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- (children) Kids react to toys!
This episode: Tamagotchi!
- (Finebros) So for today's episode, you're NOT reacting to a video!
- Oh, I'm not?
- What am I doing?
- (Finebros) Instead, you're going to be reacting to this.
- (curiously) What is that?
- What is this?
- This looks almost like an alarm clock.
- I think it's an alarm. (Tamagotchi beeps)
- It's a beeper! No?
- It's something that a hiker would use.
- Some sort of little gaming console?
- A game where you have to take care of something?
- I think it's supposed to be where you take care of a pet?
(Tamagotchi beeps) (loud clatter)
- I hope that's not a bomb. Is that a bomb?
- (children) Question time!
- (Finebros) Well, what that is, it's called a Tamagotchi.
- Is that, like, a Mexican word?
- Like a Japanese word?
- "Tamagotchi?" What is this?!
- (Finebros) Have you ever heard of that? - No.
- No.
- I think I've heard of this!
- Sometimes you're just on Pinterest
and certain things pop-up on your home thingy,
and then I saw something like this.
- (Finebros) So this is a toy where you take care
of a little alien pet. - Really?
- (sceptically) This is a toy?
- How do you do it with just three buttons?
- (Finebros) So, okay, we're now gonna have you play
with the Tamagotchi.
Right now, what do you see on the screen? - I see a little happy face.
- Oh, my god it's... it's so cute!
- (giggling) This is so cool.
- It's really bad.
- It doesn't exactly look like an alien, but I'll take it.
- The Tamagotchi is so... pixely!
- (Finebros) So every once in a while the Tamagotchi will start beeping
at you to tell you, "Hey, I need something."
- Oh gosh, I'm-- where's my earmuffs?
- (Finebros) But you can check what it's mood is at any time
by checking various screens.
So go ahead and click on through and tell us what you're seeing.
- Oh, I can see-- yeah, they're lighting up.
- "Zero years... five O-Z?"
- It says, "Zero years, five ounces."
- (cooing) Ooh, five ounces? That's cute!
(Tamagotchi beeps) - "Dis-cip-line."
What does that mean again?
- Discipline? This is so cool!
- Discipline! Like, "EAT, CHILD!"
(Tamagotchi beeps) - "Hungry."
Zero out of four hearts are filled in.
(Tamagotchi beeps frantically) - Stop beeping at me!
- (Finebros) So that's what it will do every few minutes
until you take care of it. - (sighs) Ai.
- (Finebros) So it's hungry.
What do you need to do? - Feed it?
- Oh yeah, I see a little fork and knife.
(Tamagotchi beeps)
- "Meal/Snack."
- You're starving, so I think we'll go with "Meal".
- Oh, what the he-- it's, like, giving it a piece of bread.
- A peanut butter, jelly sandwich.
- Can we see how many hearts it has now? (Tamagotchi beeps)
- YAY! I feel accomplished.
It feels good. (Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
Oh no! What's happened? Oh, what do I do?
- "Happy." (sadly) Oh, it's not happy.
- (Finebros) To make it happy, we're gonna play a game with it.
- Okay, um, is that the bat and baseball one?
- (Finebros) There's only one game on the original Tamagotchi
that you can play.
You have to guess: will the Tamagotchi go left or go right?
And that's it. - Oh, okay then.
- Which way do you want to go?
(sarcastically) Oh my goodness! This is fun!
(Tamagotchi emits lively beeps)
(beep of victory) - (Finebros) You were right.
- Hey? Yes!
- Okay. (Tamagotchi emits lively beeps)
(beep of victory) - (giggling) Yay!
- Left. (game over beep)
(Tamagotchi beeps) (game over beep)
- And now it's getting mad because I guessed the other direction?
(Tamagotchi beeps)
- I can't believe I'm getting it right. This is so cool!
- Doesn't this get tiring after a while?
- It's a fun game, actually.
- It's not bad for the technology.
Even though the game will get old very quickly.
- (Finebros) So eventually, as you kept playing with it,
it would go to the bathroom. - Ew.
- (Finebros) So it'll leave a pile of poop...
- Pile of poop?
- What?!
- Oh. (Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
- (irritated) What do you need now?
- (Finebros) It'll go to sleep when it's night time.
- Would it wake you up?
- (Finebros) If you leave it on, and it needs something,
it might beep at you. - Ugh!
This is just like a kid.
- It's like having your own pet if you don't have one.
- I would throw this in the trash can if it kept on beeping.
