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  • Welcome to HowToCookThat I'm Ann Reardon and today we're going to make another recipe out

    HowToCookThatへようこそ 私はアン・リアドンです 今日は別のレシピを作ります

  • of the 200-year-old cookbook.


  • We made the cheesecake a little while ago and you asked us to make some more recipes

    少し前にチーズケーキを作りました。 とのご要望があり、もう少しレシピを作ってほしいとのことでした。

  • out of this book.


  • So I have been looking through and one that caught my attention was fruit pies.

    だから、私は目を通していて、1つは 目を引いたのはフルーツパイ。

  • So I thought we'd start with a fruit mince pie.

    ということで、まずはフルーツミンチで パイ

  • The 200-year-old cookbook says: "There are several things necessary to be particularly

    200年前の料理本には、次のように書かれています。 とくべつに必要ないくつかのこと

  • observed by the cook, in order that her labours and ingenuity under this head may be brought

    ばんにんのお手並み拝見 この頭の下にある創意工夫は、この頭の下にあるものを持ってくるかもしれません。

  • to their proper degree of perfection.


  • One very material consideration must be, that the heat of the oven is duly proportioned

    一つの重要な考慮事項は お釜の熱量が比例している

  • to the nature of the article to be baked.


  • Light paste requires a moderate over; if it is too quick, the crust cannot rise, and will

    軽いペーストは適度なオーバーが必要です。 が早すぎると、地殻が上がらなくなり

  • therefore be burned; and if too slow it will be soddened, and want that delicate light

    それゆえに燃えている。 穢れて光を欲しがる

  • brown that it ought to have."


  • In other words ... pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees (C).

    つまり...オーブンを180度に予熱しておく。 度(C)である。

  • Next the recipe says: "Put 6 ounces of butter to 8 ounces of flour and work together well."

    次のレシピでは、「6オンスのバターを入れて 小麦粉を8オンスにしてよく混ぜる。"

  • I'll type out all these recipes for you on the website and there's

    これらのレシピを全てタイプアウトします HowToCookThat.netのサイトには

  • a link to that below.


  • Once you've rubbed the butter into the flour so it looks like this you're ready for the

    小麦粉にバターを揉み込んだら これで準備ができましたか?

  • next step.


  • "Then mix it up with as little water as possible so as to have a stiffish paste."

    "そして、できるだけ少ない水で混ぜる "

  • I didn't know that pastry used to be called paste, did you?

    知らなかったんだけど、昔のお菓子の名前が 貼り付けたのか?

  • Well now that we've made our paste, let's move on to the filling.

    さて、ペーストを作ったところで 詰め物に移ります。

  • Shred 3 pounds of meat very fine, and chop it as small as possible.

    3ポンドの肉を非常に細かく刻む。 なるべく小さくします。

  • Wait a minute!


  • I thought this recipe was under 'Fruit Pies' - it is under fruit pies, why are we adding

    このレシピは「フルーツパイ」の下にあると思っていました。 - それはフルーツパイの下にある、なぜ私たちは追加されている

  • MEAT to it?


  • This is very strange but let's go with it.


  • "Take 2 pounds of raisins, stoned and chopped very fine and the same quantity of currants

    "2ポンドのレーズンを石切りにしてみじん切りにする カレンツの細さと同量

  • nicely picked, washed, rubbed and dried by the fire."

    揉み干し "火事"

  • I'm going to swap the fresh currants for dried ones and the dried raisins for fresh grapes.

    新鮮なカレンツを乾燥させたものと交換して 干しぶどうは新鮮なぶどうのためのものです。

  • Fortunately I don't have to seed the grapes because we have seedless varieties now.

    幸いなことに、私はブドウの種を播く必要はありません。 今は種無しの品種があるから

  • Imagine having to cut the seeds out of every one of these before you used them.

    すべての種を切り取らなければならないことを想像してみてください。 使う前にこのうちのどれかを

  • Okay what's next?


  • "Pare half a 100 pippins, core them and chop them small".

    "100匹のピピンの半分を皮をむいて、芯を取り、刻む 彼らは小さい」。

  • Well, pippins are apples and I'm going to make a quarter of the recipe, so I'm not going

    まあ、ピピンズはリンゴで、私は レシピの4分の1を作るので

  • to be using 50 ... paring them just means to peel them and core and chop are self-explanatory.

    50を使用していることを意味する を使って皮を剥いたり、芯を取ったり、刻んだりするのは自明のことです。

  • What does it say next?


  • "Take half a pound of fine sugar and a quarter of an ounce of cloves and two large nutmegs

    "上質の砂糖を半ポンドと4分の1ポンドを取る クローブ1オンスとナツメグ2個分

  • and heat them all fine.


