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  • The church in Korea has been in a desolate state

  • without the Holy Spirit at work.

  • Everyone is waiting for the Lord to come.

  • But there's been no sign.

  • I have discovered something significant.

  • The Eastern Lightning Church has emerged in China.

  • The people of the Eastern Lightning

  • have witnessed the Lord Jesus has returned.

  • Returned?

  • He expresses many truths.

  • Presently,

  • He is doing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God.

  • If we are sure that the Eastern Lightning is the Lord's appearance and work,

  • aren't we actually meeting the Lord?

  • Then we will have a chance to be raptured into the kingdom of heaven.

  • The reason we have come to China this time

  • is in order to study the Eastern Lightning.

  • We've believed in the Lord for so many years and labor for the Lord;

  • can we enter the heavenly kingdom?

  • The Lord Jesus said it very clearly.

  • Only those who follow the will of God could enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • The Lord Jesus did not say those who sacrifice, expend, and labor for the Lord

  • could enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • Many of those who preach, cast out devils,

  • and work wonders in the name of the Lord,

  • not only are they not praised by the Lord,

  • they are professed by the Lord as workers of iniquity.

  • Since the Lord Jesus has forgiven all our sins,

  • and He no longer sees us as sinners,

  • so then, must we receive God's judgment in the last days to enter the heavenly kingdom?

  • Amen!

  • Therefore,

  • only by experiencing the judgment work of Almighty God in the last days

  • can we shed the disposition of Satan and receive cleansing,

  • and receive salvation and admission to the heavenly kingdom.

  • Amen!

The church in Korea has been in a desolate state


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裁きを受け入れ、神の前に洗礼される|『天上の王国の夢』(映画予告編 (Accept Judgment and Be Raptured Before God | "My Dream of the Heavenly Kingdom" (Movie Trailer))

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