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(drunkenly singing Disney theme)
James: Welcome to Drunk Disney, where we drink watching Disney movies, and tell you what we learn from them.
Chelsea: This week's movie, released in 1961, is 101 Dalmatians
It was animated with a weird new animation
technique that Walt Disney hated.

Dave: Today's guest is musician/youtuber Ali Spagnola!
Ali: Today's drinking game is brought to us by AnnaBanana,
and we're gonna be drinking every time
we're confused by how the animal society works.

Do they have a bicameral legislation?
It sounds like we're already confused.
To Walt?
To Walt!
Let's watch some Disney.
"That's my pet, Roger."
J: Wait, the guy is the dog's pet?
A: Are you confused?
J: Yeah!

C: Who pays the taxes?
A: To the dog IRS.
"It was plain to see that my ol' pet needed someone."
A: Oh he's trying to hook him up.
He's playing dog Tinder right now!

D: I like how the pets and the owners look alike.
A: I don't. 'Cause literally 'cause of this movie,
I won't get a bulldog.

A: I want a bulldog but I'm worried that
I'm just gonna get wrinkly and fat.

D: I don't think you transform into your dog.
J: No dude, she used to be a black guy.
"Well, now that's a bit more like it."
A: He has a very good grasp on English language
J: Well, he's British. They invented it.
A: They paint him as this starving musician.
J: Yet he can afford this big ass apartment in the city.

C: This apartment now, no one even lives in it
because it's just owned by an investor from overseas.

D: I don't remember this movie having British accents at all. I've like Americanized the movie in my memories.
J: Well that's a good call for my DRINK ATTACK!
Everyone: Ohhhh!

J: To "Young Americans".
A: This is cute. How do I orchestrate this?
J: First you need two very expensive purebred dalmatians...
J: Roger looks like he's from a newspaper cartoon right now.
A: That's it? D: Now they're married?
A: What?!

A: They just yada yada yadaed their whole relationship?
J: That pond was full of molly and they
just immediately fell in love.

J: I like how there's no one else at that wedding.
Like they have no family? or friends?

C: They were dressed up like it was a funeral.
J: That priest just like finished this
ceremony and went and buried a guy.

D: So the dogs kind of have like
an arranged marriage then.

♪ "Di dum da da diiim" ♪
♪ "Ta-tum-ti-ta-tum" ♪

J: It's not staccato.
J: It's Angela Lansbury.
A: What, but wait, how is he a
starving musician and has a maid?

C: I think Anita's old money.
A: No wonder he wifed that immediately.

C: I bet that Anita's parents disapprove of Roger.
"Must be Cruella, your dearly devoted old schoolmate."
J: I can't believe they're old college mates,
I always thought Cruella was her boss.

J: But like, does Cruella look the same age as Anita? No.
J: Probably 'cause she's smoking all that meth.
A: I remember thinking:
"Oh, you can still be awesome when you're old"

D: I like that Roger was basically like:
"Oh shit, you're annoying friend is over."

J: "I'm gonna go get drunk in the attic."
A: I like that he plays the trombone.
J: He can play like every instrument.

A: He could be a one gal band
J: Oh! Check out One-Gal band on
AliSpagnola's YouTube channel.

J: Aw, that cupcake was five dollars!
C: Why does Anita let her come over?
J: Yeah, she leaves and they have
to air out the house for a week.

D: What'd she come over for?
J: She had to ash her cigarette.

C: Pongo is just watching them. (laughs) He's like:
"Ok, I know this is when I'm supposed to leave the room"

J: I wish Lucy would get the hint.
D: Wait, so she is preggers right now.
A: I feel like she is like the dog version of...
J: Octomom?

C: No one makes octomom jokes anymore.
C: Aw, man. Did they have to do it
underneath that stove too?

J: "Pongo I just loaded that bowl"
"Eleven puppies, Pongo boy."
D: That is one fertile dog.
J: Yeah, Pongo's got some good swimmers in him.

J: Aw, it's a little dead puppy.
C: Man, what if they actually really committed to that?

C: That was like the end of the scene. Where he's like: "That's just one of those things." Fade to the next scene.
A: They would now. Pixar just opens with like
"Hey, everyone's dead, everything's awful."

D: I feel like CPR has come a long way.
C: Rub that puppy.
J: Rub that puppy.

J: He doesn't even know the nanny's name.
They just call her nanny.

C: They just call her nanny!
J: Why did we give her a key?
"They're mongrels. No spots!"
"They'll get their spots!"

J: Nanny, shut the fuck up.
A: What animal is she wearing?
C: It looks like it's made of a ninetails.

D: What's her hair made out of?
A: Which part of it's real? Does she dye her
hair black on one side or does she bleach it?

A: She's actually a redhead.

C: It's funny 'cause now he's a dog too.
J: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

D: Drink attack! (Oh!!)
C: I just want to be Cruella de Vil though.
J: Nooo.

A: She's such a badass, and
she has keys to everyone's door.

J: I imagine that the mayor gave her
the key to the city for some reason.

D: Or maybe she just is the mayor.
To mayor De Vil!

