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Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon

today we are making a camera made completely
out of chocolate.

It is surprisingly easy to make this, the
trickiest part was designing the actual template

which I do on my computer for you.
Lots of people have said where do you get
the templates from?

I sit down and make them and I'll put a link
below to my howtocookthat.net website and

I'll put the template up there so you can
download that there.

The first part of the camera that we want
to make is the body of the camera.

Take a sticky note and draw a mark at the
height shown there so you know how thick the

body needs to be.
Find a container that is around the right
size, mine is a little big but with chocolate

we can just trim it down afterwards.
Place the sticky note inside and line the
container with acetate.

Acetate is just thin plastic and you can get
this from chocolate shops, cake decorating

shops or even stationary shops as overhead
projector sheets if you look there, you'll

be able to find them.
Pour in some tempered chocolate about half
way up and then add in some fruit and nuts

and just push those down.
I have a video on my channel that shows you
how to temper chocolate at home (it's called

CHOCOLATE SECRETS), if you don't temper the
chocolate then at room temperature it will

be soft, it won't set firm and it will melt
on your hands and be sticky so make sure you

watch that if you don't know how to temper
and do that first.

You could, of course, use honeycomb or other
things here instead of fruit and nuts, whatever

you like the flavour of.
And because we are going to cut it down to
size it will give a bit of a pattern in the

chocolate, if you don't want that you can
leave it completely plain.

Top it up with more chocolate so that it reaches
the line that you drew.

And then drop it on the counter a few times
to get rid of any air bubbles.

Then you just want to leave that to set.
Next we want a square of chocolate in the
thickness shown, which is quite thick.

Find a container that is a little bigger than
what we want and pour chocolate in there.

Now I'm not adding fruit and nuts to any of
these smaller parts because they all have

to be carved down to size, it's just going
to be easier if they're plain.

Tap it on the counter again the get rid of
air bubbles.

Pour some chocolate onto some acetate and
spread it so it is the height shown on the

Pour some more and spread that out a little
thinner, so that you have some of each height

that you need.
If you don't have acetate you can use foil

Once the chocolate is firm but not hard use
circle cutters to cut out the circles in the

sizes shown.
Some of the pieces have a circle cut out of
the centre to make a ring and some are full

Just follow the template to get what you need.
Now I actually have a set of circle cutters
which I think are just really good, I use

them all the time and they're not that expensive
so I'll find the link to those, I'll dig that

up and put it on the website for you as well.
Continue to spread out the chocolate in different
thicknesses shown for the various parts and

cut out all the circles and the little square
and the different shapes.

Now I am going to use dark chocolate for some
parts of this camera for variation in the

You can make it all one colour or mix up the
white, dark and milk chocolate however you

Just a tip once you've spread your chocolate
if you give it a little shake the top will

smooth out.
This is the smallest circle cutter that I
have but I need some circles that are even

smaller than that, so I am going to use a
straw and for the slightly bigger ones use

the lid of a texta (marker).
And for the ones that are slightly bigger
than that I'm going to use a piping tip.

Now the chocolate gets stuck in the piping
tip because of the shape and if you try and

push it out while the chocolate is still soft
you're just going to be poking holes and leaving

marks in the chocolate.
So just pop it in the freezer for a few minutes
and then it will be easy to push it out.

Use a knife to cut around the template for
the LCD screen like a frame there.

And cut the little rectangle, and all of these
pieces are colour coded on the template so

you see where they belong on the camera.
Once your chocolate is firmer you can use
your knife to neaten off your edges and shave

off a little bit so that the outside edge
of the LCD screen is angled in slightly.

Now for your really thick pieces, make sure
you cut them while the chocolate is soft,

otherwise you're not going to get the cutter
through, then leave them to firm up.

Hold the circle using some foil so you don't
get fingerprints on it.

And then cut straight lines across all the
way around the circle.

