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So the Harry Potter franchise seemingly just is not going to die, with Fantastic Beasts
and Where to Find Them coming out in a little over a year. And today, I wanted to go through
all 8 Harry Potter films and give my mini-reviews, deciding which is the best and which is the
worst. Now a few things to note up front. Firstly, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe
films, there is not a single movie in here that I think is actually bad. Some are better
than others, but all of these I really enjoy, and I’ve seen all of them at least three
times. Secondly, major spoiler alert for all of the Harry Potter movies. If you haven’t
seen one and you don’t want it spoiled, I’ve put the titles of the movies with their
times in this video in the description, so if you don’t want something spoiled, just
skip to the next film. Ok, with all of that out of the way, let’s start.
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone
So this is the one that started it all. Before I get into the specifics on this film alone,
let me just talk about some stuff that this film started that continued throughout the
series. The music by John Williams. John Williams is my favorite film composer, he’s a genius.
And this music fits so perfectly with Harry Potter. It’s whimsical, it’s mysterious,
it’s intriguing, it’s magical. It’s one of my favorite film scores. Secondly,
the characters and casting. Harry Potter is a great and interesting character, he just
is. Is his backstory very unique, not really. A kid who is orphaned by the villain who is
destined for greatness. But he’s still one of the most iconic characters in all of fiction.
Ron and Hermione are great as well, we get to see them become friends over the course
of the film and you really believe them as a trio. The Dursleys, Harry’s complete jerk
relatives that he has to live are just so damn despicable but that’s why they’re
so great. There’s also Malfoy, Tom Felton plays the upper class-ish bully really well.
And as far as the rest of the cast, they got the top British talent. Like, the A plus listers.
Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, Julie Walters, Warwick Davis, Richard Harris who is perfect
as Dumbledore. Even little roles with John Cleese, everyone is top notch and they give
great performances. Even the child actors are pretty good. Total stand out though, Alan
Rickman as Professor Snape. Best performance in the series in my opinion.
That’s another thing, everyone and everything is just so accurate to how I imagined them
in the books. The kids, the castle, the Quidditch, the spells, the teachers, the Dursleys. It’s
like someone looked into my brain because they are disturbingly on point to what I’d
pictured. I’d say that’s the one thing this movie does better than all of the others.
Is it the best Harry Potter probably not, but it started it all and it’s so full of
iconic moments. Everything in this just, I didn’t phrase it like this but I will, feels
magical. I was in awe the whole time watching it. Also, just seeing this magical world for
the first time, seeing Hogwarts and that first Quidditch game which is always a great scene,
and Harry getting rid of the glass in the zoo. It’s an experience. It also has a cool
know. As far as my complaints with this? Some 2001
CGI doesn’t hold up that well. The whole scene with Neville on the broom, it’s fun,
but nowadays it is noticeably computer animated. Same with that troll, it’s a cool scene,
yeah, but still, doesn’t really hold up. Yeah, that’s pretty much all that bugs me.
So overall, this is a classic and an extremely entertaining one, especially if you’ve read
the books. I might be looking at it with some nostalgia, but I watched it quite recently
and it’s still good. It’s an awesome start to the series with fun characters and performances
and exciting action and magic and I’ll give it a 9.7/10.
Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets So this is actually the longest Harry Potter
movie, which is surprising for the second shortest Harry Potter book. And this is a
lot like the first one, except there isn’t that factor of “oh wow, this is the first
time we’re seeing this world.” Let’s start with the positives. They introduce Dobby
in this movie, and he’s a really funny nice new addition to the series. Dobby becoming
a free elf is one of my favorite Harry Potter scenes. The film is also a bit more creepy,
for a PG Harry Potter film I mean. For example that giant spiders scene is awesome but I
also hate it because as a small child I was terrified of it. I just don’t like spiders,
especially when they’re enormous and speak English. The whole climax in the Chamber of
Secrets is pretty cool, you find out that Tom is really Voldemort, and the giant basilisk
chases Harry, and Harry stabs it in the mouth. That ending is pretty awesome. It’s also
still in that realm of kid friendly, fun lighthearted Harry Potter movie, not too much serious stuff
happening yet. It’s still a bit silly, with the flying car and all that, and some people
won’t like that, but I like to see the Harry Potter films grow along with the audience.
