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Welcome to How To Cook That, I am Ann Reardon.
And today we are going to make chocolate roses which have a strawberry in the middle.
To start with, you'll need to make some modeling chocolate, and I will link you to that recipe
video on my channel at the end of this one. And I'll also put a link to that below.
Roll out 5 balls of your modeling chocolate, some can be slightly larger than others, that's fine.
And just place them on some non-stick baking paper.
And then also roll a snake of your modeling chocolate as well, and place that there.
Space them out on you baking paper, and then place a second piece over the top.
And then gently squash each one, and then roll them flat using a rolling pin.
Then do the same with the snake, squashing that long and flat.
Wash and hull your strawberries. Then take a cake-pop stick and dip it into
some of the tempered real white chocolate, or you could use melted compound chocolate,
either one.
And push that into the cut part of the strawberry.
And then dip the whole strawberry into the chocolate, turning it to make sure it is completely
encased in the chocolate.
You want to make sure you use strawberries here that are symmetrical and cone shaped,
so they are kind of pointy at the top.
Not the huge strange shaped ones.
Let that set.
Then take your snake of modeling chocolate, and roll it up at one end, going to about half way,
and this making the centre of your flower.
Using your knife, cut off half of the spiral so the underneath half of it, making sure you
don't cut off the long end of the snake because we still need that.
Now, place the spiral on top of the strawberry and then wrap around the rest of the snake
so that it is tight on the strawberry bit but loose at the top so it looks like petals.
Then take your first chocolate petal and place it on the side of the strawberry.
Take your next petal and overlap it over the first one.
And repeat that again with the next one, making sure when you look down from the top into
the rose that you can't see any of the white chocolate.
Then gently use your fingers to feather out the top of the petals so that it looks like
they are opening up.
Take another petal and stretch it around to cover the white chocolate at the base and
up to be the right height at the top.
Then bend that petal out at the top a little so it looks like the rose is opening up.
If you have a petal thats not quite round like this one, just find the best edge and
use that for the top of the petal, and stretch the base down like we did before to make it
reach to the bottom of the bud.
You can leave it just like that with the 5 petals, or you can continue to add more if you want a
fuller flower.
Continue to make more roses, and you can do some in white modeling chocolate or coloured modeling
chocolate if you prefer.
I'll just stuck to the milk chocolate and the white chocolate for this bunch.
In the bunch, I also want some of the strawberries to be visible.
because I want some of that bright red colour.
Put some chocolate on a cake pop stick, and push it into the end of the strawberry,
and then dip the tip of the strawberry into the chocolate as well.
And then put it into a cup to set.
This is a good to use up any of the strawberries that were not pointy on top.
And so that you can still use them in your bunch.
Arrange your strawberries and roses on some cellophane with some golden tissue paper or
whatever colour you like, and wrap them up and secure them firmly with some ribbon.
And then they are ready for you to give away, what a yummy gift!
Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy sweet creations, this link will take you through
to the channel where you can watch how to make modeling chocolate, this is last week's
ipad cake recipe, and this one will take you to the howtocookthat.net website.
And I'll put all those links below as well.
Put all your requests in the comments, have an awesome week, and I'll see you Friday.



Chocolate Strawberry Roses HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

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