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RM: Right guys it's time for the Confess Sesh(ion)
PEOPLE Staff: Go for it
RM: All right, so I'm gonna pick up JH: YEA
RM: a paper // JH: OKAY
RM: and read the question // JH: OKAY LET'S GO
RM: and answer it okay? // JH: OKAY (:T)
*Go pre order 'Her' on Amazon* NOW GUYS LET'S SHOW EM THE POWER OR ARMYS
RM: Okay, the question is what's your good luck charm? Oh, oh
JH: Do you have any?
JIN: Yeah I have [one]
RM: You have one
JIN: It's my face. (TELL'EM BOY)
SUGA: ohhh myy gooooood
RM: Okay, it's his face
JM: I really have a good luck charm.
RM: Oh, what is it?
JM: It's a good luck charm my father gave to me. I always carry it in my wallet.
RM: He got that-
RM: He got the drawing from his father, and he's he puts his always into his wallet. Oh
RM: So what what it's like? What does it look like?
JM: It's really small and it's red in colour. It's really a good luck charm.
SUGA: I also have that which my parents gave it to me. (YoonMin matching charms >o
RM: I got my 2 dollars in my pocket
SUGA: Ah! I got 2 dollar also (not 3??). JM: I also have that.
RM: So next question JH: Next question (cutie pie)
RM: Who in the group is the clumsiest?
ALL: You, you, you, rap monster
RM: Kay, I'll tell you- I'll tell you the story uh
RM: I bought this really good sunglasses in Los Angeles
RM: And I tried to wear it
RM: Okay, so I never wore it. I just wasted my twenty dollars like, in the air.
RM: Yes, that's me
SUGA: For world peace, Rap mon should stay at home only. (DYING)
RM: He said I should be in just my room for the world's peace
{Lmao savage Yoongi is back}
RM: Thank you.. hyung thank you for your concern
V: Don't worry (?)
RM: Okay, what's your favorite korean snack that should be everywhere?
RM: Korean snack that you really like.. like, this snack should be available all over the world
SUGA: Yang nyum chicken (#1)
RM: Okay, I want to call it KFC because it's like Korean fried chicken. It's really
RM: Really really tasty
JIN: delicious
RM: it's real good
JH: It's really the best.
SUGA: Yang nyum chicken (#2)
RM: We called it kkaepjjang ("the best")
SUGA: ye, yang nyum chicken (#3)
RM: Yes, anything else?
V: Hukimja chicken
RM: Hukimja chicken....It's like a Hukimja chicken, okay
SUGA: some people ask why is yang nyum chicken a korean food.. it's definitely korean food.
V: yep
RM: So it's Korean fried chicken.
JH: yeas
RM: What's your most prized possessions ?
RM: My ph- of course my phone
SUGA: *whispers* MONEY
RM: He said "money" // JH: ehuHUHAHA *clap*
RM: why are you like this. You can say that in confidence. Please say it again
V: Good job
JH: My figure!
RM: You mean your your toys.
RM: little toys
JH: Yeah, Oh baby~~
RM: okay, so
RM: Next one,
RM: the song that should play when I enter a room is...
RM: Your own theme song.. when you appear/arrive.. a song that plays when you arrive/enter a place.
SUGA: Kanye West' Power
All: *singing Power*
RM: Started from the bottom now we here
RM: Ey started from the bottom now my whole team's here
J-Dope: Movie, uh...*singing*
LOL *20th Century Fox*
Here we have V singing Opera xD
RM: If you could only sing one BTS song for the rest of your life, what would- *FRUSTRATION*
RM: what would it be and why?
SUGA: Save Me
V: Save Me
*V singing Save Me*
'I need you love before I fall'
JH: Butterfly!
JK: *sings Butterfly*
JH: good :)
JM: Not Today
RM: Not Not Not Today, sing it for us
*Jimin singing Not Today*
*Yoongi talking bout pronunciation while Namjoon trying to sing Jimin lines in Not Today with an american accent*
RM: That's how we do it in Amurica
JH: yea
RM: Okay
JH: Naxt // RM: Who has the hardest time picking up dance moves?
Jin: FIRE ~
V: It's front line! (meaning he's so good he can dance in front) // JIN: Fire, YEH hohoho
RM: Like washing our face.
JIN: Yeah.
RM: Yeah wash our face every time
RM: Okay, oh my God it's the same question
RM: Who always forgets to respond to texts?
JIN: It's Jk,
RM: It's Mr. JK, Mr. Jungkook...
JK: ya
Why don't why you don't why don't you text us?
JK: I don't have to (ooh okay our lil english learner)
V: You will ignore

