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Welcome to HowToCookThat I'm Ann Reardon and
I'm Dave.

And today we are doing Clever or Never because
we had so many requests to do another one.

We are going to do it a bit differently today.
I have chosen 3 gadgets and Dave has chosen
3 gadgets and we don't know what each other's

gadgets are or what they do so we are going
to give it a go and see how that goes.

You can vote in the comments, which gadgets
you think are Clever give it the thumbs up

and which ones you think are never, give it
the thumbs down.

And also we will put a poll over on Community
so you can go over there and vote for your

favourite gadget, I'll put a link to Community
below so that you can get to that.

So I think we'll start with one of your gadgets.
Gadget Number 1 is this device which is a
Drink Dispenser.

How does it work?
Not like that!
Um you have to...
Now I get my drink ...
Ahhh yeah, I've got to put it on that way.
... I was thinking it was going to be a disaster
if I put it on ... the other way up.

Drink all over the counter is not quite what
we're after.

How's this going to work?
Well, I have no idea because I've never done
it before.

I can imagine it when it's full but I'm not
sure when it's empty.

Anyway let's have a look.
We'll either make a mess ... this is the new
kitchen by the way.

Yes we were going to do a tour today but I
still don't have splashbacks in so we'll have

to do a tour once the splashbacks are in.
They are on order, soon.
Speaking of 'splash', let's see how we go.
Oh no splash!
And it's not falling over anymore.
Can I have first go?
Wow, that's so frothy!
A glass of froth.
It's a bit slow to pour.
You wouldn't want to be in a queue at a party.
If you give it a squeeze.
It's like milking a coke.
Milking a cow.
Alright your turn.
This is so much easier than just pouring!
Oh my goodness.
At least the kids couldn't pour a whole thing

That is too slow.
No, I like it.
I like the concept of it but that is just

You shouldn't have to pump.
You shouldn't have to pump it like that to
get it to work.

Yeah but it's heaps of fun!
Nah I don't know about that, I'm not saying
that's not Clever because I reckon that's

going to be a hit with the kids.
It doesn't pour drink, that's its prime function.
Ok, alright yeah, apart from that!
Gadget number 2 is a steering wheel.
It is a melon cutter, we have a mini version
of this that I use lots of days to cut apples

for Jedd's lunch because he's got wobbly teeth.
He's losing his first little teeth.
Awww, so cute.
So it works really well for apples so this
is like a super-size version and I want to

know if it works on melons.
Now, I don't know about you but in Australia
we can't get watermelons this size so I couldn't

use it on a watermelon.
So we are going to try it on what we call
a rockmelon but I know elsewhere in the world

it's called a ... cantaloupe.
Right, I like your accent.
I have no idea if I can do this.
As always I have not tested this gadget so
you're watching me use it for the first time!

Ughhh, I can't do it.
Do you want my help?
Muscles go to it.
Awww, Strewth!
Ohhhh, you broke my gadget!
It's started cutting the melon just there
but it just couldn't get through without breaking.

It is a rock-melon ... boom boom!
I didn't actually expect it to break, I thought
that would work.

Gee we're not doing good with our gadgets

I actually wondered if this would work for
cutting a cake into perfectly portioned slices.

I have one here that I prepared earlier.
It's a Black Forest Cake.
So let's give ... I don't know if it's going
to work this broken but let's give it a go.

The moment of truth, is it going to work.
It's just compacting the cake!
It's getting smaller.
I don't think this thing is sharp at all,
I think that's the problem.

It's just squashing the cake, how can it not
cut a cake.

Nah, it's all good.
Look at that, magnificent.
That saved you, like, 20 seconds.
But how am I going to get it off the cake.
You just use your hands from this point.
Oh my gosh!
Well that becomes sort of like the plate,
you carry it by the green handles.

This is a total failure, oh my goodness, what
do you think?

If I wanted a cake that looked like that,
I would have cut it.

It ruined my beautiful cake.
If I turn it this way, it worked really well
but if I turn it this way.

Clever ... Never.
So don't use it for cakes, don't use it for

It wouldn't even cut melon.
Ready for a piece of cake?
I can bring the whole thing to you.
Which one would you like?
This is so clever.
Oh I was trying to give you this one but that
one fell out.

Yes it's like a dispenser.
Instead of a coke dispenser it's a cake dispenser.
Hmmm, so clever.
Little known fact, Dave is not a sweet tooth.
Gadget number 3 is this clever little thing,
it's called an 'Easysealer' and it has heat

sealing action!
I must admit when I asked you what you needed
from the shops for your gadgets you said Coke,

Twisties, M&Ms I actually didn't think you
had gadgets.

