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Hi guys and welcome to the Internet! Now Rosie and I...
are gonna read some of your fanfiction
Now the last time we brought up fanfiction
on the Internet, Rosie got a little bit upset
People kept writing fanfiction about Rose
sleeping with everyone but me, it was quite annoying
Uhm, so probably that's what we'll be reading today
Sounds great
What we're meant to be doing is reading
out our parts like so Rose says something
Rose would read it but I probably won't have any
parts, it would probably be Grace Helbig
Okay Rosie, we're gonna start with
Paranormal Activity 3
and this is by loveislove59
This isn't sponsored but if Wattpad wanted to sponsor us
the Camren fiction is there
Everything in my brain and internal monologue
will be pronounced in a French accent
and everything I speak out loud
will be my regular accent
You'll just speak out loud

I 'aven't spoken to Rosie in 3 days
Should I text her?
I don't know!
"Hi what's up! It's Rose from the party"
[stifled giggling]
"Hi Rose! I'm watching a movie right now"
"That's great! I wanna ask you something"
"You, me, Friday at 7? Movie?"
"That sounds great! See you on Friday!"
"See you, bye!"
I 'ave no idea why Rose left
Maybe she isn't coming back?
Oh there she is- wait a second, what's that?
It's a rose
"For you, my lady"
"Thank you sweetie, you're so cute but what's that for?"
Do you know what I wanna say?

They've made you way more romantic
Hey! That's not true!
When was the last time you gave me a single rose?
Never in our five years

When I picked one out of the five hundred
red roses that our fans got us

I thought you've loved me for like ten years now
I have!
but where's my single rose?

I brought you flowers on the first date
She's right here

Sorry but everyone's making Rose out to be
way better in this fanfiction: like sleeping
with other people, being really romantic,
asking me on a date

I asked Rose on a date, I bought Rose flowers
They've written that out
You- you- I think you're getting upset
like you did a few years ago

Maybe you should go write a Tumblr post about it
Maybe I should
There's no sex yet :(

Okay this is by roseandrosiefix
and it says Rose and Rosie one shot
and she tagged it with
this is for all you horny people
So I'm really excited
The Roses were both sitting on the sofa
cuddled up, watching Pretty Little Liars
As if you would watch that with me
You should watch it with me!
"I love you so much!"
Rosie kissed Rose's cheek
"I love you too!"
She smiled and cuddled Rosie more
Rose started to nibble-
Well you act it! Reenact it! We're on the sofa

watching PLL
Cuddle me
Go on, go on
Rose started to nibble Rosie's neck
"Is this a good idea?"
"Why wouldn't it be?" Rose smirked
Then running her hands up Rosie's shirt
feeling and stroking her abdomen. Sexy!
Rosie shuddered, the feeling of
Rose's touch which caused Rose to smirk
even more. Honhonhon
It's getting so dirty
Rose started to grind her hips against Rosie
causing them both to moan
Shall we both moan?
[Rose moans like an old man]

Until Rose lifted her arms in the air
To let Rosie take her top off
That is what happened on our second date
How do you know?
She gasped when I slipped a hand
into her trousers and started to stroke her
Feeling her, in quotes, "wetness pool"
I mean-

It's a wetness pool
Thanks guys, thanks for making it look like
I'm disgusting and can't keep it in my pants- Okay
She let out a gasp and gripped the back of my neck
Oh my god!

look what you're gonna say!
No, I'm not saying it
"Rosie, more"
I like how it's mostly around our sex life
Yeah, I mean, one thing I've noticed is
we don't have a Bette and Tina joint orgasm
Oh that's good!
I'd like to applaud this
I loved it!
It got dirty but it ended on like
a romantic note, yeah
I loved it

And it's to be continued
It's got one comment underneath it from beckypotato1
Sorry if I've just outed you
And she said, "Damn."
I'm gonna leave a comment
Can you just put "wetness pool"

"Can't wait for the next installments!"

