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  • I want freedom

  • I want freedom

  • Sir, what are you protesting against?

  • I don't wanna stay in Spain

  • I wanna be free

  • I want freedom!

  • There he is, take him down

  • ey ey ey over here, camera over here

  • Okay yeah...

  • Um.. What will happen to Catalonia?

  • Oh no he is completely fine

  • He is right here

  • Yeah.. he is right here

  • Hey

  • I'm okay , I wanna stay in Spain

  • Yeah I like being in Spain

  • Dude.. I'm not dumb

  • I can tell that this is not real Catalonia

  • What did you say?

  • Take him down he know to much!

  • Oh sh*t

  • Run!

  • I think he is not moving

  • Are you sure?

  • I think so

I want freedom


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B1 中級

カタルーニャは独立を望んでいる - Countryballs (Catalonia wants independence - Countryballs)

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