I thought you were just ordering snacks.
So I'm pretty impressed that you actually
have gadgets that go with these things.

Yeah I've got some cool gadgets, I'm thinking,
always thinking.

So I'm going to take this one out and ...
You can't reseal if it's not open.

I'm sort of gonna ... I don't know if people
have Twisties.

Do you have Twisties in your part of the world
because these are my favourite snacks.

If you look down the bottom we have a PO Box,
you are welcome to send me Twisties (jk).

They're like a buck.
I think people want the other way around,
they want to try them.

So it's open, so now what are you going to

Well, I guess I'm going to go like this.
Like a stapler?
What did you do?!
Gave me a fright.
There is no way this is working.
Oh, I think you went too fast at the end.
It was working at the beginning.
We might have a winner!
I was cynical, I had my doubts...
Fair enough, the first 2 gadgets failed terribly.
They did but this one is from Japan.
Or is it from Singapore?
It's from Singapore ... via Japan.
It sealed it.
That is actually very clever.
That is very cool because by sealing it like
that they are going to stay crispy and crunchy.

Okay let's see if it works on the M&Ms.
You want to do it?
Yeah, sure.
Do you think the wire is getting hot and melting
the packet?

That's what I think is happening.
Okay let's see, ready for the test.
Oh my goodness it works.
We've got a clever.
It's works that's cool.
That is very good, so if you don't have a
container to put everything in and you have

just finished baking something and only used
a bit of the packet you can reseal that up.

It is hot?
Yep, yeah that would definitely seal my fingers.
I don't recommend you stick your fingers in
the Easysealer but that is very cool for being

able to reseal heaps of stuff, that is great,
I like that idea.

What do you think, Clever or Never?
What are you doing?
Yep I think it's Clever, I think that they
have come up with a ripper.

I think it's Clever too, let us know in the
comments what you think, Clever or Never for

gadget number 3.
Well done Japan.
Gadget number 4.
Come on!
It's not a gadget it's a piece a piece of

It's a printer, you can use any printer but
inside this one is edible ink in a cartridge

instead of ink that you can't eat.
Did you get this from a $2 shop?
Most people don't have one of these but you
can get lots of places that will print for

you with edible ink so this is actually not
the gadget bit of it.

The bit that I wanted to test out are these
and they are Chocolate Transfer Sheets but

they're printable chocolate transfer sheets.
So we've used before on HowToCookThat chocolate
transfer sheets like this that you buy and

they're printed with cocoa butter and they
turn out beautifully so when I saw that you

could print your own, I thought that's awesome.
But I don't think it's going to turn out quite
the same because with cocoa butter you can

print in white but whereas when you're using
this you can't print in white.

So there's one problem already, you can't
use it with brown chocolate.

So you can only use this type of printed chocolate
transfer sheet with white chocolate.

I like white chocolate.
But we'll give it a go.
So basically what you do is you either send
it off to someone who has an edible printer

or you print it yourself if you have one and
you print your design onto transfer sheet

which just feels a bit, it shiny like plastic
on one side and then the other side is, how

would you describe that?
It's definitely got a layer of something on
there that is going to transfer to the chocolate

I assume.
Okay so do you want to move that out of the
way because we don't actually need that I

was just explaining.
Now I'm actually going to do 2 gadgets at
once because they go together, I need both

of them.
So this one is my other gadget which is a
chocolate lollipop mould.

So you put the little sticks here and you
fill this bit up with chocolate but the bit

I liked about it is this.
It comes apart.
What's so good about it coming apart?
Because then you go like this, you've got
the holes there, we can put our transfer sheet

here and line it up exactly where we want

And then I'll put the traditional chocolate
transfer sheet on the other half so we can

compare them.
And then what you do is you just put this
over the top and it's got a magnet and it

lines up.
So instead of having to cut out individual
circles and put them in each hole you just

saved yourself a heap of time.
Now we are going to put our lollipop sticks,
which should be cake pop sticks in each hole.

That'll do and then we are going to fill up
each of our moulds so that they are covering

the design and also covering the cake pop

So we are going to do that for the ones that
are printed and for the traditional chocolate

transfer sheets so we can see the difference
and see which ones are better and which ones

look good.
And I hope that the top ones work because
that is just awesome if you can print your

own for birthday parties and everything else.
If you give that a little tap it will smooth
out the other side.

