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  • This improvised mockumentary from director Rob Reiner was released nationwide in March

  • of 1984, where it doubled its $2.5 million dollar budget. The quick 82-minute experience

  • is an excellent send-up of rock culture, portraying the fictional British heavy metal band "Spinal

  • Tap" during a year on tour with hilarious results. The R-rated picture perfectly satirizes

  • everything from their wild debauchery, musical pretentiousness, performance blunders, and

  • general cluelessness. Perpetually teetering on the edge of realism, it's the extremely

  • subtle and true-to-life humor that not only makes this movie so funny, it also tricked

  • a fair number of audiences into believing this band actually existed. In their first

  • of many such parody-documentaries, veteran comics Christopher Guest, Michael McKean,

  • and Harry Shearer lead the picture as the titular group of cod-piece wearing narcissists:

  • ad-libbing a majority of their lines in the process. In an inspired bit of casting Reiner

  • appears as an ambitious film director within the film, often interviewing the band on-camera.

  • Later, he sets up the picture's most iconic moment when he questions Guest's decision

  • to label all of his amps with an "11", asking, "Why don't you just make ten louder and make

  • ten be the top number and make that a little louder?" ... the drawn out beat before Chris

  • answers, "These go to eleven" is one of the most legendary examples of comedic timing.

  • Joined by some cameos from before-they-famous actors like Bruno Kirby, Billy Crystal, Fran

  • Drescher, and Ed Begley Jr. - the core group of players make their biting improvisation

  • and witty banter look effortless, but their heavy accents, and talking over one another

  • sometimes makes it hard to follow their conversations. This is one picture that definitely benefits

  • from having the subtitles turned on. Structurally, the movie could really be arranged in any

  • order... each scene works well by itself, but when assembled together, there's very

  • little cohesion or over-arching story here. The fly-on-the-wall visual style lends credence

  • to the picture's unscripted nature too, consistently cutting away to Spinal Tap's many shortcomings

  • and humorous issues during their on-stage performances, like when Shearer gets stuck

  • in a cocoon-like apparatus, forcing him to wail out his bass-solo in the cramped compartment.

  • Indeed, the movie is littered with dozens of little gags like this, including the group's

  • unexplained herpes, difficulties with their overly simplistic album cover, and overtly

  • misogynistic song lyrics. When Guest waxes poetic on a romantic ballad he's been arranging

  • influenced by Mozart and Bach, he then shares that the song's title is "Lick My Love Pump".

  • Despite the absurd and lewd material, their music is actually rather catchy - and should

  • appeal to most rock fans. U2 guitarist, The Edge famously said of the film, "I didn't

  • laugh, I wept. It was so close to the truth." And that is perhaps my biggest issue with

  • the movie: there's plenty of great concepts and jokes, but much like a great "The Onion"

  • article, it often induces more of a soft chuckle than true laughter. Still though, as the only

  • movie on IMDb to be rated out of eleven, "This Is Spinal Tap" is wonderful satire of rock

  • culture worth watching more than once, I thought it was COOL. Now let's check out some of your

  • reviews.

  • Opinions were a bit mixed on this one, but you enjoyed the sharp writing and silly music,

  • scoring this an EIGHT out of... "Eleven". Not quite as strong as remember, I'll score

  • this a COOL myself.

This improvised mockumentary from director Rob Reiner was released nationwide in March


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