You watch the first ones when you’re a bit younger, and then as you grow up you watch
the rest of them and they become progressively darker, but you don’t mind because you’re
getting older. So for this one to be a bit more silly, I’m fine with it. Also, I gotta
touch on this, the best part of the film is hands down Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart.
He’s over the top, he’s arrogant and he just really cracks me up. I feel like they
used just enough of him so you got what you wanted but he didn’t become obnoxious.
Now for the negatives. For one, again, the CGI and special effects are good, but there
are some that still are a bit unconvincing. This film is also filled to the brim with
conveniences and plot holes. It’s not like the other films didn’t have plot conveniences
but this one is the worst offender. It is also noticeably the longest Harry Potter film,
there are a few things that potentially could have been cut out.
But in the end, another movie in the series I enjoyed. It’s a step down from the first
film, but not a huge step down. You could still watch these two and be like yeah, that’s
a good continuation of the story. I’m gonna give it an 8.5/10.
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. So with this third installment Chris Columbus
was taken off the franchise and it was handed over to Alfonso Cuaron. In case you don’t
know, he went on to direct Children of Men and Gravity, so he’s a pretty great director.
And he might have made the best Harry Potter. This movie is pretty distinctly different
than the last two. You can tell this is a different director. I wouldn’t say it’s
necessarily a lot darker, although I would say this is the transition between the kid
friendly first movies and the more adult later films. It has a bit of a more weird, gothic
element to it. As far as what I liked, well everything. The movie starts with that awesome
scene where Harry’s aunt gets blown up. It just sets up the tone of the movie so well.
Also, just for the movie in general, the visual effects are astonishing especially for 2004.
Any sort of hokey CG is gone. This movie also added some new characters, like Professor
Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew, all of whom work really well. Gary Oldman
and David Thewlis give good performances, and Peter Pettigrew, going back to something
I said earlier, is exactly how I imagined him reading the book.
Unfortunately, Richard Harris passed away between these movies so they got Michael Gambon
to take over and he was pretty great. He definitely was a bit meaner and less cheerful than the
previous one, but I think he fit well with the new films. I can’t really imagine Richard
Harris pulling off these sorts of scenes. The Dementors are introduced and they are
goddamn terrifying. Nightmares. Nightmares everywhere. The movie is sort of packed to
the brim as far a bit of varying style and tone, which sometimes can ruin a movie, but
in this one it absolutely works. It’s funny in some parts, it’s scary in some parts,
it’s everything. There’s this sense of wonder around the whole film. It’s also
pretty emotional, more so than the first two. Then there’s the climax, or at least the
lead up to the climax, it’s the whole thing where Lupin turns into werewolf, which is
one of if not the best scene in the entire franchise. The visual effects are outstanding,
and seeing this character that you’ve grown to like turn into this monster, it’s awesome.
The whole time travel thing at the end, sure it doesn’t make any sense why they don’t
use it again, but it was still really interesting. And also the big Expecto Patronum at the end
is undeniably pretty cool. *clip* There are just too many good things to say about this
film. I love this movie, I’ve seen it more times than most films, it’s the best fantasy
film I’ve ever seen and needless to say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban gets
a 10/10.
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire So for this movie the director changed again,
now going to Mike Newell. And another change was that, while the previous 3 films had been
rated PG, this one was going for some more adult themes and therefore got a PG-13. And
yeah, this one is more dark than the others. It’s not very dark or anything, but there
aren’t gonna be any pixies in this one. The kid actors have also grown up a bit now,
and the romances that play a big part in the rest of the series start in this movie. Now
this film is essentially about the Triwizard Tournament, where 3 kids go through 3 insanely
dangerous trials because Dumbledore loves child murder. And I have to say just in general,
I like seeing those kinds of insanely dangerous trials. It’s why I really liked Catching
Fire, I just find it really entertaining watching people have to face extreme challenge after
extreme challenge. As far as the challenges themselves, they’re really good. The dragon
one is the best of them, and it’s fantastic. The visual effects at this point are now really
awesome, and the dragon looks amazing. The entire chase with it was great. The underwater
challenge is good, but it nothing really stood out about it. And the maze was good, but it
was a lot better in the book. In the book they’ve got giant spiders and Boggarts and
a bunch of stuff lurking around the corners, in this, there isn’t much besides...Voldemort.