So once they're all filled they have to go
in the fridge to set and so we might come

back to this gadget and check out how it worked
and move on.

Gadget number 6 is a Cookie Cutter.
I'm predicting clever, it rolls and does things
and it's for Cookies or as we call them in

Australia, Biscuits.
In America they're cookies, in America they
call biscuits, what we call scones ... in

the UK that's scones.
And in Germany that's platzchen ...
Is a scone a platzchen?

Or a biscuit is or a cookie, in Chinese is
a 曲奇饼.

I don't believe you.
All the Chinese viewers, write in and let
me know, 曲奇饼.

If you know anyone who says they can speak
another language, there is this test that

you can do.
What language, Chinese?
Okay so pull out Google Translate and then
put the microphone on and see if it can recognise

what you said.
It says 'Together and together'. Awww.
So sweet but not what you were trying to say,
try again. Ready?

GP Ice? Well try my German.
I sprechen Deutsch.
You got that one, do you want to try Chinese
once more?

Favourite ice.

Oh yeah, similar.
I don't think the intonations were quite right.
Okay yep, all good.
Moving on, we have a cookie cutter, let's

Let's roll!
This one's a squirrel.
Alright so what I need to do, you look at
that, here's some cookie dough that I ...

That you did not prepare earlier ...
Prepared earlier!

That I prepared earlier.
On the list of things needed for your gadgets
it said cookie dough.

You go like this with your rolling pin, you
just squish it out a bit more.

You try and spin it, I'll roll it.
Oh yeah because you need the practice.
You're good at spinning.
I was spinning free, whoa.
And now you just go like this and here's one
I prepared earlier.

Okay, show me your gadget.
Look I've never used it, I'm not sure if that
comes as a surprise to you but I am guessing

this is what you do.
Is that how it's supposed to go.
It's your gadget but I'm guessing no.
It's like compacted into the cutter.
Maybe if you flour your gadget before you

If you grab some flour ...
What do you reckon?
This is destined to succeed, we cannot lose.
Here you go.
Working or not working?
Ahh, better.
That's working heaps better.
So I think the dough was just a bit too thick
and you needed the flour over the top.

And like that you get a whole row.
So if you roll your dough to the perfect thickness,
coat it in flour, you can use the roller ...

I think cutters are better.
So I'm not giving it a clever.
What about you?
Well I think because I brought it all the
way from Singapore I was very clever.

No doubt you're very clever I'm just doubting
the gadget.

Yeah, I'm a bit 50/50 on this one.
Let us know Clever or Never for that one.
Rewinding back to Gadget number 4 and Gadget
number 5 which was our chocolate lollipop

mould and also our printable transfer sheet.
My question is, can we get them out?
This has a handy little thing so you can pull
that off and I just give this a little push.

Oh that is cool.
That made them easy to get out.
Look at that!
Oh they're cool.
See the difference is, these are traditional
chocolate transfer sheets, can you see how

they're shiny and these ones aren't shiny.
That would be because of the cocoa butter
in those.

So if you're just doing a pattern like that,
I prefer the normal ones, what about you?

But if you're doing something custom, like
you want HowToCookThat or an Emoji and you

want to print it yourself, I actually think
that works pretty well.

What do you think?
Yep, I think that is actually really good.
Apart from the limitation of having to be
white chocolate but you could always do a

layer of white and then a layer of dark, like
Top Deck.

I give that a Clever.
I give both this mould that is super easy
to use a Clever and chocolate transfer sheets

a clever, only if it's on white chocolate.
I'm giving it a Clever too.
Ugghhh so warm.
Gadget number 4 is

So that's been Clever or Never, thanks heaps
for watching, leave a clever or never ... no

This is hard hey!
I don't know how you do this every week.
Thanks heaps for watching ...
Oh I think I just spat on them!

So that's been Clever or Never, thanks heaps
for ... ah!

So that has been Clever or Never, leave a
comment below which ones you though were clever

or never and if there's other things which
you've come across in gadget stores that you

think would be fun for us to try let us know
and we'll give it a go.

Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more Crazy,
Sweet Creations.

Click here for more of the Clever or Never
videos, here for more desserts and here for

the latest video.
Make it a great week by doing ...
Something fantastic for someone else.

If you have a brother or sister do something
fantastic for them.

Yeah, do it.
Do it for your brother!
We'll see you Friday.


CLEVER or NEVER 6 Kitchen GADGETS put to the test How To Cook That

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