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It's well known that some gestures mean different things in different parts of the world.
In some places such as Britain,
this means everything's okay,
while in Brazil and other places it's considered obscene,
and in still other places
such as Japan,
it means money.
In Italy they might make this sign to emphasize a point while in Jordan it can mean "wait a second."
Certain things often have gestures for them.
For instance, in most places where drinking alcohol is popular,
there's a sign for drinking or getting drunk.
In the U.S. it's this,
while in France they grab and twist their nose
and in Russia they flick their throat
On the other hand, some places have more or less unique gestures.
In Russia, to say "you're making things too complicated", you scratch your ear by going around the back of your head.
Among the most common and probably oldest gestures
are nodding for "yes" and shaking the head for "no",
but even this isn't universal.
Bulgarians are famous for shaking their head to mean "yes"
and nodding with a click of the tongue to mean "no"
And in South Asia, they have a third option which involves tilting the head from side to side.
It's used to acknowledge the person speaking to you although in some context it can also mean approval or even uncertainty.
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世界各地のジェスチャー(Gestures Around the World)

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