J: ♪ To mayor De Vil ♪
A: Who voted for her?

C: That's like the midquel I want, Disney.
D: Wait isn't Thunderbolt a Disney movie?
J: Bolt is. (gasps)

A: Oh my god, there's a fat one!
C: He's my favorite! Rolly?

J: Why is this programming seemingly catered
towards dogs? I don't understand that.

C: To Rolly! "I'm hungry mamma. I really am."
C: Does Pluto call Mickey his pet?
A: What is your guys– I feel like I'm asking experts.
A: The like long-standing question about Pluto like, being a dog, but also, Goofy's a dog and talks.
J: Pluto's a dog, Goofy's a goof.
D: Goofy is its own species. A: Ohhh!

A: Oh, like um, Gonzo D: Who's Gonzo?
J: Hunter S. Thompson.

C: ♪ Kanine Krunchies are for me! ♪
J: ♪ We love the cruuuunch ♪

A: One again, confused by someone
made commercials to cater to the dogs?

C: To Kanine Krunchies! They're for me!
C: Just send your parents' social security
number to this address.

D: I want Nickelodeon magazine please.
C: Nickelooooodeon!

A: That's so familiar and so distant in my brain.
A: ♪ Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO Box 963 ♪
D: Oh my god.
I can't believe you know Stick Stickly's home address.

J: Dude, I even have his email address.
D: Whaaat?

J: I send him stick pics (laughs)
A: I think it's ridiculous that these guys
then later got cast in Home Alone.

D: There are way not enough puppies
for this movie's title to be it's title.

A: This was a clickbait.
A: They look like the number 10
when they're standing next to each other.

[Off Camera] Joel: We got a Chat Attack!
J: To Cruella as a furry!
C: Modern Day Cruella has a DevientArt account and takes commissions.
A: Oh my god, look where she lives! I definitely wanna be her.
A: What, is she just having candies in bed?!
She's living the dream!

J: She has a devil phone?
J: She also has like cheekbone spurs.
D: Did you see that spoon next to her bed?
J: What is *that* for?
A: That's how she keeps her figure.
J: No time to eat when you're chasin' that dragon.
A: Alright I'm calling a Drink Attack 'cause I wanna Snapchat it.
A: And we're doin' a Snapchat Drink Attack, cheers! (Ayyy)
C: I bet Cruella got the idea to make a coat of puppies when she was just in like an opium fugue.
J: What are Jasper and Horace's relationship to Cruella?
C: Toadies?
D: One of 'em's secretary in the governor's office.
J: The other's campaign manager.
J: It's her third one though.
C: Horace and Jasper seem like they should be in
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

J: I wonder if there's like a henchmen administration office that you have to go to
J: and you can like get one tall, skinny one
and one short, fat one.

A: On their resumes it's like: "Taking orders"
A: and then the other one's like: "Fucking up orders." (laughs)
J: Wait, so they howl to each other across the ci- I'm confused.
J: To the Beacons of Gondor!
D: Whoosh.
C: Would the Scotland Yard for dogs be like the Scotland Backyard?
C: Look at all these Lady and the Tramp dogs!
C: There's Lady.
D: Why are they in like the red-light district?
J: There is a billboard for Kanine Krunchies!
C: It's a dog dystopia.

A: That's also the biggest ad, like no way.
That should be Coca-Cola.

J: Are you saying you're confused?
A: Yes. D: Oh, no.

D: To advertising.
C: Oh the goose's name is Lucyyy! I'll call a Drink Attack to Lucy-
J: OH MY GOD how much are we gonna drink
in the span of like 20 minutes?

C: You'll drink when I want you to drink.
C: This is to Lucy the goose!
D: Aww I forgot about Tibbs!
C: I love Sergeant Tibbs.
J: The sequel has Tibbs Xtra.
J: That was a Pibb joke? Is that alright?
D: Drink Attaaaaaack!
J: You already- what? [buzzer]

J: We have no Drink Attacks left.
J: You forgot doing your Drink Attack?
D: Awwww

D: I'm confused how he became colonel.
A: Was there a war? What happened in this society?
C: Oh hey look what we have!
J: What is this, Scab Hands?

J: Oh we got some separation here.
A: We got some layering going on.

A: If you guys can see...it's like yellow on the bottom!
J: This is a Thymely Dalmatian. Click here to see how to make this drink
J: in our libations studios from Disembodied Hands.
D: This is by far the best-smelling drink we've ever had.
A: I think it's me actually. Yeah it''s definitely me.
J: To the Great War: Part II
D: WHAT?! How did we miss this?
We just went from 17 to 100!

J: It's just like five copy-pastes.
D: Where do you buy eighty-something puppies?
A: Still-Living Coats R Us.
J: It's like twitching while you wear it.
A: What are they watching?
D: This is like Disney's first cartoon.

C: Look it, they're us!
They're literally Drunk Disney right now.

D: This is very meta.
"Watch me pot His Lordship smack on the conk!"
D: That was the most British thing
that has ever been said.