Then using your knife cut in on an angle in
towards the cut you've just made so that you

take out a little strip or a little chunk.
And you end up with a pattern all the way

Do the same thing on the thinner circle that
is patterned around the edge as well, and

it tells you on the template which ones are
patterned and which ones are plain.

Once your big thick body chunk of chocolate
is set take that out of the container and

trim it to the size shown on the template.
And this sill be easiest if you cut an indent
the whole way around the block at the level

where you want it to cut and then cut down
so it will just break off neatly.

Look at all that fruit and nuts, mmm mmmmm!
Ok so now it is the right size but mine slopes
out on the sides which means when I stand

it up the camera is kind of leaning forward.
To fix that I am just going to shave off a
layer of chocolate.

Now if your container has straight sides then
you won't need to do that but mine obviously

didn't so I'm just going to keep going until
it's flat.

You can see on the template the camera body
is rounded at the corners not square.

So again just using your knife carve off some
chocolate so you get a nice rounded corner.

Wouldn't it be cool if it was this easy to
carve wood, like if you could soften it and

make it set firm again.
I think I'd probably quite enjoy carving then.
We've got a couple more pieces to make.
So we need a square of chocolate that is sloped
down, so we'll cut out the square first in

that thickness that's shown there and then
trim it down to the slopes afterwards.

Pour your chocolate onto the foil and let
it start to set.

Then trim around the edges so that you have
a nice square.

Then just shave off the corners on each side
on the angle shown on your paper there so

that you get a nice straight slope.
Once your chocolate in your container is set
take that out and cut it to the square size

shown, again you'll find this easiest if you
cut a line all the way around before trying

to push your knife all the way through it.
Put the template on top and make sure the
edges are straight shaving off a small amount

at a time.
Now you can use these shavings on top of desserts
on top of icecream or you can just put it

back in a bowl and re-temper it and use it
for other parts on the camera.

Now flip that to one end and put the slope
template on top and cut off the corners to

match the angles shown.
Turn it over to the other end and put the
smaller one on top and shave off the chocolate

on an angle across the top, not quite all
the way to the other end.

So this is what it will look like when you're

It will be skinny at the front like your template
piece... fatter at the back sloping down and

the side and top look like this.
Thanks to everyone who said they love my nail
wraps, these ones are called Confection Cutie

and there's junior ones of these as well,
and I'll link you to those below where you

can get them.
Now to join our camera altogether.
Starting with the lens pipe some chocolate
in the centre and add the next piece on top,

and you'll find this easiest if you put your
chocolate parts on the template printout so

that you know which order they are in.
Then you can just stack those up.
Join together all the other little parts in
the way shown so you have all the camera controls.

Let's turn up exposure ... and put it back
right :)

Add the square piece on the front of the camera,
slightly to one side.

Then add the carved bit to the top of that.
Now you can see the camera body has two lines
around it.

So use a ruler to keep you straight and pipe
lines of chocolate across the camera body.

Now to give the middle area a different texture
I'm just using a pastry brush dipped in some

tempered chocolate and brushing it on.
Once that side is dry turn it over and do
the same thing on the back.

You could use a chocolate transfer sheet or
a texture mat for this patterned are if you

prefer, you can be as creative as you like
with your camera.

Now because in the creation process of making
this camera we have carved our chocolate you

can see scrape marks from the knife.
So to get rid of those just rub on a small
amount of melted tempered cocoa butter in

a really thin layer and that will bring it
up to looking nice again.

Add the controls into place, put the hot shoe
on top and more controls on the other side.

Turn it around to the back and place the viewfinder
into place and then the LCD screen.

Turn the camera over and lay it flat so that
you can add the chocolate lens into place

on the front.
And your camera is complete and ready to eat.
Share this video for me with a friend who
love photography,

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Champion of the week goes to Denny who did
this amazing recreation of my Lightning McQueen

When you make a cake or anything from my channel
make sure you put a photo up in the comments

section on the website so I can see it and
the rest of the world can see it too.

Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.


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