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Hello, Gregg le Sueur for Online Tennis

Previously we talked about a tip on
how to generate more power and your volleys.

About today's tip, to help you
become a better doubles player, we're

going to show you how to poach
effectively and how to tail it based

on your own height and your own reach.
So let's take a look at how you can
position yourself and how you need to move in

order to become more dominating force up
the net.

So in order for you to be a dominating
force up at the net,

you'll be very successful in poaching.
So one thing you want to do is you

always want to move diagonally forward.
So to help you do that you can use to

reference points. when approaching you
can use the center net strap and when

covering down the line you can use the
the net post to the outside. The closer

you get to the net, you'll have
any easier target, but the closer the

ball is to the center of the court.
These lines here represent the path of
the ball.

So let's take this far line over here.
You'll notice the further back I go,

The racket is not out of the
path of the ball. So only a close up to

the net,
so I can intercept that ball and cut the
angle off.

Also by moving a diagonal it's going to
help me give that valid forward momentum.

Very often with club players I see the
hills are back and they move naturally

over here and they end up having to use
the arm to get the ball back end up

Same thing when poaching if they go out
this way, you cannot cover enough ground.

You cannot be effective enough up at the
net. So what you want to do is general

you gotta follow the ball first. But let's
say the starting position, this is a body

serve, this is in the rally,
so if the serve is that wide, you make a
shift over slightly because you going to

cover down the line more. But let's say the
starting position - you want to have a

little for momentum when you split step -
forward for and you're going to fall

forward and when you splitting you're
going to decide where the ball is going

to be cross court. Or if it's gonna
go down the line so you're looking to

read that so when you fall you catch
yourself in the direction where the balls

You want step towards that nets strap
just like we talked about

previous video and then from here you
can now step through with the other leg

and really propel yourself forward using
that sensor net trap as a reference point.

It's going to help you move closer
to the net.

Same thing over here when the ball is
hit down the line, you're going forward

you gotta split and when you are in the air,
you're going to read if it's going to go

down the line, step towards the net post
and then step through and cover the ball

down the line. You can see how much
distance you can cover and again you get

that valid forward momentum, you get closer
to the net where you have the easiest

Now understand we'll not
don't have the athletic ability of top
touring pros,

so we can't do everything exactly,
but we can't copy certain things.

You can move diagonally forward but you have
to adjust how far you can move. These are

you moving lanes, these lines how far
you're moving lanes are based on your

age, your height, your reaching, your

For instance,
I may have a longer reach so I've been in the
ready position to step out step through.

I can cover a lot more but say I was a
little bit shorter maybe don't move as

I'm going to be able to cover this
area over here, but the important thing

is I'm gonna be a more successful
because i'm moving diagonally forward

and I'll be ready to take anything up the

So what you need to do is, is adapt that
your own ability.

So what you should to start with, you can do
a drill:

You can step out and step towards the
net post, see how far down the line you

can cover and place the ball down
and then you want to adjust your

starting position accordingly. You may
have to go just a little bit to the left

of the center
still to cover down the line. It's going
to take you a little bit further away

from the center net strap. You place the
ball down here, then you step out and

step through, place the ball down.
So now you've kind of established your
moving lanes and now you can practice.

So you can go and maybe it's a good idea to move
the ball here.

Don't trip on it. You gonna split
step, step out, step through towards and

that strap to poach, come back down the
line, split step, step out, step through

towards the net post to to cover down
the line and you want to keep doing those

shadow swing movements over and over
until the movements become familiar and

you go try the next time you play. So key
takeaways here: You want to use the net

strap and the two net post as reference
points to help you move diagonally

forward and cut the angle off.
Also you want to take consideration for
your own height, your speed and your

reach and adjust your starting position
accordingly. If you have trouble poaching

and you struggle something specific when
it comes to to covering the net in doubles,

post your questions below and we'll get
back to you!



Tennis Tip: How To Poach In Doubles - Net Domination Video #2

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