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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making a GIANT Double Caramel

MAGNUM Ego ice cream!
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The first thing we need to do is make the
caramel so that it has time to cool down.

The caramel that is inside a Magnum, when
you defrost it, it looks like this it's more

of a thickened custard texture than a caramel.
It doesn't taste very sweet it just has that
sort of artificial caramel flavour to it.

Because ours is giant we want it to taste
amazing so we are going to make an actual

I've done some experiments with different
quantities to get a consistency that is spreadable

at room temperature and not too hard when
it's frozen because we need to be able to

cut into it and eat it.
It is not quite as dark a colour as the other
one but we can just add some caramel colouring

to it to get it to the same colour.
So to make that what we need some glucose
syrup, sugar, cream, milk, white chocolate

and more cream.
Tip the sugar and the milk ... and the first
lot of cream into the saucepan with the glucose

Add a candy thermometer and stir that over
high heat.

I'll put all the recipe quantities for this
on the howtocookthat.net website for you and

there is a link to that below.
Also on the website you can upload a photo
in the comments if you've made something,

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With the caramel, you want to heat that up
to 116 degree C or 240F by which stage it

will be thick like this and starting to go

Add in the second lot of cream and stir that

It will take a little while to get those to
mix together but as the cream starts to heat

up they will combine quite easily.
Bring it back up to the boil then switch off
the heat and add in the white chocolate.

Once it is melted use a whisk to distribute
it evenly through the mixture.

Pour that hot caramel into a bowl, you can
add colour here if you want it to be a deeper

colour and then leave that to cool.
Now you will need some sort of board to fit
your icecream on and make sure it fits in

your freezer, really important.
And print out your template which you can
also find on the website - now you can scale

this down if you need to if you've got a smaller

I've covered mine in plastic book covering
because ice cream is obviously quite moist

and wet so paper is obviously not going to
cut it.

Place some non-stick baking paper over the
top of your template and pour on some melted

milk chocolate, spreading it out to the size
of the template.

Now I am not bother to temper this chocolate
because it is going to be frozen, it's not

going to be at room temperature so it doesn't

Take a large tub of ice cream and place the
thickness template over the top, it's showing

how thick our icecream needs to be.
Use a knife just to cut down the ice cream
on both sides of the template so you get a

thick slice.
Once you have cut 2 of those, run the knife
around the outside of your container to loosen

it so you can tip out your ice cream out.
Repeat that with a second tub of ice cream
and place those pieces in a line on a tray.

Smooth out the top using a spatula so that
it's nice and flat on the top of your icecream.

And then add the template on top.
Cut off the excess pieces from the top there
and add them to the side to fill in any gaps.

At this stage the ice cream is quite soft
so once you've shaped I want you to put it

back in the freezer and dial your freezer
down to its coldest setting.

And let that go really firm.
Flip your chocolate over onto your base board.
Position it where you want your ice cream
to be, making sure that you're leaving room

for the stick at the end.
And peel off the baking paper.
Add some spoons of that yummy caramel on top.
I like salted caramel more than normal caramel
so I've actually added a little pinch of salt

to mine as well.
You don't have to do that, you can just leave
it plain, it's up to you.

Spread that out so you get a thin layer covering
your milk chocolate almost to the edge.

On top of that we need a second layer of chocolate
because this ice cream has a double shell

of chocolate with the caramel in between.
For this inside shell I am just using ice
magic so we can get it really, really thin.

To keep it cold while I am working I have
set a tray of ice in the freezer, then I am

putting the baseboard over the top of that.
This is also a good idea when you are serving
it to the table if you're not going to be

cutting it straight away, it'll just keep
it nice and cold.

Grab your ice cream out of the freezer and
line up the top and slide it off the tray

by pulling back that baking paper underneath
the tray as you go so that it just guides

it off.
Then pour over a whole bottle of ice magic
working quickly to spread that out on the

And then add more to the sides as you go and
spread it out.

Now at this stage the sides will look a bit
messy but don't worry the outside will look

We'll do that using a different method.
Place that back in the freezer for about an
hour to firm up and then cover the outside

with a layer of the yummy salted caramel.
Once you've finished with this you're going
to need to put it back in the freezer again.

Most ice cream shops have a big walk-in freezer
that you can work in when you are doing this

sort of thing - but we of course don't have
one so you just have to put it in the freezer

and take it out for short bursts and do the
next step and then put it back in the freezer

to keep it firm the whole time.
I did think about making this out of cake
and buttercream and fondant, which would have

of course been easier but if you're making
something giant you want it to taste like

the real thing - not just look like it.
Let's make the handle out of white chocolate.
White chocolate is a little bit on the pale
side so I'm going to add in a little bit of

cocoa powder to colour that and stir it through.
Put some baking paper over the template and
pour the white chocolate over the top.

Now we need this fairly thick so don't worry
if it goes over the lines, let it just flow

bigger than you need and we'll cut it to size
in a minute.

Add in 2 cake support sticks making sure they
are close enough together to be within the

narrow part of the handle.
Now I know that you might think you only need
1 here but if you only have 1 it's going to

flip and turn around, so we need 2 to hold
it steady.

Add more chocolate on top of those sticks.
And then sprinkle it with a little more cocoa
powder and spread it across the top to give

a wood grain look.
Once it is starting to set place the template
over the top and and cut out that handle shape.

Then just use your knife to add some lines
going down the handle so that it looks like

it's wood.
Once that is completely set, put your template
over the ice cream and use it to position

the handle.
Then place it at the middle of the height
of the ice cream and push it into place.

Doesn't that just look perfect, it looks like
a wooden handle.

Now cut a strip of acetate the length of each
side of the ice cream and cover that in milk

Lift up your strip and then wrap it around
the side.

And if any has run out of the bottom, which
will happen as you lift it up, just run your

spatula along the bottom of the acetate so
it makes it easier to get it off later.

Repeat that on the other side and then pour
the rest of the chocolate over the top of

the ice cream working quickly to spread it

Now, remember the ice cream underneath is
freezing cold of course, so this chocolate

is going to set fast.
So you don't have much time to spread it out,
just give it a few spreads, then leave it

because if you try to spread it while it's
setting, it's going to look messy.

Take a knife and trim off any chocolate that
has dripped down over the sides of the acetate.

And then, yes you guessed it, put it back
in the freezer again for at least 30 minutes.

Once you've done that you can just peel off
the acetate from around the sides.

And that gives you nice, straight neat sides.
To take a bite out of it I'm using a donut

Any large round cookie cutter would do, just
soak it in some hot water first to make it

And would you look at that.
Looks so good.
A white chocolate handle, a double chocolate
coat with caramel in between the layers and

that vanilla ice cream in the middle.
Subscribe to howtocookthat for more crazy
sweet creations, click here for more of my

videos, make it a great week and I'll see
you on Friday.



Giant Magnum Double Caramel Icecream Cake How To Cook That Ann Reardon

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