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Are you mad? Are you completely insane?
My aunt is being a bit brutal with her comments, being a bit personal about my figure.
And it just made me feel really uncomfortable.
Jordan I love it. I think it's beautiful.
Her legs look fat in it. I'm sorry.
They do not.
But it does.
They do not.
They do!
It looks amazing on her.
I have to give my honest opinion and that's it.
I'm not listening to anybody. I think you look fine but Lindsey's got another dress for you to try already.
So let's go. Off you go.
Feeling very overwhelmed at this point and really upset.
Can I just say one thing Jordan? I think you've got an awful lot of patience.
And I can see. I hope you're not getting too upset.
No I'm okay.
I mean I've never heard, your aunt says you've got shoulders like a rugby player.
And then your hips are like what? I mean you've got the most divine little figure.
So when I see a bride like Jordan being basically bullied, my heart goes out to her.
We will find the right dress for you darling, that's my job. That's our job right?
Um, so hang in there.


Jordan's Harsh Aunt | Say Yes To The Dress UK | Bride Day Fridays

96 タグ追加 保存
kath_chaste 2017 年 9 月 13 日 に公開
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