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Today's a big holiday, I'm sure you know which one it is.
>> Yeah. >> Yeah.
Everybody's talking about it.
Today is World Penguin Day.
>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, so
if you saw penguins today, they're dressed up, you notice.
>> [LAUGH] Boy.
This is true,
I- [LAUGH] I heard a sweet story about two penguins in a zoo in Germany.
They are two male penguins named Stan and Ollie and
they only have eyes for each other.
They pay no attention to the female penguins,
they're not confirming they're gay but- >> [LAUGH]
>> We got a picture of them in their new
habitat >> [LAUGH]
>> They Gay.
>> [LAUGH] >> So,
So Happy World Penguin Day to all of you.
If you're not in a good mood already, I have something that'll sure help.
Enjoy this mood booster.
>> [LAUGH] >>
No one puts baby in a box >> [LAUGH]
>> The cat's fine,
don't worry about the cat.
>> [LAUGH] >> Alright,
right now we're gonna have a happy Me Me Monday.
>> [MUSIC]
[APPLAUSE] >> Okay,
here's the first one, and it says I'm feeling generous today, you may pet me.
>> [LAUGH] >> Here's another one.
When you're cute but you ain't summer ready.
>> [LAUGH] >> That, it looks like a shar pei dog.
You know those dogs?
See another one.
You know what instinctively mother croc carries the baby in its mouth,
nature is so beautiful.
>> [LAUGH] >> Here's another one.
Moment he realizes he's now the middle child.
>> [LAUGH] >> Here's another one.
Rawr, I'm just kidding, I'm only a turtle.
>> [LAUGH] >> Here's another one, the morning after.
>> [LAUGH]
We've all been there.
If you've see a meme you think I should see please send it to me.


Summer Ready with Me Me Monday!

3425 タグ追加 保存
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