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  • My name is Simeng Gao

  • My Chinese name is [Speaking Mandarin].

  • I'm from Beijing,China.

  • I study translation interpreting, I'm doing an exchange program here.

  • I looked on the website that UWS has the best

  • translation and interpreting major in Australia, so I applied here.

  • Before I came to Australia,I always saw Australia as a country full of

  • white people because it's an English-speaking country

  • But I found out that actually it's a very diverse country, especially Sydney

  • where people from all kinds of backgrounds are living here together

  • I think it's a good experience to get to know people

  • from different cultures and everything, and I really love the life here.

  • I was really scared on the first day because this is the first time that I have

  • ever been in an English-speaking country.All the signs

  • in the airport are all written in English, too much information all at one time.

  • When I had contact with several local people here

  • they were so nice and friendly, I feel a lot more relaxed because I know I can always

  • get help. Students here are really welcoming, I learned

  • a lot on orientation day from the students here,

  • and I also enjoy the MATES program. I had a great mentor he has

  • taught me a lot of things about the studying life

  • in uni as well as how to adjust to life here in Sydney.

  • I really appreciate that. The lecturers and tutors are

  • always helpful when they know that I'm an international exchange student, and also

  • Student Central provided a lot of help to me, it's

  • actually really comforting to a foreigner like me.

  • The tutor will always require us to do some group discussions. That actually gave me more

  • opportunities to express myself. I think that really benefits my learning.

  • I got to experience what it was to be like a real interpreter because there's so much

  • practise in class, and the

  • tutor and the lecturer would tell us a lot about

  • what would happen if we're actually doing this job,

  • so it actually prepared myself as an interpreter in the future, and benefits

  • my future career. I had many

  • options about accommodation here but I ended up choosing to

  • live on campus. I live in a four-bedroom villa. This is new to me, I never lived

  • with another person before, and it's nice to have each others' back

  • whenever we need help, so it's a great experience. There's a common room on campus for all the

  • residents here and people get to be social,

  • meet new people,

  • make friends and spend some leisure time together.

  • During the travel I met a lot of people and learned a lot

  • from their life experience. It's more rewarding than just

  • learning, actually! I want to say thanks to all the

  • people that I've met here because they're always ready to help me

  • and also they make my life more interesting.

  • [Speaking Mandarin]

My name is Simeng Gao


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