injunction which request a judge

  • to prohibit a defendant from engaging in

  • a specific act. There are three different

  • types of injunctions: temporary

  • injunctions more commonly known as

  • temporary restraining orders a

  • short-term measure, preliminary

  • injunctions which are often issued at

  • the beginning of a court case and

  • proceed to the duration of the case, and

  • permanent injunctions which are issued

  • as a final judgment. If an injunction is

  • granted the court might require you to

  • get an injunction bond. An injunction

  • bond guarantees reimbursement should it

  • turn out that an injunction should not

  • have been granted.

A court injunction is the judicial order


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裁判所の差止・差止債 (Court Injunctions & Injunction Bonds)

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