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>> VOICE OVER: in the past few years, road
tripping in camper vans has become a really

popular way to travel on a budget.
Many people are also taking the trend one
step further by living in their vans full-time

to save money
and to enjoy the special freedom and flexibility
that a life on wheels can offer.

While living and travelling in a van can be
a cheap lifestyle

it’s certainly not free.
We caught up with our friend Julien from Go-Van
to find out

how he’s turned his camper van into a mobile
home and office

so that he can earn money on
the road.

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>> JULIEN: it was kind of a...combining the
really cool aspect of travelling

the best way of travelling, you know
and also to generate revenue at the same time.
>> V.O.: Julien is an entrepreneur and video
producer from Montreal, Canada who lives and

works in his van full-time.
At 30, he sold his first business, an online
skateboarding magazine, and invested the money

he made in a condo
but he still preferred to travel in his 1989
GMC Vandura camper van

looking for adventure and good surf.
>> JULIEN: I really, really, really loved
that van.

It was kind of loungy, you know, it was not
a full conversion van.

So the interior was like...the lighting was

The blue velvet seats and everything.
So that was perfect for awhile.
>> V.O.: the freedom he experienced on his
trips in the van,

and the people he met on the road
inspired him to start his second business:
the Go-Van website,

where he shares road tripping stories from
fellow travellers, and videos about his travels.

>> JULIEN: everyone I was meeting was so interesting
and I wanted to share everyone's stories.

Their road tripping stories and travelling

>> V.O.: to finance the Go-Van project, Julien
needed a business model

so he started creating video content for brands
and tourism bureaus while he travelled.

>> JULIEN: the van is also my office.
We film pretty much all summer.
I don't film myself.
I produce and direct.
So the way I work is to invite videographers
with me to basically live the van life for

usually a week
and we just travel for the week together and
it's pretty much adventure style

Basically one guy is sharing the bed here
and some other guy is in a tent.

We keep the gear inside here.
That's why we need a van that allows us to
charge batteries and that is safe and that

doesn't break down.
>> V.O.: when he’s working on the website,
applying for contracts and planning his upcoming

video projects,
his mobile office is very simple.
He uses a cell phone to create a wifi hotspot
for his laptop,

and he has a bag full of hard drives for
his video footage.

To power his laptop and cell phone, he uses
the van's house batteries that are charged

by the van’s alternator, or by the solar
panels on the roof.

>> JULIEN: this is super useful when you need
to recharge batteries and all the gear we

have when we film on the road
so that's a big improvement from my old van
for sure.

With the inverter and all the power it can
generate from the van,

this makes the van a super cool office.
A super functional office.
Every crew that comes with me, I'm trying
to make them feel like they're at home also

in the van
so it creates a really fun moment for a week.
Even if it's kind of hard sometimes.
>> V.O.: one of his first video contracts
was for a Quebec-based camper van conversion

company in 2015.
This led to a long-term partnership with them
that allows him to use one of their super

functional camper vans year-round.
>> JULIEN: really, I have everything I need.
I have a hydraulic rooftop which is pretty
cool so

I just press a button and the roof comes up.
So that's awesome.
There's windows all over so that's great when
you work by the river, or by the ocean.

Two fridges which are really great so you
can put a lot of food and not have to stop

every day by the grocery store.
>> V.O.: now that he has all the comforts
of home on the road with him,

like running water, a shower, and a kitchen,
he’s been able to rent out his condo and
transition to living and working in the van

>> JULIEN: it's hard to keep up with friends
and family.

But besides that, it gets easier and easier
so that's why I don't see a lot of challenges

but obviously there's a few things here and

like showers
but after a little while it just becomes details,
you know?

I can work whenever I want and if the waves
are good I go surf and I come back and then

I can work.
It's Saturday today and I've been working
pretty much all day

but yesterday I've been swimming in the ocean
so I think that's why people love the van

life so much.
Now that most of the assignments that we had
for the summer are pretty much done

I was thinking that I had to go back home
and I just decided this morning that

I don't need to go back home, home is here!
So I'll just move and continue to work from
the road.

So basically that's the freedom that I love
about working from the road.

It's a flexible way of travelling.
[Music Playing]


Film Producer Living & Working in a Camper Van - #VanLife Traveler

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