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  • Hi! My name is Barbara, and I just got this really cool

  • wooden hairpin from my friend Lena and it

  • even has my name on and it's a Chinese

  • year of the horse... hairpin :P and I do not know how to use it

  • so she's going to show me how to do a classic unique

  • hairdo that I've never done before

  • Step One: hold your hair in one portion and put it on one side of the hairpin

  • personally I like to put it on the left side of the hair

  • since I'm a right handed person and this is how

  • I'm going to make a knot.

  • Step Two:

  • Put your hair over the pin and turn the pin around until it's sideways and points to three o'clock

  • during this movement don't hold your hair too tight

  • or too loose

  • since we're about to push the pin through the hair.

  • Step Three:

  • turn the hairpin over and push through the hair underneath until it comes out

  • and perfectly stays inside the knot.

  • Now, you have a very unique and elegant hairstyle

  • which also only took thirty seconds to do

  • it's also very easy to take down

  • just pull the hairpin out and your hair goes free.

  • Wow!

  • That seemed like it's so simple

  • but I will have to practice because

  • I can't see the back of my head

  • but I can't wait to try it

  • and I'm going to be able to have those exotic hairdos

  • just like the Chinese ladies!

Hi! My name is Barbara, and I just got this really cool


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チャイニーズヘアピンの使い方 (How to use a Chinese hairpin)

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