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  • Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're going to make a Raindrop Cake

    HowToCookThatへようこそ、私はアン・リアドンよ。 今日は雨滴ケーキを作る予定です。

  • but I'm going to show you how to make it look pretty using something a little bit scary.


  • A few years ago now I showed you how to make flowers and spiders in half spheres and I'll


  • link you to that video at the end of this one.


  • But today it's just a quick bonus video to show you how to make it in a sphere.


  • To make it you'll need water, citric acid for flavour, sugar, powdered or leaf gelatin


  • and more water and I'll put all the recipe quantities on my website

    それにたっぷりの水を用意してください。 このレシピの分量はHowToCookThat.netに掲載してあります。

  • and I'll link to that below.

    下にリンクを張ります。 水にゼラチンを入れます。

  • Place the gelatin in the water.

    粉ゼラチンを使うこともできますが、 リーフゼラチンは透明で味がありません。

  • Now as I said you can use powdered gelatin for this but leaf gelatin sets clearer and

    なので、この種のレシピではリーフゼラチンのほうが少し良くなります。 透明な部分は寒天を使うことも可能です。

  • it has no taste so it's a bit better in this sort of recipe.


  • You could also use Agar for the clear part but to me it has quite a strong flavour so


  • I prefer the gelatin but I'll put all the recipe quantities for the variations on the


  • website for you.


  • Leave those to soak and put the citric acid and sugar into a pan and heat that until the


  • sugar is dissolved.


  • And as I said the citric acid is just for flavour, if you want to use less sugar or

    一度沸騰したら熱源から取り除きます。 するとゼラチンはこのように軟らかくなります。

  • add some other essence to it you can as long as it's a clear one obviously, like peppermint


  • essence, whatever you want to add in there you can.


  • Once it boils remove it from the heat and by now the gelatin will be soft like this.

    半球型に液を注ぎます。 私はカップケーキのケースの蓋を使用しています。

  • Squeeze out as much water from it as you can and add that into the hot mixture in the pan

    あとでどうなっているのか簡単に見ることができます。 花の部分にはゼラチン、水、

  • and you'll see it will just dissolve almost instantly.

    そしてコンデンスミルクを使います。 水をゼラチンの上に注ぎ、よくかき混ぜます。

  • Pour the mixture into hemisphere moulds, and I'm using the lids of cupcake cases, so it


  • makes it easy to see what we are doing later.


  • For the flower part we need gelatin, water and sweetened condensed milk.


  • Pour the water over the gelatin and stir it well.


  • Now because this part is not clear you don't need to use the leaf gelatin for this.


  • After a couple of minutes the gelatin will be softened like this.


  • Heat it in the microwave to melt it and then stir through the sweetened condensed milk.


  • Now you can't use Agar for this part of the recipe because Agar sets at room temperature


  • so it will set in the needle, whereas gelatin sets when it's refrigerated.


  • Split it into small bowls and add some food colouring for the colours that you want your


  • flowers to be.


  • Take your set jelly and using a hot melon-baller scoop out half a circle of jelly, just very


  • carefully there, right in the middle.


  • Draw up some coloured mixture into the syringe and then twist the needle in to place.


  • Insert the needle into the jelly and squeeze a little of the mixture into it and pull the

    00:03:20,099 --> 00:03:23,739 一周したら、少し上に同様の作業を行います。

  • needle back out.

    同じ工程を異なる色で行います。 ギザギザにしたい場合は、

  • Use your needle tip to slice across the jelly to make little petals and the coloured mixture


  • will fill the split that you make.


  • Continue to add more petals, going around, and then once you're happy with the number


  • of petals you have and what it looks like in the middle there, flip it over and place


  • it down and continue to add more petals around the outside to fill it up.


  • Just doing layers, doing one circle and then another circle just a little higher.


  • And you can repeat that process with different colours for different flowers.


  • If you want jagged edges to the petals just move the needle up and down as you go across.

    この小さい葉には特別な名前があると思いますが、忘れてしまいました。 わかる方がいましたらコメント欄にて教えてください。

  • And that makes it look a bit more like a carnation there.


  • And you can make all sorts of flowers by just changing the shape of your petals.


  • Now you can see with this one there are gaps at the base of the petals because they are


  • not quite close enough together.


  • If you get that you can fix that just by adding a lighter coloured jelly just in the hole


  • there so it fills the gaps.


  • And that looks much better.


  • Now use some green and add little leaves around the base of the flower, I think these have


  • a special name but I forget what it is, let me know in the comments if you know.

    クモのゼリーはここをクリックしてください。 ※本物のクモではありません。

  • And then fill the middle with green.

    レシピとチャンネル登録はここに。 そして、驚くべき味のゼリーベースのデザートが食べたい方は

  • Once that's set melt a little of the clear jelly in the microwave and add it to the top

    こちらのデザートチューブを試してみてください。 食べるのが楽しいですよ。

  • then grab a clear half, take it out of it's mould and add that on top.


  • Take your green and inject a stem down the middle, then leave that in the fridge to set.

  • Once that is set place the base of the mould in hot water.

  • This is just going to melt the very outside layer of the gelatin.

  • Turn it over and give it a little squeeze to loosen it and there you have a water drop

  • with your flower in it.

  • These are so pretty.

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  • Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.

  • And it also tastes like a cloud, floating in the sky with icecream on top of them, and

  • the cloud is made out of fairy floss.

Welcome to HowToCookThat, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're going to make a Raindrop Cake

HowToCookThatへようこそ、私はアン・リアドンよ。 今日は雨滴ケーキを作る予定です。


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