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  • So, you're just starting your day, or did you just get off?

    今日は お休み?

  • They call, I go, you know?

    仕事の連絡を 待ってる

  • So, what is it you do?


  • I'm a driver.


  • Oh, like a chauffeur.


  • Anyone I'd know?


  • - I hope not. - What is your name?

    - 違うよ - あなた 名前は?

  • Baby.


  • Your name's baby? B-A-B-Y, baby?

    B, A, B, Y, のベイビー?

  • This the one they say listen to the music all the time? Is he mental?

    ずっと 音楽を聴いてるぞ イカれてんのか?

  • Mental meaning slow, was he slow?

    彼のスピードに 文句が?

  • No.


  • He had an accident when he was a kid.

    子供の頃 事故にあってな

  • Still has a hum in the drum, plays music to drown it out

    音楽で 耳鳴りを 消すことで ──

  • and that's what makes him the best.

    運転に 集中できる

  • One more job and I'm done.


  • One more job and we're straight.

    そんなこと言う 権利はない

  • Now, I don't think I need to give you the speech about what happens when you say no,

    仕事を断ると きみの愛する人たちが ──

  • how I could break your legs and kill everyone you love, because you already know that, don't you?


  • Yeah.


  • The moment you catch feelings

    気を引くマネをしたら ──

  • is the moment you catch a bullet.


  • And your waitress girlfriend, she's cute.

    君の彼女 かわいいな

  • Let's keep it that way.


  • I want us to head west and never stop.


  • You in?


  • I'm in, Baby.

    もちろんよ ベイビー

  • One of these days, Baby...

    お前も 悪事に ──

  • - you're gonna get blood on your hands. - Time to face the music.

    - 手を染めなきゃな - 報いを受けろ

  • - Baby, we need to get out of here. - I have to end this.

    - 早く逃げましょ - 決着が先だ

  • Oh, we in bed together now.

    これで 共犯だな

  • - Baby. - Baby.


  • Baby.


  • Doc said Micheal Myers!

    マイケル・マイヤーズ のマスクは?

  • - This is Mike Myers. - It should be the Halloween mask!

    - この人だろ? - ❝ハロウィン❞ のだ!

  • - This is a Halloween mask! - No, the killer dude from Halloween!

    - ❝仮装❞ のマスクだろ! - ハロウィン映画の 殺人鬼は!?

  • Oh, you mean Jason.


  • No!


  • Baby, you tell me who dies.

    ベイビー 誰を殺す?

  • She a good girl? You love her?

    彼女を 愛してるのか?

  • - Yes, I do. - Well, that's too bad.

    - そうさ - 残念だな

So, you're just starting your day, or did you just get off?

今日は お休み?


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