JIN: You don't have phone?
JK: I don't have to...*thinking* sometimes respond by...
RM: you don't have to respond to us?
JK: ya B)
RM: *dumbfounded* whyha
RM: So it's, he's saying that we're so annoying that he don't wanna respond us.
SUGA: Bad guy (LOL)
TAE: (in Korean) Ignore Hyungs.

RM: Thank you, he's the youngest of the team so we'll see after this // JK: hahaha *I'm ded*
SUGA: Bad guy bad guy (DYING)
RM: K, what's one artist you would love to collaborate with.
JH: waw
RM: Artist you want to have a collaboration with.
JIN: Rap monster..
RM: thanks
JIN: rap monster is a very nice artist.
V: Rap monster song please.

JIN: *sings reflection* // EVERYONE: *mocking his gestures // JIN: *starts caressing namjoon*
RM: Okay, so next one.
JH: V?

V: Maroon 5
ALL: MROON FUAIVE *making fun of his pronunciation*
RM: Can you do it again.
V: Maroon F- Ah no no, Maroon 5
V: no Mahroon 5, no, maroon 5
RM: So there was like a like a brother from America
RM: And he he taught us like when we Koreans say like pronounce it like Mahroon 5 in Korea
RM: and he taught him like it's not Mahroon 5 it's Maroon 5..
V: No, not Ri-hanna.. Rihanna
RM: it's not Ri-hanna it's Rihanna..
V: Yeah, yeah
RM: it's not Channel is Chanel
V: it's Chennel yea
JIN: nIcE pOiNt
RM: okhay
RM: oh, I also need to do it right..Of course started, okay drake i love drake
JH: Tinashe.. ALL HANDS ON DECK *dance what yo mama gave ya*
RM: All hands on deck, aight
RM: Okay, sugar Mr.. Sg
JH: Suga
RM: Hyung too.. SUGA: ah me too, *whispers*
RM: pfffffttt.. why are you whispering.. he said kanye west.
RM: He's so shy, so
RM: Thanks for the jacket and, Jimin.. Chim Chim..
RM: International Playboy (LOLWUT)
JM: ermmm SUGA
V: why?
RM: Why why are they doing this? (namjoongaveup) okay, Jungkook?
JK: Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth.. Troye Sivan
V: so meny
RM: Next question, who out of the Rapper's is the best singer?
*already lookin at the answer...*
RM: among the rapper who sings the best.
ALL: JHOPEEEEEE // JH: *sings mama*
RM: Ah, can you do the adlib? Like you...
RM: Not that, I meant something ike this, *demonstrates*
J-ANGEL: *adlibs*
JIN: Ah, what was it?
J-ANGEL: *sings perfect adlib*
RM: Okay, so he's the best singer out of the rapper[s].
SUGA: as expected of the main vocal of Sope
V: good job.

RM: What's your favorite drake song
JH: *holdonwe'regoinghome* V: *hotlinebling* RM/SUGA: *forever* RM: *passionfruit*
V: Hotline Bling! // RM: Hotline Bling? // V: *sings hotline bling* // RM: *dances*
RM: Okay, there's so many favorite drake songs.
JH: Yeas
RM: Okay, so who.. ah, okay who out of the singers is the best rapper?
ALL: JungKOOK, JK, Jungkookahh
RM: Show me.. show us some rap. JH: name is jungkook (LMAO)
JIN: scale is nationwide (LMAO)
RM: Yeah, I definitely V yeah V. JIN: Yes cypher. Yeah, let's go
V: hmmm.. Hyung the part where you start what was it? SUGA: *LOLWUT?* V: 4
RM: Okay, next question yeah (LMAO)
RM: Who is your favorite boy band, past or present?
JH: NSYNC! // SUGA+JH: DIRTY POP *dancestodirtypop*
RM: Okay, I guess they love JT
RM: who in the group is the most romantic and why?
V: i'm jin.. RM: Jin
JIN: why? V: Jin is romantic boy.

