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This is crazy!
I don't understand anything!
I can't believe she's Asian.
We're playing mahjong.
(speaks Mandarin)
That means "play mahjong."
So mahjong is a really old game that originated in China.
It's one of the best games that I've ever played.
It looks like chess and checkers and cards combined.
I've never even seen it played
but I know it's supposed to be really fun
and there's a lot of yelling involved.
If you're losing, yes.
I really don't know what this game is.
I've only seen it played in Chinese dramas.
The best way to start learning is
to understand what the tiles are.
You have three types of tiles.
You have suits, honors, and bonus, okay?
So usually we play on a square table
because it's just easier.
So now we're going to wash them
and everyone turn them over onto their green.
So wash them.
Like, rotate it.
The grandmas, the aunts, everyone will play this around the table.
The kids will hang out
and they would just gossip over stuff.
Yeah, it was like part of growing up.
There was like, five sets of mahjong in my grandma's house
and she invited every human over to play.
Everyone has a version of mahjong.
This is gonna be pretty basic like, Chinese version.
It's just pretty much like a matching game almost.
It is a matching game.
Is it like that one game Bullsh-t?
So I take two, you take two.
You take two.
You take two.
It has to be the next one?
Faster guys, quick status.
Everyone's fast in this game.
Got it, got it.
Okay, so you can either choose...
That's a dragon.
Girl! What are you doin'?
What do I do now?
Nothing! Now he goes.
Two of a kind is good.
Ha! Bam! - He's crazy!
I feel like I'm getting in touch with my Asian heritage and I am winning at it.
So Mallory, when did you start playing?
I learned probably early on, like seven.
My grandma and my mom would talk about it
and say "this is this" and "that's that"
you have to match them and it's like a matching game.
But I never played probably until I was in college.
How come?
My grandma died so then mahjong kind of left with her.
Wait! Wait wait wait! Did I win?
Do you have pairs?
Hide that two four!
It has to be Pong, Kong, or Chow and then one pair.
Also, you should say "mahjong."
Mahjong! Why?
It's like Uno.
So basically you have one last hand to play.
Yeah. Suck it.
Wait wait. If I have three... - You know what they say?
Three right?
Ah! You have mahjong?
- Wait, does that mean you won? - Yeah
Okay this game is rigged.
So fun 'cause I almost won.
Not gonna lie it was hard, but it was fun, yeah.
How can you say that you did a bad job when you get three white dragons?
I definitely feel more connected with my Chinese side, 'cause I remember learning these Chinese characters when I was in school
and it totally reminded me of that stuff.
I had a great time.
I would love to invite friends over, gossip, play it.
Yeah, that sounds fun.
Let's just all hang out and play this.
Yeah, I'm down.
If there's alcohol, I'll be there.
You gave me these?
Leave me these ones?
These Asians?


アジア系アメリカ人麻雀に挑戦! (Asian-Americans Learn To Play Mahjong)

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韓澐 2018 年 2 月 8 日 に公開    newzealand 翻訳    Yukiko チェック
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