  • Then put them all together in a large pan and mix them well together with half a pint

    そして、大きなフライパンにまとめて入れます。 と半分のパイントと一緒によく混ぜる

  • of brandy and half a pint of sack.


  • Put down close in a stone pot and it will keep good for 3 or 4 months."

    石の鍋で近くに置いておくと "3~4ヶ月は持つ"

  • WHAT!?


  • You're kidding me!


  • 3 or 4 months!


  • Imagine knowing that the meat may have been stored for up to 4 months before you ate it.

    想像してみてください。 食べる前に最大4ヶ月間保存。

  • Then I just wouldn't be eating it for health reasons.

    それなら健康のためには食べないわ の理由になります。

  • Oh my goodness that's just scary!


  • For the sake of science, I'm going to put some in a jar for 4 months.

    科学のために、私は いくつかは4ヶ月間瓶に入れて

  • There were no fridges when this book was written so surely this is just going to go off at

    この本が書かれた時には冷蔵庫はありませんでした ということは、確かにこれは

  • room temperature.


  • Anyway let's read what it says next...


  • "When you make your pies, take a little dish, somewhat larger than a soup plate and lay

    "パイを作るときは、ちょっとしたお皿を持っていきましょう。 スープ皿よりも大きいサイズで

  • a very thin crust all over it.


  • Lay a thin layer of meat then a thin layer of citron, cut very thin.Then a layer of mincemeat

    肉を薄く敷き詰めてから薄く敷き詰める 柚子を薄く切って、ミンチを重ねる。

  • and a layer of orange peel cut thin.


  • And then over that, a little more meat".


  • What is with all this MEAT?!


  • This is supposed to be a fruit pie not a meat pie.

    これは肉じゃなくてフルーツパイのはずなんだけどな パイ

  • Then it says: "Squeeze half the juice of a fine seville

    続いては、こう言います。 "上質なセビーユの果汁を半分に絞って

  • orange or a lemon."


  • I have so much of this fruit mince mixture left over that I'm going to make another pie

    このフルーツミンチを混ぜたものをたくさん持っています 残ったのでもう一個パイを作ることにしました。

  • without those layers of meat and the citron.


  • Just the fruit mince that we made.


  • And keep in mind that this is just one quarter of the recipe!

    これは4分の1に過ぎないことを覚えておいてください レシピの

  • Finally it says: "Lay on your crust and bake it very nicely.

    最後に「クラストを敷いて焼く」と書いてあります。 それは非常にうまくいきます。

  • These pies eat very fine cold."


  • Well it certainly looks yummy from the outside.


  • Time for the taste test, we're going to start with the one that has the most meat in it.

    味覚テストの時間、始めようと思います 一番お肉が入っているもので

  • You might not like them.


  • Okay.


  • They're actually from the 200-year-old cookbook.


  • Okay, alright well uh, that was good last time.

    そうか、そうか......最後は良かったな の時間。

  • When you made the cheesecake, it was tasty so we'll see how the ... what is it?

    チーズケーキを作った時は、美味しかったですね で、どうやって......何だろう?

  • This is a traditional 1800s fruit mince pie.


  • Hmm, okay fruit mince pie.


  • Like a Christmas pie?


  • Yeah, like my mum made at Christmas, which I know you don't love fruit mince pies but

    ママがクリスマスに作ってくれたように フルーツミンチパイは好きじゃないだろうけど

  • this one is actually quite different to what my mum makes.

    これは、実際には全く別のものです ママが作ってるんだ

  • So you might like it.


  • Oh I like your mum's pie.


  • You do not like fruit mince pie, you like my mum's apple pie.

    あなたはフルーツミンチパイが好きではない、あなたのような ママのアップルパイ

  • Oh this has got mince in it!


  • As in meat, yes he's already picked that up.


  • You have to taste it.


  • Is it sweet?


  • Tell people what it tastes like.


  • You like meat and you like fruit, do you like them together in a pie?

    あなたは肉が好きで、果物が好きで、あなたは好きですか? パイにしてくれないか?

  • I don't like the thought of it together.


  • But do you actually like the taste of it?


  • It's not bad.


  • Really?


  • Oh I couldn't eat that one!


  • I nearly spat it out.


  • I'm shuddering at the thought of it.


  • It's okay.


  • Oh it's not, it's awful.


  • Seriously?


  • You think that's okay?


  • I mean I don't know if I would choose to eat it but it's not as bad as I thought it would

    食べることを選ぶかどうかはわからないけど 思ったより悪くない

  • be.