In this film we’re introduced to new characters, 1 being Edward from Twilight, who isn’t
that bad in this. Another is Mad Eye Moody, kind of, the plot twist that it’s actually
Barty Crouch Jr. wasn’t mindblowing but it works. And finally we get to see Voldemort
for real. I was wondering how they were gonna do Voldemort, and Ralph Fiennes just perfectly
ecompasses what I wanted this character to be. Sure he doesn’t have a ton of backstory
yet and so he’s more just kind of an albino bald guy, but he’s a really creepy albino
bald guy. In this movie we also get to see more of the magic world, which I liked. Like,
there are other schools and other types of wizards in this world, not just...British
ones. For what I didn’t like, besides the Triwizard
Tournament, nothing is super memorable about this, which is ok because the Triwizard Tournament
is the main part of it. But I was rewatching this and I was like, “Oh, this also that
Quidditch match and oh this also has Mad Eye Moody and oh this also has the Yule Ball.”
Those things weren’t bad, but they just didn’t stick out to me is all. The plot
doesn’t make a ton of sense, which is a given for a Harry Potter film, but in this
one it’s just really illogical. So they’ve got this cup that you can’t put your name
in unless you’re like 17 or something like that. And there are only supposed to be three
contestants. Tri-wizard, get it? But so after the three contestants have been announced,
Harry Potter’s name pops out, and Dumbledore and the teachers are like, this is obviously
trick, someone’s trying to kill Harry Potter just like in every other year he’s been
at this school….but what the hell, let’s do this anyway. And so they just let him compete.
I get it’s a fantasy film, but just some explanations could’ve been nice.
So ultimately, this is the real start of the darker Potter films, some can argue it was
Prisoner of Azkaban, I say it was this. This is when the main villain of the series officially
returns, it’s got a lot of cool moments, it’s got some downtime as well, which would
be bad if I wasn’t so invested in these characters. This all adds up to an 8.9/10
from me.
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix So for the 5th film the director changed yet
again, but don’t worry, this guy sticks for the rest of the series. I know a lot of
people who say this is their favorite Harry Potter film and a lot of people who say it’s
their least favorite. And I don’t think it’s the best, but it’s still a pretty
great entertaining ride. Well, specifically, what I liked. Hands down, best part of the
film is Umbridge. Professor Umbridge is a fantastic villain, she is so despicable and
I actually wanted to punch her in the face. Like with Voldemort, you’re like yeah, bad
guy, bald guy, better stop him. But this woman is just so much of a jerk on a more human
level, and it’s a lot more relatable because I think we’ve all had the Umbridge teacher
in our lives. If you haven’t, you will. At the end, when she gets, let’s say her
“comeuppance,” it is so satisfying. Another thing I really love is the end climax in the
Ministry of Magic, and the whole thing is cool but when Voldemort and Dumbledore have
their showdown, it’s intense, it’s amazing, the visual effects are phenomenal. Voldemort
makes a fire dragon, Dumbledore puts him in a bubble of water, you can see the parallels
between the two, and you finally get to see why everyone says they’re these great wizards.
That whole scene where Fred and George crash the exam with fireworks, awesome. Dumbledore
also does some pretty cool things in this film, although he disappears about halfway
through. As Kingsley says, “Dumbledore’s got style.” It’s also an interesting side
of things to have the press and the government be against, that wasn’t something I was
necessarily expecting. Also, Sirius dying was a pretty effective punch to the gut moment.
