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OSHO International Foundation presents
Source: 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram # 13'
Osho: Sensitivity Can Be Shared in a Thousand and One Ways
Sensitivity can be shared
in a thousand and one ways.
The most fundamental is
a lovingness --
not a love relationship,
but just pure lovingness
without any conditions.
Not asking anything in return:
pouring your heart --
because it is overflowing with sensitivity --
onto people,
even on strangers.
Now scientists say,
you can shake hands with a tree
and if you are
you will feel
a tremendous sensitivity
in the tree itself.
There are old stories --
they cannot be factual, but
one never knows...
maybe they are factual.
It is said that whenever Gautam Buddha passed by,
trees which had been
without leaves
suddenly grew leaves
to give him shade.
Whenever he sat under a tree,
thousands of flowers blossomed
and started falling over him.
It may be simply symbolic,
but there is a possibility of its being real too.
And when I say that,
modern scientific research about trees
is in my support.
It was the first Indian Nobel Prize winner,
Jagdish Chandra Bose,
who proved
to the scientific world that trees are not dead.
He was given a Nobel Prize for it,
but since Jagdish Chandra Bose
much has happened.
He would have been tremendously happy
if he could come and see
what scientists
have managed.
Now they have
something like
a cardiograph
attached to the tree.
A man comes,
a friend,
to the tree
with love in his heart
and the tree starts
dancing --
even without any wind --
and the cardiogram
very symmetrical.
The graph on the paper
becomes almost
a harmonious
And when another man
comes with an axe --
with the idea to cut the tree --
even though he has not come close
the graph of the cardiogram
goes berserk.
It loses all symmetry, all harmony.
It simply goes insane:
something is going to harm him.
It is strange because he has not been harmed;
it is just an idea in the woodcutter's mind.
The tree is
so sensitive
that it catches your ideas.
And then the same man, with the axe
but not desiring to cut the tree,
and the graph remains the same.
There is no fear,
no nervousness in the tree.
And another thing they became aware of was,
that if one tree is trembling with fear --
they had not thought about it,
one scientist just put
a few cardiographs on other trees
surrounding the tree --
when the tree started trembling with fear
the other trees
also participated.
They must have been old friends
growing in the same grove.
They must have shared
their love with each other,
they must have been friendly.
They also react immediately.
The whole existence is full of sensitivity --
and man is the highest product
of this existence.
your heart,
your being,
is ready to overflow.
You have been hiding it,
repressing it,
because your parents and your teachers
have told you
to be hard,
to be strong --
because it is a world
full of struggle;
if you cannot fight and compete
you will be nobody.
So only a few people like poets,
sculptors --
who are no more in the competitive world,
who are not hoping to accumulate
billions of dollars --
they are the only people
who have
some trace
of sensitivity left.
But a meditator
is on the way to being a mystic.
He will become more and more sensitive.
And the more you share your sensitivity,
your love,
your friendliness,
your compassion,
the closer you will come
to the goal of being a mystic.
"My poor husband,"
said Mrs Ginsberg
to her psychoanalyst,
dragging her husband behind her.
"He is convinced
he is a parking meter."
The analyst looked at the silent,
morbid fellow and asked,
"Why doesn't he say something for himself?
Can't he talk?"
"How can he,"
said Mrs Ginsberg,
"With all those coins in his mouth?"
In my
a sannyasin is one
who is making every effort to get rid of
the insanity
that he has been conditioned for.
will help immensely
to make you sane,
sensible --
and if
you go on
moving in the right direction,
it will become your meditation
and finally
your mystic experience of enlightenment.
Copyright © Osho International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO ® is a registered TM. For more information, visit: www.osho.com


OSHO: Sensitivity Can Be Shared

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