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- Those are some smells.
- [Davin] Ever had a project that's stuck,
stalled or over your head?
- [Matt] Sometimes it just
takes an extra set of eyes

or an extra set of hands.
- [Davin] Enter the Wrenchmen.
Follow along as we travel the country
getting classic cars back on the road.
(hard rock music)
- I'm Jocelyn Davis.
- And I'm David Davis.
- And we have a 1970 British racing green
right hand drive MGB
which we both really love.

Even when we didn't go to car shows,
we would drive it around,
you know, go and see friends.

And then all of a sudden Dave
would go 'round the corner

and it would start to splutter a lot.
And then one day it just, it
spluttered and kind of cut out.

Tried to start it the next morning
and it just really wouldn't hold.
- I worked on it for a while.
And I worked on it and got frustrated.
I've changed the pump,
I've changed the gas lines.

Put a FireBall electric ignition on it.
And everything just wasn't addin' up.
- We actually have got a car
show this coming Saturday

and obviously put the details
for the MGB and keeping

our fingers crossed we're
gonna take it Saturday.

- Yep.
It's gonna be a joy.
- Yeah.
- I'll be smiling from ear to ear.
(garage door opening)
- [Jocelyn] Hi guys!
- [Matt] Hello.
- Hey how are you?

I'm David.
- I'm Matt.
- Matt.
- So what you got under the cover here?
- [Dave] Well we got a 1970 MGB,
right hand drive, chrome bumper.
- [Davin] Alright, well let's see it.
(country rock music)
Well you got an awful
nice car here, David.

So what's stopping you from driving?
- Well I'm having a few
problems with the carburetor

and, let's see I'm having a
few problems with the brakes.

A little bit of a problem
with the electrics

and that's what's basically keeping me.
- Luckily Matt knows a
little bit about carburetors.

- I do.
And electrical.
- And electrical.
And we can tackle the brakes
and see if we can getcha back out there.
- Well I appreciate it when we get
back to the car shows again.
- There you go, sir.
- Alright.

- My first task here's gonna
be in this right front corner.

It appears that the
upper shock is leaking,

or both shock is leaking.
We're gonna check these wheel bearings.
For how good the bearings are themselves
and obviously to repack them.
And then secondly we need to get to the,
to the spring anyway so poppin'
the shock off is mandatory.

Get the caliper out of the way.
(banging metal)
(country rock music)
(country rock music)
- So these carbs.
You need to rebuild them
from time to time for sure.

There's actually a lot of moving parts
even though it kinda doesn't seem like it.
This is your tapered needle.
Which I can feel is corroded.
Which is gonna impede fuel flow.
This was actually stuck,
when I first got here.
Just how it happens, you know.
A big sign is if it hasn't
driven for a long time

and it's full of gas, it's going to stink
and I know you can't smell this one,
but it in no way resembles gasoline.
Smells like David on a
fresh summer's night.

- [David] Oooh, hey.
(heavy rock music)
- Based on how bad that
fuel smells over there.

- Yeah.
- I think I'd pump that
tank completely dry.

- Yeah I was thinking the same thing.
It's nasty.
- It's pretty green smellin'.
- Yeah.
(heavy rock music)
Well today wasn't a bad day.
- Nah, not at all.
Both carbs are rebuilt, completely.
- Cool.
- Fuel pump tested, works,
but the gas is real bad

so we'll pump out as much as we can
and get fresh gas in it.
- Excellent.
Well I got this front end stripped apart.
I learned a small lesson with how they do
spindles in Britain so
we got that figured out.

- Yeah.
- In part.
That side's springs are in,
both sides, shocks are in both sides,
that side's greased, reassembled.
This side'll be greased
and reassembled tomorrow.

- Excellent.
And I'll get these squared
up and put back on.

Tomorrow mornin'.
And then we'll start
tackling the spark issue.

- Alright and I'll get after the rear.
- Perfect.
(heavy rock music)
(bluesy rock music)
- [Jocelyn] I would say,
going to car shows, the MGB

has won at least 20 or
30 trophies or plaques.

(bluesy rock music)
- This bearing race is shot.
With that groove, it
should be smooth and nice

all the way around, and
the surface on this one

is hosed, you can see it.
The witness was, is all the metal flakes
as I'm wiping off the
bearing, trying to clean it up

and getting all these metal shavings.
(bluesy rock music)
(bluesy rock and garage ambience)
- I don't know about you, David,
but I got these carbs mounted up,
linked, I gotta cut me some fuel hose.
And I'm about ready to
put gas in the tank.

- Sounds like you still got work to do.
Front suspension's done.
- How's the rear lookin'?
- We gotta get after that.
- Oh, right.
Well while you're doing
that I'll put fuel in it

and I'll check out the electronics
before we try to fire it.

- Whenever we raise up that
back end for the springs,

it'll be easier for you to put fuel in.
- It should be, yeah.
Again you're in my way.
(bluesy rock music)
(ignition firing)
(engine roaring)
(bluesy rock music)
- So we got everything wrapped up
on our list of things to repair.
We did find that we had some...
Spark issues.
So we went through and cleaned up
a couple of items on the ignition side.
Fresh set of points.
Pulled the electronics out of it.
Good fresh carburetors, fresh ignition.
This should fire up and be able to drive.
- And then we can start
tuning the carbs and

get it hummin'.
(engine roaring)
(engine revving)
(engine rumbling)
- Well, it seems to be pretty tuned up
sitting here in the garage.
I'm happy with it.
- It doesn't sound bad.

- [Matt] Yeah.
- Got a little exhaust leak in it
but we're not gonna worry
about that right now.

- Get it on the road.
Get that hair blowin'.
- I think that's the next step,
is to get it out on the road and see if it
runs just as well when it's driving
as it does sittin' here in the garage.
- Let's get these off and let's do it.
- [Matt] Alright.
(engine roaring)
(bluesy rock music)
- Well Dave it seems to sound pretty good.
- Yes it definitely does,
it sounds a lot stronger,

it moves a lot quicker and,
it's straight.
- Excellent.
Good deal.
- It looks good, I can't believe
it's like nearly 50 years old.
It looks really good.
- Well it's ready for your next show.
- Right, yes.
- Ready and registered for it.
- Right.
Ready to roll.
- I think today you need
to take it for a spin.

- There we go!
Definitely, you need
to take it for a spin--

- Come on over here, Jocelyn.
(bluesy rock and engine roaring)
- Alright Davin, you know what?
That little MGB, she's
looking nice and level,

ready for the shows, eh?
- And drives nice and smooth.
- It does.
- You did fantastic
job on the carburetors.

- Thank you sir, the suspension's not bad.
- And Dave and Jocelyn are
gonna love getting home.

- They seem very excited to have
their baby back on the road.
- Yes, for sure.
- Great job.

- Nice job.
- On to the next?
- Yes.
- Alright.
(bluesy rock music)
(country rock music)


The Wrenchmen | David and Jocelyn's 1970 MGB - Episode 2

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