- (Finebros) And if it doesn't listen to you,
you can discipline it. - Ooh, this is cool!
- What? You can actually make it listen to you?
- (Finebros) But it's basically like a real pet.
- Oh, that's cool.
- I have a cat and a dog and then you could be like,
"I have a Tamagotchi!"
- Is that all you can do on this thing?
Wow, phones are way better than this.
- (Finebros) What do you think about a toy that is basically
always around to take of? - Wow, I don't know if it's worth it.
- I want to live my life, just not take care of this thing.
- There are iPad games like this,
that you don't have to carry around like this.
(Tamagotchi beeps frantically) - Oh no. Why are you beeping?
- After one day of school, it's gonna be beeping ten times.
It's like, "Okay, I gotta feed it, I gotta play with it,
I gotta give it medicine, I gotta pick up its poop!"
(Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
- Oh, it... there's a piece of poop.
- (Finebros) Well, luckily, you can pause it.
- Oh, that's good.
- You can? Oh my gosh! How do you do that?
- (Finebros) But you do need to take care of it
'cause if you're not careful, it will die.
- (snickers) I want to see it die.
- If you don't play it often enough... (Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
How can you stop--? It could die?
And that's a game for kids?
- And then what happens? Is that it for the game?
- (Finebros) You'd have to start over again.
- Why would they even have a dying thing in here?
- I'd probably torture my little brother
if he had it, and then he loved it,
I'd probably hide it, and then I'd be like,
"Your Tamagotchi is dead."
(Finebros cackles evilly) ♪ (horror music) ♪
- (Finebros) So real quickly, we have a little bit of a later model
Tamagotchi that we've kept alive for a bit
so you can see what it looks like
when it gets bigger. - Oh.
- Whoa!
- That's how it looks when it grows up?
- Ew! It looks like a big lump of poop.
- Hah! It looks funny all grown up.
- (Finebros) So is this a fun toy? - Kind of.
(Tamagotchi beeps frantically) (toy clatters)
- I think it's so great.
- It's annoying but fun.
- It's not good at all.
- If you play with it long enough, it'll get pretty boring.
- It's constantly beeping at you like...
It's like, "I'm dying! I'm sick! I need FOOD, woman!"
- (Finebros) So this toy has continued over the years
and they've made newer versions of the Tamagotchi even recently.
You can connect your Tamagotchis with your friend's Tamagotchi
and they can play together. - That's cool!
- (Finebros) They can even get married and have kids.
- Oh my god, that is so adorable.
- (giggling) Tamagotchis can get married?
- (Finebros) And if you do a good job, a Tamagotchi can live
anywhere between 22 and 25 years. - Twenty... five?
(toy clatters)
- You can... use this... for 25 years?
- Real life years? Like our years or Tamagotchi years?
- (Finebros) I mean that in Tamagotchi years.
- Oh. (laughs) That's Tamagotchi years. That makes more sense.
- (Finebros) One human day is a year for a Tamagotchi.
- Oh, well, that stinks.
- So you get to play this for 25 days and then it's dead.
Then you have to start all over.
- Come on!
- (Finebros) So one... (Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
- Argh! Come on! Stop beeping!
- (Finebros) So last question: do you think
this is a good toy or a bad toy? - I think this is a good toy.
- Good toy.
- It's like an okay toy.
- It's a bad toy.
It's too basic!
- It's a good toy.
- Good.
- It's a good toy.
- It's a good toy 'cause it's like having a pet.
- It's a horrible toy.
This is kinda old-school, like you.
- (Finebros snickers) Thanks, Krischelle. - You're welcome.
- I don't think you should really just waste your money
to get something on this little machine
instead of just downloading an app.
- It's a great toy.
I mean, it's so realistic. It's so cool.
- (Finebros) And what about all the beeping?
Would that get annoying or is it still worth it?
- Oh, it'll-- I mean... (Tamagotchi beeps frantically)
(stifled giggle)
As you were saying. I think it's still worth it.
- Thanks for watching us play with Tamagotchis today on Kids React.
- In the comments, let us know what toys
you want us to react to next.
- Bye!
(beeping like Tamagotchi) Bye! Bye! Bye! I'm dead! I'm dead! I'm dead!
I'm hungry! I'm hungry! Bye! Bye! I'm dead!
I'm hungry! (voice fades)
♪ (theme music) ♪


たまごっちを初めてみた子供たち (KIDS REACT TO TAMAGOTCHI)

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