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  • I don’t know if it’s just the nostalgia, so you are completely entitled to disagree

  • with me, but 16 bit Disney games were great. Absolute classics like Aladdin, Lion King

  • and this one, The Jungle Book, were some very good times. The Kipling collection of short

  • stories explored themes that dealt with concepts like what society does to human instincts,

  • survival of the fittest, and the distance between man and beast. Does this game go into

  • these deep concepts? Not really, but it is a really fun platformer based off the movie.

  • You play as the feral child Mowgli, the young boy raised in the forest and a part of the

  • forest. Bagheera the panther wants to introduce Mowgli to human society while other animals

  • like Baloo, Kaa, and King Louie fight against this, all the while Shere Khan the tiger is

  • hunting Mowgli. The levels are pulled right from the movie, and convey the film perfectly.

  • Each level looks and feels like what it is supposed to be, right down to the fantastic

  • music that I found myself singing along to. How can you not be overcome with the desire

  • to sing when you hear songs like, The Bare Necessities, and I Wanna Be Like You. Truly

  • classics of our time.

  • The levels are big open areas, and littered throughout them are 15 gems. Mowgli has to

  • explore the areas and find a certain amount of the gems and then make it to the end of

  • the level. Sometimes the level just ends, sometimes you have to fight a boss. If you

  • find all the gems, you are rewarded with a bonus level. The gems can be tough to find

  • in big levels like these, but you are gifted with a nice little radar system in the corner,

  • that helps out big time.

  • But if it not a simple fetch mission. There are tons of enemies from monkeys, to snakes

  • to parrots, to bees and scorpions that are all waiting to attack. Mowgli can either jump

  • on their head to kill them or attack them with one of his weapons that he finds in the

  • levels. These mostly include types of fruit or things you find in the forest. The standard

  • are bananas, but you will find boomerange, double bananas, coconuts, and an invincibility

  • mask.

  • The Jungle Book is an example of a Disney game done right. It is challenging, fun, and

  • brings all the character and appeal of the source material to life in an interactive

  • way. It’s simple but fun gameplay with great style. Definitely worth playing.

I don’t know if it’s just the nostalgia, so you are completely entitled to disagree


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