Now for what I don’t like. Well it is a very packed movie. It’s taking the longest
Harry Potter book and cramming it into 2 and half hours, so it does feel a bit overstuffed
in a few parts. Also, Groppy the giant in the forest, it was fun and kinda cute, but
I didn’t feel like that was super necessary. He was there to add a bit of comic relief
and mess up Umbridge and that’s all he did. If he hadn’t been there at all, I don’t
think it would’ve affected the story in a big way. This is also an oddly specific
thing that I don’t like but I need to get it out of my system, so Harry and Cho are
in love or whatever right? And then they find out Cho told Umbridge about their army and
they’re like, ah Cho you’re such a jerk we hate you. But then they find out that Umbridge
used a truth serum and it wasn’t Cho’s fault. But they never talk to her again. Like
she never becomes a major player again, and they know it wasn’t even her fault, I just...don’t
get it. Alright, moving on. So overall, this is another solid entry in
the series. Packed with a lot of cool moments but maybe a bit crowded. Still a good time
and I’ll give it another 8.9/10.
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince So then the Half Blood Prince came out and
I’m gonna be perfectly honest, I don’t have a ton to say about it. It’s another
really good Harry Potter movie but nothing really stands out about it to me. It does
everything the other films do well, good special effects, interesting characters, some cool
action, well written dialogue. There’s just nothing in here that is super mind blowing.
Well, there are two things that are really unique to this, so let’s get into that.
For one, the Horcruxes. This is a really interesting element of the Harry Potter universe so I’m
glad they decided to explore it. And with these explorations, we also get to learn more
about Voldemort’s past, which was really cool to me. Because what’s a good villain
if you don’t know what he’s about. And secondly, Dumbledore’s death. When people
talk about Harry POtter and the Half bLood Prince, 90% of the time they’re going to
be talking about Snape killing Dumbledore. And there’s good reason for that, because
it’s a heavy scene. Malfoy’s supposed to do it but he can’t so you see Snape murder
Dumbledore in cold blood and at that point you hate Snape so much. Only later do we learn
that it’s not actually his fault. And it’s even worse because Dumbledore just went through
all of this stuff, all of these crazy, terrifying trials to get this Horcrux, then he gets killed
right afterwards, and then it turns out the Horcrux is a fake. Worst day ever. That whole
ending in the cave by the way, yeah, that’s awesome. This is a pretty dark movie for this
franchise at least, like there’s that whole attack on the Burrow and Dementors destroying
this bridge, but it does find moments in to add humor. There’s also a lot more romance
stuff in this film and usually with romances in movies they’re only good if a) the acting
is good and b) you like the characters. And yeah, this film has those things so I actually
enjoyed most of the romance-y stuff. The new addition of Slughorn was pretty sweet, I only
realized later that he was that one dude from Crystal Skull. Also, with Slughorn comes this
luck potion thing, and I actually really enjoyed that scene where Harry’s all lucky, but
just like the time travel, why don’t they just use this like everyday? Whatever, it’s
magic I guess. And now really I only have one pretty major
complaint with this. And that is the Half Blood Prince and the plot twist that it’s
Snape all along. In the books it’s this really cool epic reveal, and it’s explained,
Snape was a half blood cuz his dad was a muggle, his mom was called something something Prince,
Half Blood Prince, get it? But the great reveal is that Snape murders Dumbledore and he is
the person that Harry hates most in the world right now, and then you find out that Snape
was the guy teaching Harry these secret tricks through that book all along. And it’s a
really cool part of the book. In the movie, Snape walks up, says I’m the Half Blood
Prince, and then walks away. It didn’t have nearly the same impact. My only other problem
with the film is that the ending does kind of feel like a setup for the sequel, but whatever
that doesn’t matter that much, So at the end of the day, this isn’t the
best Potter film, but it isn’t the worst. I’d still recommend you watch it, especially
if you’re a fan of the series. But some fans of the book might be a bit disappointed
with a few missing plot points. Still though, really enjoyable, gets an 8.7/10.
