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  • Copenhagen sits on the east coast of Denmark,


  • a country that consists of the Jutland Peninsular and a series of small islands.

    デンマークは ユトランド半島と小さな島々からなる国です

  • Separated from Sweden by the Oresund Strait,


  • this nordic city is Denmark’s capital.


  • With cutting edge restaurants set amidst cobblestone streets and picturesque canals,


  • Copenhagen is a perfect combination of fairytale magic and modern day cool.

    コペンハーゲンは おとぎ話とクール モダンが見事に融合した街です

  • There is no better way to understand this city’s charm than with the uniquely Danish word,

    この街の魅力はまさに デンマーク語特有の言葉

  • hygge


  • which describes a cosy and soulful state of mind.

    感情をこめた あたたかい気持ちを意味する言葉です

  • It is a word that you can’t quite put your finger on it


  • but youll know it when you feel it and in Copenhagen,


  • hygge is everywhere.


  • Hygge can be found in the candles that brighten the windows

    ヒュッゲは 窓にともるロウソクの灯りや

  • and the warm sense of enchantment that fills the streets.


  • It can be found in the colorful wharfs,


  • the city’s beautiful gardens and as the sun goes down,


  • it can even be found in one of Europe’s oldest theme parks.

    ヨーロッパ最古の遊園地の夕暮れ時にも ヒュッゲが感じられます

  • One of the very best ways to enjoy Copenhagen is the way most locals do

    コペンハーゲンを楽しむには 地元の人々のように

  • by bicycle.


  • The city is laced with almost 250 miles of bike lanes

    街にはおよそ 402 km の自転車道が整備されており

  • and cycling is a way of life for all ages.


  • Head to Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront and canal district that is full of color,

    ニューハウンは 17 世紀の港と運河がある地区です

  • and character with its many bars and cafes.

    色鮮やかで独特の雰囲気があり バーやカフェが数多くあります

  • Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or grab a drink and watch the boats glide by.

    レストランで食事を楽しんだり ドリンクを片手に 運河を滑りゆく船を眺めたりしましょう

  • Visit the little mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s most recognisable characters.

    人魚姫も見に行きましょう コペンハーゲンで最も有名な人物のひとりです

  • Created from a story by Hans Christian Andersen,


  • she is just a short stroll away from the wharves.


  • This statue has been staring longingly toward the shore for over 100 years,


  • hoping to catch a glimpse of her beloved prince.


  • Discover real-life royalty at Amalienborg,

    毎日正午に行われる 衛兵の交代式を見学しましょう

  • home to the much-loved Danish Royal Family.

    おとぎ話の世界をもっと覗きに チボリ公園に行ってみましょう

  • Catch the changing of the guard ceremony which takes place every day at noon.

    1843 年以来 何世代にもわたり人々が楽しんできたこの遊園地は コペンハーゲンにとって特別な場所です

  • For more fairy-tale magic head to the Tivoli Gardens.


  • This park has delighted generations since 1843 and holds a special place in Copenhagen’s heart.


  • Take a ride on one of the oldest operational wooden roller coasters in the world

    パントマイムにドラゴンボート 美しい庭園の散策もおすすめです

  • or spin through the sky on the towering Star Flyer.

    もっと自然を楽しむなら コペンハーゲン中にあるグリーン スペースでのピクニックはいかがですか

  • Watch a pantomime, ride a dragon boat or enjoy the Tivioli’s stunning gardens.


  • For a little more nature, take a picnic and enjoy Copenhagen’s many other green spaces.

    街の中心部近くにあり 歴史ある温室で有名です

  • Visit the botanical gardens,

    ヒップ チャーミング マジック

  • which are close to the centre of town and famous for its historic glasshouses.


  • Hip, charming or just plain magic,


  • however you define Copenhagen it is easy to understand


  • why it regularly tops the list of the world’s happiest cities.

    説明するのが難しいヒュッゲも 感じるのはたやすいものです

  • Like the fairy dust, that seems to be in the air here,

    ゆったりとリラックスして この街での素晴らしいひとときを楽しんでください

  • Hygge may be hard to define but its easy to feel.

  • So slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful moments this city has to offer.

Copenhagen sits on the east coast of Denmark,



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