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  • Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're using Candy, Chocolate and

  • Cookies to make a portrait of ...

  • Taylor Swift!

  • The bigger you make these pictures, the more accurate you can get it to look like the person's

  • face but today we are going to make a smaller size so that you could make this sort of thing

  • for a party.

  • To start with you'll need a print out of the outline of Taylor's face and I'll put a copy

  • of that on the website for you and I'll link to that below.

  • Then you want a sheet of perspex on top so that you can see the design through it and

  • so that we've got something clean to attach our candy to.

  • And obviously you will need LOTS of candy as well.

  • To start with we're going to do the background and I'm making the one on mine chocolate brown

  • just because I like chocolate.

  • So here's some melted chocolate.

  • Pipe a little bit on and add cookies first around her face.

  • And it works best if you add the larger items like the cookies first.

  • And then fit the smaller things like chunks of chocolate in between and then go smaller

  • again with chocolate drops, filling in as many gaps as you can.

  • And then finally add the tiny chocolate crispies into the smaller gaps.

  • For her black shirt I'm using licorice strips sliced up and black candy melts.

  • Now onto her eyes.

  • I'm using a black sixlet for the pupil right in the middle.

  • Make sure you get them in the right place so she doesn't look cross-eyed and then surround

  • that with little blue sprinkles and white heart lollies (candy) on either side.

  • And then use licorice again for her eyeliner.

  • Then add in her brows, you can only really see one and the shading on her face.

  • And fill in all the remaining gaps with white candy and some pale pink for the cheeks, again

  • working from the bigger lollies first down to the smaller white ones.

  • And white sprinkles last.

  • Then use red gummy bears for her bright red lipstick with a lighter highlight in the middle.

  • Then start to define her hair using some licorice strips and when you add the candy for her

  • hair, try and make it in lines of the same type of candy just to give it some direction

  • so you can see how her hair goes.

  • And then use some milk chocolate as well in there for the shading.

  • And now the fun part of this dessert is not just looking at it but eating it.

  • Put it in the middle of the table, give everyone a plate and a knife and let them dig in!

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  • Click here for the Blank Space heart cake, here for the recipe and here for my YouTube

  • channel.

  • Put all of your requests in the comments below, make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.

Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and today we're using Candy, Chocolate and


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