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Welcome to the work force. It appears to be a day like any other day.
This fella is smashing some coffee and crunching numbers.
Oh no, he does appear to have an issue with a
piece of shit office chair provided by the manager.
I dunno what’s going on with it exactly.
He tries to ignore the problem and remain productive.
But that’s hard to do and he cracks the shits!
He has to stand up. This is a stand up problem.
There’s a lot of confusion though so he sits back down.
He gives it a quick test. It is definitely still fucked.
Fucked chair confirmed.
I wouldn’t trust it with me life.

A bloody wheel has fallen off now.
Once the wheels fall off you need to recognise that the situation is not gonna improve.
None the less, he fucken soldiers on...
sits down, and the chair throws him off!
That was a beautiful takedown by the chair.
I reckon it’s fucken studied ju-jitsu.
Unfortunately, the chair now has to feel the full wrath of the human
and so does the Macintosh!
Crikey, I don’t think any office equipment is safe from this bloody animal anymore.
He goes after clock and says “fuck you, clock!”
He’s sick of deadlines.
Aw that was a massive piledriver!

Into the wall. The pinboard takes a hit. Pinboard never did anything to anyone.
Faaark, he's going full gangster.
He’s yelling “die motherfucker."
This luxury item used to be a friend. Now it's a proper enemy.
I don’t think he’s heard the saying “don’t kick a chair when it’s down”.
Although that’s mostly to protect your ankles.
Anyway, he’s like “fuck this place”
and he does a walk out. Time to get an outdoors job.


Ozzy Man Reviews: Man vs Chair

135 タグ追加 保存
Yang Kaiting 2017 年 9 月 7 日 に公開
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