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This is the Starcraft
chronology in three minutes.

Let's begin.
A really, really
long time ago,

a species called the
Xel'naga searched

the universe for
species to manipulate

into a perfect
life form.

First, the Xel'naga found
the Protas, an elegant

and psychic race,
telepathically connected.

Their attempts to
transform them worked,

but broke the psychic
link between the Protoss.

Many went mad.
So the Xel'naga rejected them
and found a different species,

the Zerg, an ultra-organic
species that transcended

through the stars through
biological evolution alone.

The Xel'naga created
the Overmind,

the central point of all thought
and sentience for all
Zerg, a hivemind.

The Overmind discovers the
Xel'naga, breeds a Zerg swarm,

and eradicates a large amount
of the Xel'naga species.

The Protoss discover
abandoned Xel'naga technology

and use it to
repair the psychic link,

restoring them to normal.
They adapt the technology
further to help them

rebuild their societies.
On Earth, a group of
humans, the Terrans,

are sent to colonize planets
throughout the galaxy.

They form the
Terran Confederacy.

Arcturus Mengsk, a Marine,
starts a rebellion to rule

the Terran world himself,
claiming it's for noble causes.

The Zerg finds the Protoss
and seek to forcibly

assimilate them into the
Zerg hivemind to create

the perfect species.
While the Protoss make it
their mission to purge the Zerg,

the Terrans get caught in the
middle of the conflict

when their colonies
spread to Protoss space.

The Zerg infest human
planet colonies.

The Protoss, to prevent
the spreading of Zerg,

eradicates an
entire human planet.

The humans try to protect
themselves from the wrath

of the Protas while combating
the spreading Zerg swarm.

Instead of wiping out
the Zerg completely,

the Terrans try to study and
use the Zerg as a weapon.

Marshall Jim Raynor
disobeys orders

and destroys a Zerg
infestation that the

Terrans had been
using for study.

Raynor joins Mengsk
and his rebellion.

Mengsk lures the Zerg to
confederate settlements to

attack its political
enemies indirectly.

Kerrigan, a telepathic
human, protects the Zerg

from being completely
destroyed by the Protas

so they could continue to
attack their own humans

allied with the

However, when the Zerg
begins its invasion, Mengsk

leaves Kerrigan behind,
and the Zerg capture her.

Raynor abandons Mengsk because
he betrayed Kerrigan.

Mengsk wins and initiates
the Terran dominion as emperor.

The Zerg turn Kerrigan
into a human-Zerg hybrid

in order to utilize
her psychic powers.

In response, Raynor and
two Protoss named Zeratul

and Tassadar work together
to fight the Zerg swarm.

Tassadar sacrifices himself
to destroy the Overmind.

The Overmind's death frees
Kerrigan from control.

She gains control over
half of the Zerg,

while a new Overmind
takes the other half.

This sparks the Brood War.
Kerrigan manipulates
Protoss and Terran forces

to help her destroy
the new Overmind,

giving her full control of
the entire Zerg swarm.

Carrigan goes into
hiding for four years

while Raynor continues his
campaign against Mengsk.

Along the way, Raynor
discovers a Xel'naga

artifact he believes can
return Kerrigan human.

Raynor attacks Kerrigan,
uses the artifact,

turning Kerrigan human again.
Mengsk and his forces swoop
in and capture Raynor.

Kerrigan transforms
into a Zerg again,

takes control of a vast Zerg
swarm, and rescues Raynor.

Raynor and Kerrigan invade
the dominion and kill Mengsk.

Meanwhile, Zeratul learns
of an evil Xel'naga named

Amon, prophesized to bring
doom upon the world.

Zeratul dies during
his investigation.

And the responsibility
passes to Artanis,

commander of the
Protas golden armada.

Artanis, Raynor, and Kerrigan
combine forces to face Amon.

Amongst the conflict, they
meet a Xel'naga named Oros.

Carrigan merges with
Oros' essence,

ascending her to a Xel'naga,
thus making her powerful
enough to defeat Amon.

Terran, Zerg, and Protoss
reside in peace and prosperity.

So that was Starcraft
in three minutes.

If you like this
space sci-fi stuff,

check out another
video we did called

"Mass Effect Complete
Storyline in Three Minutes."

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and we'll see you
guys in the next one.



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