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Hello and welcome to the world of robotics.
From here on out, we will be exploring the field of robotics
and by the end of it, master the basic concepts, skills and techniques required
to build your very own unique robot.
But before we start, it is important to know what a robot is first
Here is a simple question: which of the following do you think are robots?
Did you select the following?
Did you select the following?
If you did, congratulations!
Only these are what we considered as robots.
The others aren't
what exactly is a robot?
what exactly is a robot?
The term 'robot' comes from a Czech word, 'robota', which means "forced labour."
The word robot first appeared in 1921 in a play,
Rossum's Universal Robots (or R.U.R.) by Czech writer Karel Capek.
The definition of a robot has changed over time.
In the past, a robot was just a clever mechanical device.
The robots we have today are more advanced and sophisticated.
Until today, there is no standard definition for a robot
but we can refer to Maja Mataric's definition to help us understand
what is and what is not a robot.
Or in other words, a robot is a machine that can sense, think and act to achieve a goal.
It gathers information about its environment
and uses that information
to follow instructions to do work.
Nowadays, robots are becoming more and more important because they can perform
many tasks for us.
Unlike human workers, robots do not get tired, sick or sleepy.
Robots also do not get bored doing the same thing over and over again.
They can perform high-precision tasks with speed and accuracy.
And most important of all, robots can carry out dangerous tasks and work in
environments where humans cannot, for example underwater or in outer space.
Now that you have a better idea
on what a robot is,
are you ready to build your own robot?
Let’s get started!
Well, I guess I forgot to mention,
that we will have to start from the basics first.
And to do that, we will be using the Rero robotics system.
Whenever we learn something, we always have to learn from the basics, right?
And with a good understanding of the basic skills and concepts, it won’t be
long before you become a master robot maker.
And thus, for real this time, let’s get started!


rero lesson 1: What's A Robot?

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