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  • (coin dropping)

  • (Pac-Man video game music playing)

  • - [Voiceover] I'm Billy Mitchell,

  • video game player of the century.

  • I did the world's first perfect score on Pac-Man.

  • 3,333,360.

  • Ooh, it's exhausting to just say it.

  • I began in the competitive world of pinball.

  • It moved to Donkey Kong.

  • But the greatest level of competition

  • at the moment was Pac-Man.

  • (Pac-Man video game sound effects)

  • If I was gonna be the best,

  • if I had to be the best at the game

  • that was everywhere.

  • So in 1999, I sent out a press release.

  • I was as cocky as could be.

  • They said, "There's been ten billion games played,

  • "How are you gonna do it?"

  • I said, "'Cause I'm Billy Mitchell."

  • (upbeat instrumental music)

  • You start off on the first board,

  • but on board 21, that's where it reaches

  • maximum difficulty.

  • You have to navigate all the way

  • to board 255 doing the same repetitive thing.

  • You can't miss a dot, a prize,

  • a blue man.

  • You can't die once.

  • You can't lose focus.

  • You gotta stay with it all the way there.

  • Four-to-five hours.

  • You have to take a corner,

  • down to 160th of a second in order to create

  • perfect timing.

  • And keep your eye right here.

  • Right here.

  • (Pac-Man video game sound effects)

  • You have to do that over 29,000 times

  • without making any mistakes and dying.

  • You play 255 boards.

  • On 256, there's enough memory left

  • in the game for the left half of the board,

  • and not the right half.

  • The right half is filled with computer garble.

  • Anything and everything that is not Pac-Man.

  • Different walls, different dots.

  • That's what a perfect score is.

  • The moment that score went up there,

  • I thought, "Wow, I achieved perfection."

  • You get to the end.

  • There's nothing to do but die.

  • There was nothing saying, "Congratulations.”

  • There was nothing saying, "The End, Game Over.”

  • Nothin'.

  • The designer of Pac-Man, not only did he never think

  • anyone would get to the end,

  • he didn't know where the end was.

  • He didn't know at what point the game

  • would run out of memory.

  • Everything to him is completely baffling.

  • They never saw the split screen

  • until I sent it to them.

  • Masaya Nakamura, who's the Godfather

  • of video games, he crowned me

  • "Video Game Player of the Century"

  • for that and all the previous achievements.

  • It doesn't get any higher than that.

  • (upbeat instrumental music)

(coin dropping)


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