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  • I hate staying with the Dursleys Voldemorts back and I can't do anything

  • expecto patronum what have you done boy the ministry might expel me from hog

  • warts and I have to go to a hearing to decide my case get to bed we've come to

  • take you away this is Nymphadora Tonks the real moody

  • and Kingsley Shacklebolt this is grimmauld place, the HQ of the Order of the Phoenix

  • The Order of the Phoenix is a society people fighting against you-know-who so what is

  • the order doing we're trying to stop you know who from carrying out any of his

  • plans why can't the ministry help fudge still thinks Dumbledore's lying about

  • you-know-who I want to help fight, NO! I hate you all who are you that's

  • knockoff Dobby his name is Kreacher good luck with the

  • hearing Harry you're a liar kid I'm not lying Those in favor of

  • clearing charges we're prefects now why didn't Dumbledore make me one too I'm

  • Luna Lovegood guess who's a prefect now, Malfoy! we must unite or we will crumble

  • from within. This is Professor Umbridge our new defense against the-hem hem I'm here

  • from the Ministry to ruin your lives in my classroom we will use no magic

  • because there's nothing to worry about. But what about Voldemort you toad?!

  • Detention! why is Hagrid missing I must not tell lies ah Harry I did it I'm

  • the new keeper on the Quidditch team yeah! I have to tell Sirius my scar hurts

  • hey babe uh I mean Cho. Percy sent me a letter it says I should stay away from

  • Harry Potter he's such a git. the reason Umbridge is not letting you use magic is

  • because the ministry doesn't want you trained in combat; they think Dumbledore

  • has his own army Umbridge is now the high Inquisitor of Hogwarts they're

  • trying to replace Dumbledore's authority. it's official opinions are now banned

  • from Hogwarts. what! we should learn defense against the dark arts ourselves

  • Harry can you teach us how to fight Voldemort

  • Umbridge burned on unauthorised clubs now what do we do!?

  • Dobby I need to find a place for 28 people can practice defense against the

  • dark arts secretly. I know the Room of Requirement!

  • this place is awesome! Ron's an awful keeper and your families are filth! for

  • this misbehavior you're both banned from playing Quidditch forever. Hagrid where have

  • you been I tried to get the Giants to join our side

  • but the death eaters got them.This is a thestra, they're invisible to all those

  • who haven't seen deat. this class is rubbish. I'm sorry Harry

  • I know you've been through a lot but I really like you

  • AHH your dad's been attacked! dad you were guarding the weapon you know who was

  • after with his snake bit you! Voldemort is possessing me! No he's not! Dumbledore wants me teaching you

  • Occlemency. It will help you close your mind to the Dark Lord. read this! I don't

  • believe this! there was a mass breakout at Azkaban and Fudge is blaming Sirius!!

  • uh oh *gulp* I have emotional issues!

  • Rita I want you to report what Harry says about Cedrics Death. Luna: In the Quibbler!

  • Professor Trelawney you're fired now get out! No she may stay on the

  • grounds but I have a new replacement: Firenze. Umbridge found out she's coming

  • Run! we've got Potter! Potter did not form his

  • army I did! then you're going to Azkaban! nah I'm good...

  • Your dad was a jerk and I am done teaching you Occlumency. Was my dad a

  • jerk? he was a good person but he was an idiot. Bye Umbridge, it's time we leave and open

  • up our joke shop. In case I get sacked I need you guys to watch after my half

  • brother Grawp. We won the final Quidditch game! Nice! No they're taking Hagrid. Uh *falls asleep*

  • Time to kill you Sirius Black. Voldemorts got Sirius, they're in the

  • Department of Mysteries, we have to save him! But.. What if he's trying to lure you

  • there? quiet Hermione! Sirius! Are you there?

  • No one is here. aHA! who are you talking to? None of yo

  • business! Enough! the Cruciatus curse ought to loosen your tongue! we have to tell her.

  • He was speaking with Dumbledore... we wanted to tell him that the weapon is

  • ready. Show me now! Look at those ugly dumb half-breeds! Get her! let's take the

  • Thestrals. That Orb has your name on it. Now give that to me Potter! Where's Sirius

  • He's not here silly boy! What is this thing?

  • haven't you wondered why the Dark Lord tried to kill you as a baby!? it's the

  • prophecy! Now! Ah *running away* We're Saved! Sirius: I'll help Avada Kedavra! Sirius! He's gone Harry! Noooo! the prophecy

  • got smashed! Liar! he is not lying, it is time to die Potter!

  • you shouldn't have come here Tom! (Fighting) I'm possessing Harry! You know who is

  • really back!? You don't understand how I feel! It is my fault Sirius died

  • I shouldn't have been ignoring you all year, but it's also Kreacher's fault he

  • betrayed us. What about the prophecy? Trelawney's prophecy said you were the

  • chosen one and in the end one of you have to kill each other. If you bother

  • Potter at all, you'l have to answer to us! Ron: see you soon Harry... (music plays)

  • you

I hate staying with the Dursleys Voldemorts back and I can't do anything


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レゴ ハリー・ポッターと不死鳥の騎士団を5分で再現 (LEGO Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in 5 Minutes)

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