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Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon
and you are going to love today's dessert.

It's just so pretty and look at all of those
beautiful colours as the light reflects on

it and it's easy to make once you know how.
I wanted to make bowls out of sugar that look
like a colourful splash so first I tried covering

a bowl with plastic wrap and pour the hot
sugar syrup over the top.

But when I did that the plastic wrap just
melted and it ended up the whole thing stuck

to the bowl, so that was a total fail.
So then experiment number 2, I thought about
trying a silicon glove stretched over a bowl

because you use silicon gloves when you're
doing hot sugar work but the sugar was too

hot and it just melted the silicon glove.
So, not to be put off, I thought I'd try one
more experiment.

So experiment number 3, I thought I'd try
with a balloon.

Now I know what you're thinking ... if you
put something hot by a balloon and ... POP

... argghhh!
Yes it does pop!
But I remember seeing an experiment ages ago
where if you fill the balloon with water first

and then put some heat underneath it, the
water inside the balloon disperses that heat

so the balloon doesn't pop.
Isn't that just incredible that you can have
something that would normally just melt and

pop and it's just not popping at all.
Now I'm sure if that's going to work with
sugar syrup because 1.) the sugar syrup might

be hotter and 2.) we're putting it over a
bigger surface of the balloon.

But you only know if you try so I'm going
to use helium quality balloons and I'm going

to test them uninflated first.
This is a metallic one I don't know if that
makes any difference but we'll pour it over

the top and it seems to be lasting and holding
up ok.

There isn't a hole in it like there was as
soon as I did it with the glove and with the

Glad wrap so ... hopefully that's a good sign.
Now we need to fill the balloon with water.
We don't want to overfill it, you want the
balloon to not be stretch too thin.

Well that's my theory that that's going to
work anyway.

Take it off the tap and let out a little bit
of the water and that's so we don't have any

air bubbles in the balloon because when we
tip it upside down, the air bubbles will go

to the top and I want that heat to get dispersed
by the water.

I don't want air sitting at the top of it.
And then dry it using a paper towel.
And now we need to make the actual sugar syrup.
To make that you will just need sugar, water
and glucose syrup.

And I'll put all those recipe quantities on
the HowToCookThat.net website for you and

I'll link to that below.
Stir that over high heat until the sugar crystals
dissolve and then wash down the sides of the

pan using a pastry brush.
And the reason you do that is to get the sugar
crystals off the edge.

If you don't then later, once you've got the
syrup, it can make it all crystalise back

out so you won't have a nice clear smooth
bowl you will just have this crunchy mess

Heat that up to 150C or 302F then immediately
turn off the heat and add in some liquid food

Then pour it carefully all over the balloon
and let it drip down.

I was pretty sure at this stage that this
was going to pop but it didn't pop to my surprise!

It just stayed intact.
Now you need to make sure that the bowl underneath
is obviously smaller than the balloon so the

drips can fall down freely and have baking
paper underneath so that you don't stick the

whole thing to your counter top.
Now don't worry about the sugar there that
you've attached to the bowl, if you just soak

that in hot water that will come off no problem.
Once it is cooled, take it off the bowl and
make a small cut near the knot.

And then let that water drain out slowly,
trying to make sure that you don't get any

of it spraying up on the sugar because sugar
and water don't mix very well together and

it will make it soggy.
And the balloon is going to slowly deflate
and then fall out of your sugar bowl.

Now you can experiment using different colours
and mixtures of colours.

To make it multi-colour all you need to do
is get your saucepan and put a few different

drops of colours, so maybe red, yellow, blue
and then mix it together just in each area,

don't mix the whole thing together.
And then as you pour it over the balloon those
colours are just going to blend together and

make a pretty pattern.
I love the way the light just shines through
these sugar bowls, it's like they're coloured

glass or something.
It makes awesome patterns on the plate and
the spikes up the top make it look like it's

just a gravity-defying splash.
And you can put whatever you like inside.
I'm making really easy ice cream sundaes.
All I'm adding is some scoops of ice cream,
a little sprinkle of fresh fruit, some chocolate

ganache and some more fruit on top.
If you use red and yellow the bowl looks a
bit like flames leaping up there, I really

like that.
And the plain blue is pretty too.
Let me know what you think would go well inside

Now these are best made on the day you want
to use them and if you make them in the morning,

just store them in an empty airtight container,
don't put the desserts inside them because

sugar absorbs moisture from the air, so that's
going to make them go soft if you leave them

full of anything wet.
You want to keep them dry.
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And click here for other videos and here for
last week's pregnant belly cake which has

caused quite a crazy comment war in the comments,
I don't know why!

But you can go check that one out.
Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.


How to Make Pretty Balloon SUGAR Bowls

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