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  • [MUSIC]

  • So we're here right now with Rob Melville and he is a very lucky man

  • because he is the Chief Designer for both exterior and interior at Mclaren

  • automotive and some people have told me from a Italian carmaker we won't mention

  • the name [Ferrari] and that you have a very

  • enviable job because you have none of the design baggage any other car maker has

  • your first car Mclaren the P1 how cool is that

  • and then you went on and yeah you've said you've had a bit of influence in

  • the 650s.

  • So let's start at the front of car now this is a

  • really ignorant question but has to be asked this is a 570 GT I mean how much does

  • this differ from the five 570s and many of our our readers will already be

  • familiar with

  • [Rob] Well clearly the major differences in the rear where 'S' was at

  • the flying buttresses reopen it seems the engine or technical detail very very

  • pure small classical design than the ’S’.

  • Fundamentally though as a car on the way handles ’S’ was all about the nimble

  • lightweight to drive this is still fun to drive

  • bored now adds is this extra touring space and has an extra luggage in the rear,

  • 220 litres.

  • 250 litres in the front more than Ford Focus we have the glass hatch which opens

  • up into touring deck like that opens

  • handles depend on which market youre in to which side opens curbside

  • loading

  • [John] I think terrifies me just cracked a case just above here that just

  • break my heart

  • [MUSIC]

  • ok it's has less downforce than a regular ’S’

  • [Rob]It has the same downforce another key difference you'll see right

  • here at the end here at the tail this is flicking almost Gurney flick

  • yeah this is 18 mil meters taller than it is on the ’S’ because the flying

  • buttresses are no longer there ride to extend this to keep the balance of the

  • car nose-to-tail on the interior you can see the extended leather-trimmed into

  • that luggage space and volume was talking about but really it's all about

  • the glass roof I think when you're in there is feeling of openness, airiness

  • makes the car into drive is engaging you fully aware of the environment around

  • you it's all about all the things that work on the track with kept in the road

  • cars yeah but here we've added the sort of romantic air this element used to

  • see back in the sixties and seventies of the great GT’S we've brought back into

  • the modern market

  • [John] yeah i mean is it's quite incredible in here when you do climb in still a bit of

  • a climb into the sills but yeah it just is so light and airy in here it

  • just feels like the antithesis of a car like this because normally there's very

  • now a window openings and you sort of feel quite cocooned but this actually

  • works this is this but yeah it's glazed area just makes it so much brighter in

  • here it's quite funny really despite all the added comfort and luxury

  • in the car I mean this is still powered by the monstrous twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8

  • [Rob] Absolutely still like a missile yeah that's

  • still plenty quick enough to earn its status as a real supercar as far as

  • design language guys just start think you know what were based on is function

  • form and we will give nature for inspiration and nature millions and

  • millions of years of evolution very efficient forms but beautiful that's why

  • have the same beautiful yet functional and for us this is just the start

  • as long as it functions and looks good then that’s a McLaren I think we can

  • involve this and take it across the ranges in the future you'll see some

  • surprises along the way into working on upstairs but I can't tell you any more

  • than that right now.

  • [John] If I knew we could just peek just around that corner there

  • up the stairs would find out [Rob] maybe next time



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マクラーレン 570GT デザインインタビュー ロブ・メルヴィル (McLaren 570GT Design interview with Rob Melville)

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