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  • - My name is Tina Larsen.


  • I'm from Bollungen, Sweden.

    [ヨークシャー・イベントセンター 小動物ショー]

  • And this is my rabbit, Flora.


  • We're at Harrogate's Event Center.

    [うさぎトレーナー ティナ] スウェーデン出身よ

  • Is that the name of it?


  • Me and Flora is doing rabbit show jumping.

    ここはハロゲート・イベントセンター ......よね?

  • She really enjoys herself when she's jumping.

    [スウェーデン代表 フローラ] ジャンプ大会に出場するの

  • I look at her, and I see how fun she has.


  • I don't think she care about the trophy.

    彼女は 跳ぶのが大好き 本当に楽しそう

  • But I think she be interested in beating Cherie.

    トロフィー獲得よりも まずシェリーに勝つことよ

  • - This is Cherie.

    [うさぎトレーナー マグダレナ] シェリーは2歳半

  • She's two and a half years old, and she


  • really loves jumping.

    [シェリー選手] スタート 早いです!

  • - And she's off.

    シェリーは幸せよ 私と暮らしてるの

  • Oh, she's quick.

    私が冷蔵庫を開けると ねだってくるのよ

  • - She's a very happy rabbit.

    好物は ニンジン 干し草

  • She's very fun.

    彼女は勝ち負けより 楽しいから跳ぶの

  • She lives in my house.

    彼の名は マックス

  • When I'm open my fridge, she's coming, oh, do you have

    [新人 マックス] 1ヵ月 特訓したわ

  • something for me?

    エネルギッシュで まだ慣れないけどー

  • She loves carrots and hay and ordinary rabbit food.

    とっても がんばり屋さん

  • I don't know if she wants to win.

    彼が最年少なの 生後6ヵ月よ

  • I think she think it's fun to jump, and that's

    キュートな耳に みんなメロメロなの

  • why she doing it.

    ジャンプに挑戦するのは 10匹

  • - Max's full name is Maximilian.


  • Max has been training for a month.


  • Very hyper, very enthusiastic.


  • Not too sure what he's doing all the time.

    残り半分 がんばって!

  • He still really, really tries hard.


  • Max is the youngest bunny in the competition at the moment,

    優勝者にはトロフィー 私たちは無理かも

  • at six months old.

    特別な訓練はしてないわ いつも大会に出場してるし

  • And everyone loves him 'cause his little ears go up and down


  • as he jumps.


  • - Just under 10 rabbits with us today who will

    早い! 優勝候補でしょうか

  • tackle the 10-jump course.

    絶好調 あと少し!

  • Stalwarts ready?


  • Three, two, one, go.

    [12.5秒!] おめでとう!

  • Whoo!

    今回は優勝できたけど 次はどうかしら!

  • Let's cheer her on.

  • She's halfway through [INAUDIBLE]

  • make it to the end.

  • - The prize in the competition this

  • weekend is a trophy.

  • I don't think we're going to get it, but who knows?

  • - I never train her, because I'm

  • compete so often in Sweden.

  • So she doesn't need to train at home.

  • She trains at competitions.

  • - And she's off.

  • Oh, she's quick.


  • Oh, she's on a roll, come on.

  • Cheer her on to win.

  • And she did it.

  • Well done, Cherie.

  • - She got the trophy.

  • Today she was the winner, but you never know tomorrow.

- My name is Tina Larsen.



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