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  • So you can have the satin one, and you can have that one.

  • I don't like that one.

  • No?

  • No I don't like that one, no, no.

  • I feel really put on the spot that each of the moms are trying to pick something for me.

  • Okay on it. I'll go for that then.

  • Should we go for that one?

  • Yeah go for that one.

  • So what's your favorite out of them?

  • I'm interested in my mom's one actually.

  • I think they're feeling quite competitive right now. I think they all want to be the person to choose my dress. Especially my mom.

  • It's quite ornate for the beading.

  • So she can say that she knew me best.

  • Wow.

  • Who's is that? Who picked that one?

  • That's mine. It's mine.

  • Is that yours is it?

  • So girlies what are we thinking?

  • Oh its gorgeous.

  • Over here we've got the corset back. Now this isn't what I call a true fishtail.

  • Because it's quite straight towards the bottom so its more columned but it gets that fit on the dress as well.

  • I don't know if it's a little bit too revealing.

  • I'm not so keen on the revealing plunge neckline.

  • It looks like a red carpet event kind of dress.

  • So would you say it's too sexy?

  • Maybe a little bit too sexy.

  • A bit more bridal, a bit more conservative.

  • So we're not liking mom's dress?

  • Not for me, for the wedding.

  • It's going to be better than the other two.

  • When I heard step mom and mother in law coming along, I wasn't 100% happy.

  • Cos I wanted to be the one and I hope she can see that. That I'm still her mom.

So you can have the satin one, and you can have that one.


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