JIN: *wedding music* + *THE FLYING HAND KISS*
RM: ohKAY guess what
SUGA: wahh really random.
RM: I guess say it's Jimin..
JM: why?
RM: because he loves to give presents to others.. because he first started the giving present tradition.
V: ah jimin.. letter.. write RM: ah jimin wrote a letter to you.
V: yeah RM: what was what was it saying. V/JH: birthday RM: What was written? V: I love you.
RM: -_- i won't translate that.
RM: What country do you miss the most from tour? Oh while doing tour the country you want to go to again. ALL: AMERICA
RM: I wanna say brazil yeah
JM: anywhere.. T-T // RM: he said everywhere // JH: oke
RM: What's something about American culture that confuses you.
SUGA: oh, i don't know if y'all will understand this or not.. it's different.. "yes and no" is different.
RM: Oh, so the yes in America, and yes in korea is different.. like how do i say/explain this..
SUGA: *confusedaf*
RM: ah! it's like this.. "don't you like jungkook?"
RM: In korea it's "yes i don't like jungkook" it's no.
RM: But in america it's just say "no i hate jungkook" (*KINGOFEXPLAINING)
RM: It's like this
RM: Good? but we like jungkook.. okay
JIN: we love jungkook (awwww)
RM: okay, if you could be drake for a day, there are so many drake questions today, what would you do?
SUGA: for me i'd rest at home.
RM: He said he said he want to - he said he want to just rest in the home
JK: skydiving
RM: Why? Why would you skydive when you are drake.
JK: short hair.. i wanna try flying hahah
RM: he said now drake's hairs is so short *blessyoutae* that he wants to skydive with that short hair.
JIN: i want to go gym RM: you want to go to the gym yeah because drake is JIN: yeah strong
RM: Drake has in shape right now
JH: I want to dance //
RM: oh he wants to dance // JH: *danceshotlinebling*

RM: ohhh you're good
V: shopping RM: because he's rich
V: oh, oh yeah.. rich rich.. SUGA: super rich
RM: there's our honest boy.

RM: What's your favorite American fast-food?
SUGA: *startssingingpanda* (fanda, fanda, fanda lmao)

SUGA: i still remember the panda express in LAX when we went back to korea from LA
RM: I guess you didn't expect this but we love Panda Express.
SUGA: when we came to america we had panda express about 10 times.
RM: *translates what suga said*
V: say it's tasty all the time (to namjoon)
RM: And it's always tasty it never gets better (than Panda Express)
now, and he said like I don't know why they're always whispering
RM: But he said in and out.. yeah well animal style
JH: oh yeah animal style and sprite..

JM: Chicago Pizza was shocking..
RM: Chicago pizza oh

JM: it's really thick
V: No, no, no i'm panda (ok tae)

RM: Okay, so Chicago pizza in and out and panda Express.
RM: If you weren't performing, what would you be doing?
JIN: I think V is farmer.
SUGA: I'd be a song writer, composer.

RM: He said he'd be songwriter
V: i'm saxophonist

RM: Farmer.. for me Businessman, but i definitely say that you know like V
RM: is gonna be the farmer right.. he loves cabbages, and you know those apples big apples in geochang
There's a small countryside in Korea. JH: Tennis player RM: tennis player
JH: *feels the urge to play air tennis*
RM: Yeah, he used to play tennis when he was young and he got the bronze medal in the contest
But there were only three teams. Oh, yeah (LMAO)
congratulations for the tennis player and
JK: Wouldn't I be doing art
V: what type of art? JK: well anything..

SUGA: something like drawing RM: something like ssireum athletic
RM: Jimin? JM: I wanted to be a police officer.
JK: please arrest/catch me (LMAO) ALL: ...

If you could switch talents with anyone in the group who would it be and why?
JH: Rap Monster. His English.
RM: My English? JK: The brain. RM: What else? JH: His Rap. SG: He's genius. JH: He's Rap Monster
RM: Okay, thank you.
JIN: I want monster

RM: You want a monster?
JIN: Yeah. JH: Ohh
RM: Okay.

JH: I want rap, you want monster?
JIN: Yeah.

