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  • Our legacy isn't how many commas we have in our bank account.

  • It's who we're looking up to have in our lives.

  • And what we can lead them with.

  • Henry!

  • Remind me again why we can't put you on a gifted school.

  • Because it's better for my Psycho Social Development,

  • for me to interact with the peer group at a normal school environment.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Hey, Susan.

  • I guess I can just set you up with Direct Deposit if that's easier.

  • I-I don't know. I'll have to ask Henry.

  • You have to ask your eleven-year old?

  • Did our Financial Statement come in the mail today?

  • Yeah, I forgot to give it to you.

  • I don't know how you do it, all by yourself.

  • Come on! I have Henry.

  • Find me another male of the species who's more grown-up than him.

  • I'd like to.

  • This story is about me, my brother, my mom, and the girl who lived next door.

  • Henry and Peter, they're lucky to have you.

  • And your father's lucky to have you too.

  • Stepfather.

  • You okay?

  • I'm good.

  • Mom, I have to tell you something and it's very important.

  • Christina's in trouble.

  • When someone hurts someone else, we have to make it better.

  • There's only one way to stop it.

  • I'd hope to do it all myself, but that's not an option.

  • There has to be another way to help Christina.

  • Why there's no way to help...

  • Mr. Sickleman is the Police Commissioner.

  • I'm not gonna subject him to public scrutiny without conclusive evidence.

  • Okay. Let's do this.

  • Mom, everything you need is right here.

  • I'll be with you the whole time.

  • I know what you've done.

  • And we documented all of it.

  • Who do you think they're gonna believe?

  • It can't be left undone.

  • - No matter what, don't panic. - I'm not panicking!

  • We have to make it better.

Our legacy isn't how many commas we have in our bank account.


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