A: That's actually how you say "hello" in Britain.
C: Aww Rolly just wants that sandwich!
C: Oh what a diiick! (laughs)
D: No have you ever tried that though?
J: Ash sandwich?

D: Oh...it's disgusting.
C: There'll eventually be a food truck
that sells ash sandwiches

C: 'cause they're gonna do every other gimmick.
A: Only the day before Lent though.
J: Dude, her car has some mad control in all that snow.
J: I guess it is like a V16
A: She can dispatch the shovels at any time,
she's the mayor.

J: Whoa what was she drinking?! Napalm?
C: Straight-up nail polish remover.
D: Wait, are cats pro-dog?
Is the cat helping the dogs? I'm confused.

J: To Tibbs Xtra.
J: What is Horace doing, adjusting his body weight?
"I'll pop 'em on the 'ead, you do the skinnin'"
J: That guy's just trying to be British.
"Grab a torch."
A: He called the flashlight a torch.
D: That's classic Brit.
A: Everything's a lift.

A: Walk up the lift there. This lift is filming us.
A: How's your lift?
J: Pretty lifty.

A: Brought to you by...
D: I don't get why she didn't want the parent puppies.
C: When they're babies it's a lot softer.
J: It's like veal. They're like the veal of fur.
D: Aww how good do you think a puppy tastes?
J: I like his pink boxers. That's a bold move in 1961.
J: Pongo's talkin' 'bout adopting 84 children,
I'm confused how they could even afford that.

J: To Normandy.
C: Oh this guyyy! This majestic dog!
D: Do you think her name is Perdy
'cause it sounds like "pretty?"

J: It's 'cause her mouth is perdy.
C: This scene was really controversial
'cause they drink cow milk.

A: So do people.
C: But we don't drink it right from their nipples.

A: Because I don't have the opportunity! But like I'm hoping my Whole Foods like expands at some point.
C: Aww Rolly's so hungryyy!
D: He's always hungry.
A: Rolly has an insulin problem.

D: What happened to the other dalmatian parents?
D: 'Cause there's clearly a number of other
dalmatian parents for 84 other puppies.

A: Cruella is wearing them, do you see?
J: This movie's so cold.
J: Wait, both those streets are Dinsford?
J: Wait, are all the streets Dinsford?!
I'm confused.

D: To the cannon at large.
"Look, I'm a Labrador!"
J: "Pongo, that's offensive!"
J: Pongo starts singing "Old Kentucky Home"
C: The black lab's pretending he's cool with it.
He doesn't wanna make it uncomfortable.

C: But that shouldn't be his responsibility, ya know?
C: Also, no one lives in this town. It's really weird.
D: What kinda car is that?
J: It's Hot Wheels, leadin' the way.

C: I bet they were so excited that for this scene
they didn't have to animate spots.

D: Her full name is Perdita?
J: She got a Perdita mouth.

D: Oh nooo!
J: They're like inverse dalmatians.

A: Did I just get way drunker
or is that actually happening?

J: Dude, Cruella's trippin' baaalls!
J: This guy's just trying to do his job.
C: She lost a whole sleeve!
D: That's why she needed that 102nd puppy.
Hence the sequel.

♪ Cruella De Vil ♪
A: The starving artist now has a song on the radio.
J: They don't even have the puppies back
and he already sold a song about it?

D: I don't understand really how the dogs
know exactly how to get home.

J: To math.
"36 and 11, that's 47!"
"18, Roge!"

C: ♪ Schfifty-five, what you say? Schfourteen-teen ♪
C: Oh, wow. One of those puppies was goin' for a feel.
J: Yeah one of those puppies gettin' fresh.
♪ We'll have a dalmatian plantation ♪
J: Maybe don't say "plantation"
with all these blackface puppies around.

D: That's his worst song yet.
[Extremely slurred]
D: What are you saying?!
C: That is so smart.

What did we learn from 101 Dalmatians?
I learned that if you have 100 dogs in your living room, you're not a hoarder, you're just a fashion designer.
I learned that Cruella De Vil went to college.
I learned that animals are much more
advanced in their society than us

and they're just gonna kill us and start a zootopia.
I learned math.
This has been Drunk Disney: 101 Dalmatians!
J: Thanks a lot for watching
Drunk Disney: 101 Dalmatians!

C: Next up we wanna watch one of these five movies.
A: Vote in the poll in the upper right-hand corner
to decide what video they watch next.

D: Have you ever been on YouTube?
D: Well if you have not checked out Ali Spagnola,
you are missing out.

D: She's got...music! Comedy! (laughs)
D: I particularly like the music stuff.
A: It's actually all CGI, I can't play anything.

C: That's like, more impresive.
J: Click us to go to her channel and subscribe.
A: Physically put your mouse on me.

D: ♪ Put yo mouse on me ♪
(snapping) ♪ Uh uh ♪

D&J: ♪ Put yo mouse on me, uh uh ♪
D&J: ♪ Put yo mouse on me ♪
[whispering] J: Do it.
D: ♪ Uh uh ♪

[softly] J: ♪ Put yo mouse on me ♪


ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS ft. Ali Spagnola (Drunk Disney #38)

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