V: I want JK. // JH: JK? // RM: Oh you want JK?
V: Drawing ability.
RM: The drawing. SG: Drawing.
JM: Why are you saying "Drawing Ability" in English (with an accent)?
RM: Okay, can you tell me once again?
V: (in Korean with american accent) Drawing Ability.
JIN: What's "Drawing Ability"?

V: (in Korean) Drawing ability (in English) is my... (in Korean, again with accent) something I want to take.
RM: Okay!
JIN: Yeah, nice English

RM: What a perfect English, okay.
RM: Who is the messiest roommate?
JM: You! *cute chim chim*
SG: You~ *singer suga*
RM: It's not me, I'm doing... okay
V: No no no no
JK: Oh, no no

JIN: Rap Monster's room is clean
RM: I clean well lately.
JM: I went to all hotel rooms this time, and Taehyung's (V's) room was the dirtiest
V: Yeah
RM: It's V.

V: Hotel, only hotel.
RM: (in Korean) We're the (in English) dirty, dirty duo?
V: No, only you.
JM: Dirty duo

RM: We're roommates.
V: Only you
RM: We're roommates, man!

RM: He said you're the dirtiest!
V: Smell, man!
RM: No man.

RM: Most surprising moment from your US tour?
JM: Sold out!
JH: Ahh sold out!

RM: All five shows sold out.
SG: All shows sold out.

V: The energy
RM: What did you say?
V: the energy
RM: He said the vibe.
V: Le vibe~
RM: The atmosphere.

RM: Oh, he was surprised from- you know there was so many various people, the ages.
RM: Like there were even grandpas and grandmas, and even, like, the young babies.
RM: Elementary school kids.
RM: The daughter with her dad and yeah, so they were surprised from that
RM: What's one thing on your bucket list?
RM: He wants to... He wanna do the American... what is it? American cross tour by train
RM: He said there is a train like crossing the whole America, right Starting in Denver, right?
JH: My first mixtape release (that pronunciation thoooo)
RM: Oh, you want to release your first mixtape!

RM: Before you die right (bc JH's been saying that for three years now lol) That's super cute.
JIN: I want (to) go (to the) jungle again.
(watch Law Of The Jungle if you haven't seen it)

RM: Oh he wants to go to the jungle again. Okay, you could do it.
RM: V?
V: Shopping tour?
RM: Shopping tour? V: Yeah.
RM: That's (on) your bucket list. Okay.

RM: Jimin?
RM: He wants to go to Europe just for... a trip.
RM: Jungkook?
JK: Los Angeles.
RM: Los Angeles. Travel?
JK: Yeah.
RM: Travelling yeah, yes

RM The perfect English.
V: Panda Express.

RM: What- what "Panda Express" what do you do with Panda Express? You want to buy it?
V: Los Angeles [in korean] best food
OHOOHW mAnnnnnn
RM: He wants to open a shop, open a Panda Express store in Los Angeles. I don't know but...
RM: Okay, who's the most likely to make you laugh?
JM: Jin Hyung.
*everyone agrees*

JIN: I can RED Samhaengssi (three line poem). You know Samhaengssi?
RM: Okay, he can do the three...
JK: Red. (giving him the word he should do the poem with)
JIN: Red.

JH & JK: R.
JIN: Revolution.
JH: E.
JIN: Evolution.
JK: D.
JIN: Drop in the ocean. DROP IN THE OCEAN
JH: Sorry
RM: You drop in the ocean~

RM: Can you make us laugh, Jungkook? Can you do something with your body?
JK: *makes funny face*
*Everyone cracks up*
JH: One more time, one more time
JK: Okay, next question! (he 2 cute)
RM: Last question.
JIN: Yeah.

RM:Okay, there's the last question. What's your go-to dance move. Dance move! Show your dance move.
RM: Can you show?

V: Show me your dance.
(Rapmon what are you saying? xD)
RM: Okay yeah, that was it.
SG: You're a good dancer! (in Korean) good (in English) dancer.

RM: Thank you Confess Sess(ion). We were...
All: BTS!

SG: BTS style~


K-Pop Group BTS Dish On Who's Most Romantic, Korea Vs. USA & More Confessions | People NOW | People

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