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  • What are you doing? Reading my comic book. you're reading your comic book at breakfast

  • You know the rules. I am sorry. Go stand in the corner quickly

  • When and how to discipline a child is always a hot topic

  • What is your problem look at the stain you look like a pig, but there's one technique

  • That's particularly hard to swallow tops off. That's what you get it. No mom again

  • Yes again, open your mouth stick out your tongue

  • It's called hot Saucing

  • Have seen in this episode of Dr.. Phil

  • mouth

  • you

  • I won't do it again open your mouth now stick out your tongue further you little baby

  • Come on. Be a man if you saw mom. Hot saucing her child. how does that feel? It burned.

  • Yeah, maybe you'll learn next time. What would you do?

  • We're at the Park Avenue diner in South Plainfield New Jersey where the only thing that sizzles more than the food is

  • Barry's temper

  • Filling your shoes all over the treasures. It's a five-alarm situation to this woman no more juice for you not to cook in the corner

  • And she tries a reasoned approach to cool down Barry

  • Yeah, she's dropping stuff all over the place

  • But there should be consequences for everything

  • you could talk to him and say things a thousand times, he's a child

  • Like when you explode like that yeah what does it do to him

  • Finn let's go sit down

  • Quickly come on sit down

  • you know what I need a minute from this I can't. What did I do?

  • you all right, frustrating your mom

  • Like I can't do anything right? My mom does really mean things like she puts hot sauce on my mouth really

  • Now she makes Fiin a promise. She's not goona put it on your mouth while we are sitting there.

  • I'm pretty sure she will. I am pretty sure she's not.

  • Trust me, okay

  • But is her promise about to go up in flames. I told you not to talk to strangers. I am sorry

  • That's it open your mouth

  • Open your mouth

  • That's not gonna happen. That's enough! That's not gonna happen, not today!

  • What's wrong with it? You can't do that, are you serious? Not today, not here!

  • That's not gonna happen. You need a break. I don't understand what's so wrong. That's What Would You Do TV show. Are you serious?

  • It was about to be issue up in here. He's not going with her. Where was he going? He was going to go with me?

  • Share your message to the parents if you see a kid in trouble. That is do something s it is not safe something

  • And that's exactly what this next woman does oh my gosh. Oh

  • God, that's it. I've had enough of them. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it

  • Not missing a beat

  • Florence a former teacher heads over to help clean up Finn's mess. Well if you did another here

  • Water do you think you can

  • Careful yes, I'll begin

  • Well, it's sweet you have to give it to me

  • If I sit here and watch you will you be able to?

  • Cool. I don't get it. I'm really overwhelmed you just deal with him, please this camp

  • She always is really mean to me and she presents

  • I'm lucky that she didn't put hot sauce on my tongue. So that's what she usually does when you go to school. Yes

  • Examples are they gonna do about it if I make you humble judges talking to somebody about it?

  • He look like John toa. That's why

  • We're rolling one last time don't embarrass me in public. Okay, okay, mom

  • Well this teenager have the courage to confront our mom

  • What are you doing?

  • What do you think this is a toy sit up straight? Take your hands out of your mouth. She might wear a nervous smile

  • Oh my goodness look at that. He could sit straight

  • But mom's behavior is leaving a bad taste in her mouth would you like a milkshake? No no no no?

  • He doesn't deserve a milkshake. She's only 17

  • You behave yourself you get something but finds the courage to defend then

  • Yeah, it's really not your place. You just dictate your stop. You know she backs off until barry storms away

  • She puts hot sauce on my tongue

  • Will she take her friends advice? I'm sorry mom. You should apologize

  • Do you want backup?

  • If he doesn't behave himself that's what he guess

  • We now who are you to judge me?

  • time to meet fans underaged heroine

  • tell us

  • Why you got involved it just you know stuck a nerve with me. I don't ever want to tell someone like you're not

  • Parenting your child right, but sometimes you know when you see something. You should say something

  • here Houston

  • I salute you I think and those aren't just empty words for these

  • Compassionate diners today in word and deed they stepped in for a child in need

What are you doing? Reading my comic book. you're reading your comic book at breakfast


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