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  • For this working couple, their nanny is a life saver.

  • ...make sure you feed her every 4 hours.

  • There are clean bottles and turn on the diaper back I got it but below the surface

  • me if you need anything things are not as perfect as they seem

  • I didn't think she was ever gonna leave.

  • The nanny of fan you've seen the tabloid

  • headlines celebrities alleged to have cheated on their spouses with the very

  • people they trust to help them care for their children publicly admitted to

  • cheating on his fiancee sienna miller his kids babysitter

  • reporting the Wednesday money found out the rocker husband of 13 years was

  • sleeping with the nanny but how will people react when they see this scandal

  • happening right in front of the baby if you heard this

  • you sure we're doing the right thing. Trust me but my wife doesn't know won't hurt.

  • what would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at the candle wick diner in

  • East brother furred New Jersey the bath time

  • well yet doing what you might get here about i can do it i feel like we're one

  • I feel like we're one big happy family.

  • Yes that's what we are going to be hot tipping but as she steps away that one

  • big happy family becomes an illicit to so do your hair stuff it's beautiful

  • it's like gold silk mr. black

  • almost immediately our nanny and father get disapproving glances from this woman

  • wall since definitely doing the trick them or make me wild here she looks

  • visibly upset cuz they're my woman she even whispers to her boyfriend if it

  • "If were me I would want someone to tell me"

  • sorry was the line so will she tell so we decide to change things up and send

  • our nanny and dad away

  • Mikkel is going to come out and show how did the car seat okay yeah I'll be right

  • I'll be right back honey. Thanks guys!

  • Will they tell the unsuspecting wife what's going on?

  • that's my daughter yeah 3 months 3 months gradually oh thank you thank you

  • its lucky you know i love this neighborhood i love my husband of mine

  • and even he's shocked by those words cut faces amazing she suggests a different

  • type of nanny

  • I'm Annie oh you mean like a man at the Nabi

  • track she's a pretty girl she seems really attentive she then drops our mom

  • one more in you

  • missions that I'm like oh that's a great day become but what I tell her what I

  • would tell her writing you should not tell me

  • what a hidden camera that's our move now they know this they were actors good and

  • that was really uncomfortable you're beside yourself you're almost shaking

  • why not tell her channeling be subliminal not just disrupt everything

  • and I don't want to cause the seam here but i think i would have said something

  • as I laughs are you ever gonna get a nanny if you have to now let's do

  • rolling again and these ladies are thrilled for our new parents do these

  • days they really do

  • he's the best ad ever I'm very lucky they're very pleased with our hands-on

  • father I'm the right with me until they see his hands on the nanny really

  • beautiful

  • yeah

  • electricity going through me

  • they exchanged looks come but they don't say it work

  • so again we switch things up in a second I leaving our mom alone he really is

  • good to me it's good it's good

  • and now i have a nanny and that's really helpful and yeah but still they don't

  • say anything to our mom why not you know it but you wouldn't say anything anyway

  • why not really could well it's not my business

  • it really isn't I was very uncomfortable when I really was what did you think of

  • the husband here that I it seems that no one was willing to confront our cheating

  • dad and Annie or even tell our mom about the infidelity

  • so have you tried on that thing I got ya but then along comes Linda juicy know

  • she come she watches and disbelieve so when evenly fur takes time

  • nobody said he would and with that he's off to find our moms

  • it is ok she's gonna tell you

  • people are stepping my dad here but they're holding young and he's kissing

  • it

  • no give me you must be misinterpreting it

  • well then I hope I am if I can find him right now will you back me up and back

  • at the table ninda does just that

  • are you two having an affair no are you lying to me I've had you in my home

  • you hold my baby this one right here so you to sit please tell me it's not true

  • this woman is absolutely gorgeous and highly know what I'm sitting here

  • listening to and I mean I'm not and she beautiful baby there and you're holding

  • hands and you're missing from be honest with her

  • I mean now we just don't know we work but to be unshaved Golan's as new baby

  • here it's just not fair

  • well hi I'm Jackie models are you okay

  • what was your advice to them life goes on things happen marriages don't always

  • work but not to deal with this in her life get rid of the garmin you that

  • includes her husband that includes your garbage Heisman

For this working couple, their nanny is a life saver.


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