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Hi, I am Emilia Clarke, and you're gonna find out some first time stuff.
Sh*t. I shouldn't say that.
My name is Emilia Clarke. Rolling stone. Enjoy it!
First time!
I had to act out a scene with dragon
was when I was butt naked and on a cliff wearing not very much.
I had to be carrying them.
But it got to the point I had to be carrying them to cover my lady parts.
First time I googled myself?
Was pretty much the last time I googled myself.
'Cause I don't do it anymore 'cause it's really bad,
like don't do it, don't google yourself ever.
Umm, people have a lot of opinions on my butt.
First time met a superfan.
I think the first time was in Barney's.
That was when it was like super-duper fan when the elevator's door opened,
and then someone just like “Khaleesi” and then the door is closed.
And then I left, that was kind of OK.
The first time I met Jason Momoa was in a hotel lobby in Belfast.
And I walk in and I'm like exhausted, I have my bags,
and I'm really tired and we just..It was really late.
I walked in, and from the other side of this enormous lobby I hear "WIFEY!"
and this huge Hawaiian man comes and bounding over to me,
picks me up, and genuinely gets me in like a rugby tackle—to the floor!
It was only when he picked me back up and kind of like dusted me off that I was like, "Who are you?"
My mom is not watching obviously. So I can say I was pretty young.
I was like too young to know, you know, like "What's this? The grown-up's drink. I'm gonna try! "
and then kinda blacked out.
It was with a friend and I'm like straight up blacked out.
Cause when you're that young, when you really like, you know, young?
You shouldn't drink vodka, sorry I'm just really nervous—— coming back to me now.
I broke something, yeah.
I still haven't quite realized yet!
I remember the first time my brother realized it!
When the Simpsons did like the opening with the... Game of Thrones opener,
and there was my character, that was pretty cool.
That's my story!


'Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Talks First Time Acting With a Dragon, Got Drunk

12957 タグ追加 保存
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