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Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon
and today we're going to make a Raindrop Cake

but I'm going to show you how to make it look
pretty using something a little bit scary.

A few years ago now I showed you how to make
flowers and spiders in half spheres and I'll

link you to that video at the end of this

But today it's just a quick bonus video to
show you how to make it in a sphere.

To make it you'll need water, citric acid
for flavour, sugar, powdered or leaf gelatin

and more water and I'll put all the recipe
quantities on my HowToCookThat.net website

and I'll link to that below.
Place the gelatin in the water.
Now as I said you can use powdered gelatin
for this but leaf gelatin sets clearer and

it has no taste so it's a bit better in this
sort of recipe.

You could also use Agar for the clear part
but to me it has quite a strong flavour so

I prefer the gelatin but I'll put all the
recipe quantities for the variations on the

website for you.
Leave those to soak and put the citric acid
and sugar into a pan and heat that until the

sugar is dissolved.
And as I said the citric acid is just for
flavour, if you want to use less sugar or

add some other essence to it you can as long
as it's a clear one obviously, like peppermint

essence, whatever you want to add in there
you can.

Once it boils remove it from the heat and
by now the gelatin will be soft like this.

Squeeze out as much water from it as you can
and add that into the hot mixture in the pan

and you'll see it will just dissolve almost

Pour the mixture into hemisphere moulds, and
I'm using the lids of cupcake cases, so it

makes it easy to see what we are doing later.
For the flower part we need gelatin, water
and sweetened condensed milk.

Pour the water over the gelatin and stir it

Now because this part is not clear you don't
need to use the leaf gelatin for this.

After a couple of minutes the gelatin will
be softened like this.

Heat it in the microwave to melt it and then
stir through the sweetened condensed milk.

Now you can't use Agar for this part of the
recipe because Agar sets at room temperature

so it will set in the needle, whereas gelatin
sets when it's refrigerated.

Split it into small bowls and add some food
colouring for the colours that you want your

flowers to be.
Take your set jelly and using a hot melon-baller
scoop out half a circle of jelly, just very

carefully there, right in the middle.
Draw up some coloured mixture into the syringe
and then twist the needle in to place.

Insert the needle into the jelly and squeeze
a little of the mixture into it and pull the

needle back out.
Use your needle tip to slice across the jelly
to make little petals and the coloured mixture

will fill the split that you make.
Continue to add more petals, going around,
and then once you're happy with the number

of petals you have and what it looks like
in the middle there, flip it over and place

it down and continue to add more petals around
the outside to fill it up.

Just doing layers, doing one circle and then
another circle just a little higher.

And you can repeat that process with different
colours for different flowers.

If you want jagged edges to the petals just
move the needle up and down as you go across.

And that makes it look a bit more like a carnation

And you can make all sorts of flowers by just
changing the shape of your petals.

Now you can see with this one there are gaps
at the base of the petals because they are

not quite close enough together.
If you get that you can fix that just by adding
a lighter coloured jelly just in the hole

there so it fills the gaps.
And that looks much better.
Now use some green and add little leaves around
the base of the flower, I think these have

a special name but I forget what it is, let
me know in the comments if you know.

And then fill the middle with green.
Once that's set melt a little of the clear
jelly in the microwave and add it to the top

then grab a clear half, take it out of it's
mould and add that on top.

Take your green and inject a stem down the
middle, then leave that in the fridge to set.

Once that is set place the base of the mould
in hot water.

This is just going to melt the very outside
layer of the gelatin.

Turn it over and give it a little squeeze
to loosen it and there you have a water drop

with your flower in it.
These are so pretty.
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Click here for the Spider in jelly, it's not
a real spider.

Here for the recipe and here for my channel.
And if you want a jelly-based dessert that
tastes amazing you have to try these dessert

tubes, they're so much fun to eat.
Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.
And it also tastes like a cloud, floating
in the sky with icecream on top of them, and

the cloud is made out of fairy floss.


雨滴ケーキの作り方(Flower Raindrop Cake Recipe Video How To Cook That Ann Reardon)

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