It's spelt with an 'i'
This chapter's called "The Party"
"Hi Emma what's up!"
"Are you ready for the party?"
"I don't wanna go"
"You need to come out from that room, come on"
"probably you'll find somebody else at the party"
"I don't want somebody else!"
"I want that girl, but okay, I'm coming"
"I'll be ready in 30 minutes"
"See you there, don't forget the ghost costume, bye"
30 minutes later, I was already on my way
to the party and yes, I was dressed up like a ghost
so no one could recognise me
I parked my car in the parking lot
I saw Emma and went straight in
and then we entered the party
There were not so many people
There was loads of people at my party!
Sorry Rosie!
What are you saying?

No one went to your party
Loads of people went to my party!!!

I was so surprised because I saw her
The mysterious girl, (queen of arts?)
I was there, just staring at her
She is so beautiful but then a girl came up next to her
and kissed her, I was ready to collapse
Why must every good thing have a bad one?
'Cause I've got a boyfriend
Wait, she's gay or bisexual, and that's awesome
but she has a girlfriend? Why?
I don't even know her name! Her story!
But I kind of like her
Mysterious girl, this is me
I guess?
So I've got a girlfriend
I don't know yet
Wait a second, where is my girl?
I mean, the mysterious girl
There she is!
She's crying?
You have to go after her!
Without this stupid ghost costume!
"Hi, is everything okay?"
What a stupid question, she's crying
obviously it's not okay
My girlfriend Emily kissed a boy
So obviously me and my girl are gonna split up
"What a bitch! Excuse me, I-"
"It's okay. Did we meet before?"
"Actually, yes, a week ago"
"At the cinema, right? I know I saw you before"
"by the way, I'm Rosie"
"Nice to meet you Rosie, your name is beautiful"
"My name is Rose"
She wrote something down, what you guys think it was?
Exactly, it was her number
I was so 'appy
She left, but not before she give me a kiss on the jheek
Probably I was red as a tomato
That party, was the best of all
Why don't we do a challenge
where we have like 5 minutes
I can literally put my phone on the timer
And we have to write the most creative
best fanfic about our relationship
Like, I already know yours is gonna have 5H in
But whatever, let's do the most creative thing
we can do in 5 minutes and then read it to each other
And why don't we get the audience to vote
whose fanfic is better?
Fine! 5 minute challenge begins now
Okay, I've taken some inspo
from the people we read
and uh, cool, (????) a page is
(Pages... no???)
Wow, you're already writing?
Don't look!
Okay I won't
Time's nearly up
3, 2, 1
Wait I need a pun!

Right, so I named myself a username
You titled it

I gave myself a username which is
And I've titled it, quotes, "Treat her like a princess"

And I wrote it in a American accent because
I feel like that's what happens with fanfictions?

By the way, there everyone's like 'wanna watch a movie?'

Whereas we'd be like 'do you wanna watch a film'
Rose is super needy today
She dragged Rosie to the bed
and kisses her hard
"I've decided I'm gonna do something special for you"
"Oh my god what is it?"
Rosie is so surprised because this literally never happens
Rosie can't even remember the last time
Rose even bought her some flowers
Fuck you
"I'm gonna treat you like a princess all day"
"which means that for one day"
"and for one day only"
"you get to have whatever you want"
"Rose, I know what I want"
"What is it, babe?"
"It's James Mcavoy"
Then you read the last bit
No you have to read the last bit
Then they proceed to have the best threesome
of their entire lives and Rose realised
she wasn't actually even gay and that she too
was also in love with James Mcavoy
Then, to make this whole situation
even better, James decided to marry them both
and give them his sperm
They had two perfect, half Scottish children
The end
Rose picked up her bra and left Lauren's house
She didn't want Rosie to find out about this
It was a mistake
A beautiful, poetic mistake
that she'll probably reblog on Tumblr
Was it her Spanish Cuban eyes that led to infidelity?
I thought she's Cuban Mexican
That's Camila, get it right
No, it was Rosie's stink palms
It was a habit Rose just couldn't put up with anymore
"Where are you going?" Lauren asked,
confused as to why she didn't sing it instead
[sings]: "Where are you going, that was pretty fucking dope"
Rose cut in, "Just so you know"
They collaborated just as hard as they did that night
"I just want your Jauregui in my bum"
Back at home, "Rosie I have something to tell you"
"I slept with Lauren, you also need a scale and polish"
"I thought I'd hit you with two very upsetting pieces of information"
I'm shocked and upset
You weren't really in it



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