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Back to North Korea which is the biggest story of the day if not the year.
People are understandably very worked up about this.
According to new poll, this poll was taken before the president's threat today, a majority of American, 75%, believe that North Korea's nuclear program is a critical threat to the United States.
But what I wonder is how many American even know where North Korea is, so we went out onto Hollywood Boulevard while it's still here.
This is what we learned.
Do you think the United States should consider military action against North Korea?
I would say yes.
And where exactly is North Korea?
Well it's, as far as... on the map?
Umm... I don't know.
I am horrible at geography.
Take a guess.
Up here somewhere?
And where exactly is North Korea?
Oh God... Here we go. Ummm... uhhh...
I am gonna guess in... somewhere near here.
And it's the Middle East.
Yeah, so no.
I think is up top.
I don't know. I really don't remember.
You take a guess?
I know this is Africa.
Is it somewhere up here?
That is Europe.
That is Europe.
You know I am really good at geography, but this is very embarrassing because I don't even remember where the (beep) North Korea is.
Excuse my language.
Take a guess.
Take a guess?
Somewhere out here?
Should we consider military action against North Korea?
I believe so.
And where is North Korea?
North Korea?
Uh... hold on.
It's somewhere over in this area, I believe.
It's in Asia.
Unless they moved it.
General vicinity.
Is it over here somewhere?
Oh no, that's the Arctic.
Where is North Korea?
Oh shoot... umm... I wanna say somewhere in here, that area.
That's the Middle East; we're already there.
That's Canada.
The scariest part about North Korea is that it could be anywhere.
Anywhere in here?
Hum... this is... it's not over here?
Australia. They've done nothing to us.
Right there.
No, wrong again.
Is it here?
No, that's South America.
Right there.
That's India.
That one right there?
No I think that is Mongolia.
I don't know. Maybe on here.
Restart the Vietnam War?
I have no idea.
Hey, in order to make an omelet you've got to break a few eggs, right?
I am not a geographer like.
- There. - No. - There. - No. - There.
You want a hint?
- Yeah! - It's right above South Korea.
- Here? - You just started World War 3.
Can you at least point to where you are right now?
Yeah, over here.
Oh, nailed it.
I'm gonna say right there.
That's it!
Is it real?
No, it's not.
- Right there. - What?!
All right, well, you know, it's...
By the way, right here in our audience!
We spotted a celebrity in our audience.
Where are you from or do you even know?
I am from Virginia.
You're from Virginia. Yeah, and that's it.
You've never seen North Korea on the map
Apparently not.
Would you be able to get home do you think or...
No, actually no.
Did you finally figure out the...
I did, I did.
And do you think now you could remember where it is?
- Yeah. - You do. - Yeah.
Okay. All right we will find you again in a year, and we'll test you then, okay?
We will let you go, okay?
Hi I am Jimmy Kimmel. If you liked that, click the subscribe button below, and good things will happen forever.


【ジミー・キンメル・ライブ!】アメリカ人に北朝鮮の場所を聞いてみた!(How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?)

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