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Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon
and today we are making a chocolate Eiffel

I have never been to the Eiffel Tower myself,
my husband has, but I haven't been there yet

but there have been loads and loads of requests,
people asking could I do something Eiffel

Tower themed so here it is.
To make it what you need to do is print out
the template and I'll put that on the howtocookthat.net

website and there is a link to that below
or on the little cards if you click on the

'I' in the top corner you'll be able to get
to the link that way.

Take the bottom layer template and place it
under some non-stick baking paper.

Put a Curly Wurly across the top and trim
it to the size shown on the angle there.

Then do the same on each side.
If you don't have these chocolate bars where
you live then I'll put a link to where you

can buy them online in the blog post.
They are in something like 14 countries but
they're not everywhere.

Flip that over and using some melted compound
chocolate or tempered real chocolate and pipe

that over the joins and then over the whole
back of it to make it stronger.

This is the bottom layer and it is on a weird
angle so we need to reinforce it.

Now using a piping bag follow the line of
the curve around, just following it and piping

along the line, and then pipe a second line
just a little bit in from the first one and

then join that to the chocolate bars by looping
up and down up and down all the way around

that archway.
And you will need to make four of these base

Take a block of chocolate and cut a square
in the size shown on the template.

This will form the platform at the first level.
Now I know this platform in reality, in real
life, has a hole in it but we are making it

out of chocolate not steel and I want to make
sure it is sturdy.

If your cut is not smooth just take a potato
peeler and run it along the edge a few times

to smooth it off.
Lay your pieces out flat and then bring them
up so that the corners match on their angles

so they all come together and use glasses
or cups to secure them so that they sit at

the right angle in place.
It's imporant that you do them all at once
like this, not one at a time, because if you

'glue' it together on the wrong angle the
next one is not going to fit.

Once you have got them how you want them to
be use the melted chocolate to glue the pieces

together, just along the base and up the corner
of each join there.

Once that's set we are then going to add another
chocolate bar along each leg because the base

had to hold the whole structure up and Curly
Wurlys are a bit bendy.

So again use just use chocolate to glue it
into place, you can use any chocolate bar

here, just use one that is quite firm and
add lots of chocolate around the base, adding

one into each corner.
Then we want to cover each of those with more
Curly Wurlys so that when we look through

we don't see the round chocolate bars.
Take the template for the middle layer and
cut the Curly Wurlys to size with one across

the top and two going down each side just
like we did for the first layer.

Then use chocolate to glue them together,
making sure it stays in the shape shown on

the template.
For the top part line a curly wurly up with
the edge and cut it down the centre line.

Repeat that with another one on the other

Join those together but that won't be tall
enough so we are going to need to add another

one on top.
Just line up one side of the line and then
trim it down to make the angle of the spike.

You'll need to make four of those.
Join each one together with chocolate and
add more chocolate on the back for strength.

Stand two of them up and pipe chocolate down
the join.

Add more chocolate and add the third one there
and then with the fourth one put chocolate

down both sides and then just lift it up and
join that on.

And to keep the chocolate in the piping bag
from setting while I'm working I place it

on a heat pack like this instead of the cold
counter (I've had lots of questions about

Now for the antenna on very top.
Lay the tower down and pipe some chocolate
to make a spike.

While that is setting cut four little bits
of Curly Wurly and join them to make a square.

Add the spike to the top and then add the
little square just underneath it for the top

For the middle platform place the sides on
top of the chocolate, on the base we put it

just off, but for this one we want to put
it on top.

And use the glasses again to make them balance.
Then add a generous amount of chocolate around
the base and up each of the side joins.

And now it's time to put it all together.
For extra strength attach the base to the
board using melted chocolate.

And this will help those legs from splaying

Fill any gaps under the legs with more chocolate.
And once that is set trim it off with a knife
to neaten it.

Pipe some chocolate onto the feet of the middle
section and flip that over and place it on

top of the base.
Cut some Curly Wurlys to the width of the
base and add them around the edge of the bottom

Then add the top tower into place using more
chocolate of course.

Place some grey fondant on the base of the
board under the middle of the tower for concrete

or you could use grey coloured candy melts
here, whatever you like.

And then just trim it off to neaten it.
In a bowl mix some coconut and green food
colouring, if you are using gel colours you'll

need to add about a tablespoon of water to
it too or it won't mix in.

Spread some ganache across the edges and then
add the coconut grass over the top.

Use the back of a spoon to spread it out evenly.
And there's you have a yummy Eiffel Tower.
You could use it just like that as the centrepiece
at a party or you could put it on top of a

cake if you were doing a huge cake.
If you're not already part of the How To Cook
That family - join us ... click subscribe

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Click here for the template and the recipe
details, here for the chocolate Sydney Harbour

And the limited edition silver foil t-shirts
are available for 3 more days only so make

sure you get those before they are gone forever.
Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.



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