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  • [MUSIC]

  • If reality shows are real, it is real.

  • SHUT UP!

  • You make me the happiest man ever, and marry me?

  • No, I've only known you for two weeks. We've only spent 4 and a half hours together

  • I don't even know your middle name!

  • Don't have one.

  • See, that's weird.

  • No.

  • [Ian makes sad, alien sound]

  • People we need to get this kitchen clean, you wash the dishes, you mop floor, you clean the oven.

  • [zooms out on cake employees. lol]

  • God, you guys are so lazy! Looks like I'm gonna have to hire some new cakes around here...

  • This design is...

  • Insane. No one will grab it! Yes, it's absolutely disgusting,

  • Perhaps you design a t-shirt. People love t-shirts. Yes, maybe put on meemee [SHE SAID MEEMEE OMG] on it perhaps the boy he does:

  • Yeah, the boy. The meemee boy does this

  • Yes you get it, yes, people love Meemees, not this garbage. Make it work. [clap clap]

  • Well, here it is.

  • I'm gonna go dance with the stars! [laughs as he floats towards the Sun]

  • Man, I love dancing. So you guys don't like salsa - whoo man, it's geting a little hot in here. Maybe we could do a tango or- ooh, ah-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Look at this shite! [Yes chef,] IT'S [bleep] -ING RAW YOU [bleep] -ING DONKEY! [Yes chef.]

  • [Chef!] Oh my god, I'm sorry, was that ok?

  • Oh yeah, totally! Uh maybe next take you could call me a [bleep] -ing idiot cow [bleep] -er? Ooh, cow [bleep] -er, yes that's great!

  • [NEXT!] COW [bleep] -ER!! Yes chef! WHADDYA [inaudible moans] YES CHEF!

  • And America's next Top Model is...

  • Whichever one of you has the most instagram followers.

  • Everyone thinks Mike is kind of a [bleep] -hole, but I don't mind him, in fact

  • I'm a pretty laid-back guy, so I don't let things like that get to me, you know. I just don't like to fight.

  • Okay, this is boring as hell. Can you turn up the drama? Yeah! I'm on it!

  • Mike is a - [bleep] -hole - but to fight - like - so I let - a - [bleep] -hole - get to me - Mike - get to me - [bleep] -hole

  • [bleep] - hole [bleep] -hole [bleep] -hole Now this is juicy! Juicy Lucy...

  • 00:02:54,820 --> 00:02:58,409 Kim! Hey, Kim! K-Kourtney, Kim!

  • These Kardashian is really hard to keep up with. Probably why they call it keeping up with the Kard-ash-ians.

  • Subtitles by DrInfiniteBlox.

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