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So, Mass Effect 2. It's almost here. You've got your copy pre-ordered and you're just
about through re-playing the original game so that the save file you import into the
sequel is fresh in your memory. Congratulations! You've almost made it. But in case you're
not that guy, here's a quick rundown of the big new features in Mass Effect 2 you should
be aware of before the game arrives on the 26th.
First, Mass Effect 2 is supposedly much more grim. Bioware calls it their "dark second
act," sort of along the lines of Empire Strikes Back. What we've seen of the game seems to
back this up, from the unexpected opening sequence to the tense and foreboding alien
planets you explore later on. The way you explore the galaxy has been changed quite
a bit, with a focus on adding variety to the side quests you can do outside the main story
and a new planet scanning system that adds a bit of research to the way you look for
alien worlds.
The main plot follows Shepard on a quest to assemble a task force for what's been called
a potential suicide mission. That means recruiting the best and brightest space thugs the galaxy
has to offer, and though you'll mostly be dealing with new faces, you'll also run into
a few familiar squadmates from the original game. The cast this time around features quite
a few more celebrity voices, including Martin Sheen as the Illusive Man.
Mass Effect 2 will offer up a refined version of the role-playing shooter style you remember
from the original game. Players can once again choose to use guns, biotics, or blend their
abilities with both. Your selection of weaponry has been expanded t include things like grenade
launchers and submachine guns, while the specialized ammo system has been heavily streamlined.
Other tweaks include improved cover controls, a regenerating health system, and more targeted
damage when shooting enemies.
Of course, Mass Effect 2 is still very much a role-playing game. Conversations still play
a key role, and an interesting new feature there is the ability to interrupt people while
they're still talking. Don't like what they're saying? Be a jerk and cut them off! This should
add a fun, if rude, new element to the way conversations transpire in the game.
All in all, Mass Effect 2 looks like a great continuation of the original game. It's bit
darker, a bit more combat-friendly, and runs quite a bit smoother from a technical perspective.
You can expect to find out what happens with Commander Shepard when Mass Effect 2 arrives
January 26.


Mass Effect 2 Video Preview by GameSpot

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