  • What if I told you that I had stored the mince with the fruit for 4 months at room temperature

    ミンチを保存していたと言ったら? 常温で4ヶ月間果実と一緒に

  • before baking it in the pie?


  • Is that what they used to do?


  • Yes.


  • It's no wonder that they're no longer alive!


  • It's not what I did of course, I didn't want to put us at any risk but that's what they

    もちろん私がしたことではありません。 私たちを危険にさらすために...でもそれが彼らのやり方だ

  • used to do.


  • It was a way of preserving the meat.


  • Really.


  • But I just could not bring myself to do that.


  • I thought I might actually leave some for 4 months and then go get it tested.

    実際にいくつか残しておこうかと思って 4ヶ月後に検査を受けに行きましょう。

  • See what's growing in there.


  • That one had a layer of meat, a layer of fruit mince and another layer of meat.

    あれは肉の層と果物の層があった ミンチともう一層の肉。

  • The next one is just fruit mince, still the 200-year-old recipe it's just I haven't put

    次はただのフルーツミンチで、まだ 200年前のレシピだけど...

  • the layer of meat in between the layers of fruit mince.

    の間にある肉の層 フルーツミンチ。

  • Do I use the same spoon?


  • Yes, that's fine.


  • This one's got germs on it.


  • It's your spoon.


  • It can only have your germs on it.


  • Even so...


  • I thought you might actually like the pastry on this one because the pastry is kind of

    実はこのお菓子が好きなんじゃないかと思って 菓子パンはちょっと

  • melt-in-your-mouth.


  • It's actually really good pastry, you're a bit of a pastry fan.

    実は本当に美味しいお菓子なんですよ、あなたは ちょっとしたお菓子好き。

  • What do you think of that one?


  • So this one's more of a dessert.


  • Well it's more fruity, it's got less meat.


  • They were both under 'fruit pies' in the recipe book.

    どちらもレシピの中では「フルーツパイ」の下にありました。 帳。

  • So I don't quite understand if they ate the other one as a dessert or a main course or

    を食べたのかどうかがよくわからないわけです。 もう一方はデザートかメインか

  • what they do but this one's definitely more desserty.

    彼らは何をしているのか、しかし、これは間違いなくより多くの デッサーティ。

  • This is my take on their one, I just took out extra layers of meat.

    これは彼らのものについての私のテイクです。 余分な肉の層を取り除いて

  • But it's still got, it hasn't got a lot of meat, but it's still got meat in it.

    しかし、それはまだ持っている、それは多くのことを持っていない 肉が入っていても肉が入っている

  • It has still got meat in it, you spotted that.


  • Wow.


  • Bit unusual?


  • Look, it's not bad.


  • Would it be better with no meat in it?


  • It'd be an apple pie wouldn't it.


  • Well no it's got grapes and currants and spices and so it wouldn't be an apple pie, it would

    いや...ブドウとカシスと香辛料が入っていて アップルパイではなくて

  • be more like a fruit mince.


  • Can you taste all those spices?


  • See the thing is that I don't like fruit mince pie.

    私は果物のミンチが好きではないことを見てください。 パイ

  • That's right, but do you like this type of fruit mince pie where it's not so sweet.

    そうなんですが、こういうのが好きなんですか? 甘くないところにフルーツミンチパイ

  • I actually prefer this to normal fruit mince, just so sweet it's horrendous.

    実は普通のフルーツミンチよりもこちらの方が好きです。 甘いだけで恐ろしくて

  • So you like home-made fruit mince but you'd like it without meat.

    自家製のフルーツミンチが好きなのに 肉がなくても好き

  • Apparently so.


  • So if I was going to make it again, just leave the meat out.

    だから、もしまた作るとしたら、そのままにしておいてください。 肉を取り出す。

  • There just seems no reason to have meat in there.

    肉が入っている理由がないように見えるだけです。 そこに

  • Which indeed I think is what has happened over the years, it's separated out to become

    それは確かに起こったことだと思います になるように分離されています。

  • a fruit pie and just a meat pie.


  • Let me know if you'd like me to check out more of the 200-year-old recipes, leave a

    チェックアウトしてもいいかな? 200年前のレシピをもっと見る、残す

  • comment below.


  • Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday.


  • Do you reckon anyone who is deaf watches this part of the video where there's no sound and

    耳が聞こえない人がこれを見ていると思うか? 音のない部分と

  • is lip reading it?


Welcome to HowToCookThat I'm Ann Reardon and today we're going to make another recipe out

HowToCookThatへようこそ 私はアン・リアドンです 今日は別のレシピを作ります


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