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1
So then for the last Harry Potter film, it was so epic that it had to be split into two
separate parts. Which I find a bit odd, I would’ve split one of the other Harry Potter
films up before hand, but whatever we got it with this. And books split into multiple
movies rarely works, or at least the part 1s rarely work. However, i have to say, Deathly
Hallows is a big book, so splitting it up, yeah, not that bad of an idea. I feel like
let’s get down to it. First off, this is probably the darkest Harry
Potter film, which I kind of liked. The series got darker and darker as it went along and
it’s built up to this. Death, destruction, sadness, blood, all of that. And we finally
get to see these wizards in the real world, at least for a little bit. Which they don’t
really explore in the Harry Potter films and perhaps that’s for the best. But seeing
what these wizards do in our actual world was an interesting new angle. I will say the
first hour or so of this movie is pretty awesome. I was diggin the tone, the characters, the
action, everything in that first hour was really cool. The rest of the movie does have
it’s moments but that first hour is where it is for me. I personally love that scene
where they break into the Ministry of Magic, if there’s one thing I’m going to remember
about Deathly Hallows Part 1 it’s the Ministry break in. We get to see the return of Umbridge
and Harry gets a bit of payback in the best way possible. *clip* That’s the kind of
stuff I wanted to see in this. There’s also that scene where they go to Godric's Hollow
and find Bathilda Bagshot’s body in the closet. That was pretty creepy. There isn’t
a ton of action in this, but when it’s there, it’s pretty exciting. And I have to say,
Dobby’s death is one of the most emotional parts of the entire series. I’m gonna be
honest, yeah, I cried. Big deal. Now here come the negatives. The main one,
just gonna bring it up front, this really feels like a setup for part 2. Which is a
problem you’re going to have in pretty much any part 1 movie, but it just really annoys
me about them. This is probably the best part 1 film out there, but still, it all just feels
sort of into it. That doesn’t change the fact though that there is a lot of that camping.
There’s also some of that, the two guys get in a fight because one is jealous because
of the girl but it’s really all the evil object, and some other cliche-y predictable
that I could’ve done without. So overall, this is still a solid movie. Everyone
seems to hate this and yeah, it isn’t as good as most of the Potter films. But it does
have a lot of cool moments. Still though, it does ultimately feel like a setup for the
next film, and this pretty much the only Harry Potter film that I wouldn’t rewatch. If
this was on cable on a Sunday afternoon, as opposed to the other movies, I probably would
switch to another channel and watch National Treasure. Still though, not at all terrible,
still gets a 7.9/10.
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2
So here it is. The epic conclusion to the epic saga. And yeah, it’s pretty epic. I
break this film down really into two parts. The break into Gringotts and then the Battle
for Hogwarts. And that’s basically the entire movie. Now while Part 1 was all buildup with
no climax, this is all climax with no buildup. And it works a hell of a lot more this way.
It makes Part 1 totally worth it to watch 2 and half hours of just spectacular pay off.
Watch Part 1 and Part 2 back to back and have the most awesome, 5 hour conclusion to a series.
Since the final battle is so cool, people tend to forget about the Gringotts scene,
which is awesome. More dragons in Harry Potter is something I’ve always wanted, so I hope
we see some of that in this new film. So like I said, most of this film is one huge
battle, which is hard to pull off. But it’s just so mind blowingly amazing for someone
who’s been a fan of this series since day one. This place that we’ve spent 8 movies
in, these characters we’ve spent 8 movies with, this is their last stand against evil
and I love that. The whole film is intense and action packed, but even the non action
scenes are engrossing. We finally find out that Snape wasn’t just a jerk all along,
he was a good guy. And then he dies. In fact, a lot of people die in this movie. Like a
lot. Neville finally gets his turn to shine here, it has the final showdown between Harry
this part where they’re all grown up and have kids, it totally worked for me.
It’s kind of funny but there isn’t a ton to say about this except for the fact that
to the best film series, and it will leave fans more than satisfied. The entire franchise
is a landmark of cinema, so thank god the ending was also outstanding. Harry Potter
Potter films, it’s the one I’m going to watch the least times.
So those are my thoughts on the Harry Potter films. Which is your favorite and least favorite.
Let me know all of your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to like this video, check out
my Instagram @bhl_hudson, and subscribe for more videos like the one you just watched.
Thanks for watching and I’ll see ya next time.



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